My Bossy Ghost Husband/C18 Green Faced Ghost King
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My Bossy Ghost Husband/C18 Green Faced Ghost King
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C18 Green Faced Ghost King

"Su Su, do you know why I brought you here?"

The corner of Zhang Ziyuan's mouth curled into a mysterious smile, "According to what I know, not only are there a few imps in this forest, there is also a Ghost King. Do you know how many Spiritual Energy s there are in a Ghost King?"

"How many are there?"

"Equivalent to a middle-level Messenger. Looking at you, you don't even know what a mid-level Messenger means." Intermediate rank is about the same as the Wu Qi you know, you should know Wu Qi's strength, he was able to fight me to a draw. I think I don't need to say anything more about his power. "

"But I can see that Wu Qi can't beat you!"

Zhang Ziyuan looked at me and smiled meaningfully: "You are my wife, I am not afraid that I will divulge my secret to you." Zhang Ziyuan then spat out a golden endosperm s from his mouth.

"This kind of Pills is called Origin Ling Dan. If it is said to be in your mouth, it can raise a person's internal energy by three levels."

"But you, are clearly not human." I muttered softly.

God knows, I said, it's not that he won't be angry, but what if he eats me.

Zhang Ziyuan looked at me and laughed.

"It seems like your Spirit Master doesn't know anything about this. Humans or ghosts can use Ling Dan s, humans can extend their lifespans and increase their cultivation, the same goes for ghosts. It seems like I'll have to give you some time to spread your knowledge in this area. "

I didn't understand this in the first place, and the reason why I was dragged into this was entirely because of you. I don't even know why I'm a Spirit Master, and I don't even know what they are.

"In this world, if you want to be an ordinary person, that's impossible. In this world, there are only two types of people, one is the psychic, and the other is the ordinary person. Ordinary people don't have the ability to resist when they meet you, not to mention that you're the same psychic. Who knows how many people in this world are spying on you. Of course, I will protect you as well, but I still hope that you can choose a rational choice. "

Zhang Ziyuan was right, after experiencing so many things, I understood that there are not only humans in this world, even humans are powerless against ghosts and gods.

Seeing my silence, Zhang Ziyuan curled his lips, "Come with me to find Ghost King."

Zhang Ziyuan was walking in the front and I was following behind. Along the way, there were some little ghosts that kept on coming out to cause trouble, all of them wanting to get the endosperm on me.

Zhang Ziyuan faced the little ghost who was charging over and released a burst of black energy. Then, the little ghost turned into ashes.

The little ghost that turned into ashes left a black endosperm on the ground. Zhang Zian walked over to pick up the black endosperm and threw it into my hands.

"This is the endosperm, different ranks of endosperm have different colors, the lowest rank is also known as the First Rank Black Dan, which is suitable for new entrants like you, and above it are the Second Rank Yellow Pellet, and there are also the Third Rank Green Pellet, Fourth Class Blue Pellet, Fifth Class Purple Pellet, Sixth Class Profound Pellet, Seventh Class Ling Dan, and the Eighth Class Magic Pellet. Your current rank is too low, and only fit for the Black Pellet." Using a high level Pills would only cause the Spiritual Energy within your body to explode and die, so you must remember not to use a endosperm that is of a higher level than you. "

"Then what do you think is the matter of me having a Tong Ling Dan in my body? What level is the Tong Ling Dan at? "

Hearing him say so much, I was dumbfounded. What rank 1 black core? What rank 2 yellow core? What is this?

"The Tong Ling Dan was brought by you, this is an element that a psychic must have. Right now, the most important thing is to find the Ghost King and kill him. "

"Oh." Although I still didn't really understand, I still obediently followed behind him. After all, this place is full of ghosts, so he was the most reliable amongst all of them.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, we found a pitch-black cave.

"We're here." I saw Zhang Ziyuan's eyes narrow and follow his gaze into the cave. It was so dark that I couldn't see anything clearly.

I felt goosebumps all over my body as I scratched at Zhang Ziyuan's clothes, "Hey, why do I feel that this place is so eerie? Why are you in a daze at the mouth of this cave?"

But I didn't know, that Zhang Ziyuan stood at the entrance of the cave and looked in, it was not for the sake of being stunned. To the bystanders like me, had already fought with Ghost King for a few hundred moves.

Suddenly, Zhang Ziyuan spat out a mouthful of blood, scaring me out of my wits. How did Zhang Ziyuan suddenly vomit blood?

"Hey, what's wrong with you? Where are you feeling uncomfortable?" Looking at him spitting out blood, I felt my heart ache for no reason. It was really strange that I would feel heartache over a ghost.

"I'm fine, that Ghost King is not much better."

"What did you say?" I wanted to look at Zhang Ziyuan like a fool and say that Ghost King is also severely injured after he vomited a mouthful of blood. I didn't even see them fight, how did they get hurt? Did he have some sort of crazy imagination?

"He's coming out." Zhang Ziyuan said while wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth. As expected, when I looked at the cave again, a tall figure occupied the entire cave.

I carefully rubbed my eyes. Oh my god, what the hell was that thing? How could it be so big? There was also that green fang, which was as thick as two of my thighs.

"Not bad kid, to be able to injure me, but the woman beside you doesn't seem to be a ghost." It's the Spirit Master, eating the Spirit Master is beneficial to my cultivation, hahahaha. " Green Faced Ghost King laughed maniacally, the ear-piercing laughter almost splitting my eardrums.

I covered my ears and squatted on the floor. Damn, did this Ghost King really know how horrible his laughter was?

Seeing me squatting down on the ground in such an unbearable state, a faint energy gathered on Zhang Ziyuan's palm and shone onto my ears. In that instant, I felt that the area next to my ears had become much better, and wasn't as noisy as before.

After Zhang Ziyuan placed his spirit energy beside my ear, he started fighting with the Green Faced Ghost King. In a flash, the two of them had already exchanged hands countless times, and their beautiful moves made me dizzy.

Damn! These two people were evenly matched, but from the looks of it, Zhang Ziyuan had the upper hand. Hiding at the side and watching the show, I couldn't help but shout at Zhang Ziyuan to cheer for him.


Zhang Ziyuan, who was fighting with the Green Faced Ghost King, heard my voice and his face immediately changed. He flew towards me, and before I could react, Zhang Ziyuan had already flown in front of me, and hugged me tightly in his embrace.

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