My Bossy Ghost Husband/C19 Run eastward
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My Bossy Ghost Husband/C19 Run eastward
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C19 Run eastward

I closed my eyes instinctively, and when I opened them again, I saw something I would never forget for the rest of my life.

That shout of mine just now attracted the attention of the Green Faced Ghost King. When he saw me, he immediately launched an attack towards me, wanting to kill me first, but I did not expect that Zhang Ziyuan actually ignored everything and protected me completely. The attack that should have landed on my body was abruptly blocked by Zhang Ziyuan, and Zhang Ziyuan, who helped me take the attack, was forcibly sent flying.

The Green Faced Ghost King sneered, "Is it worth it for you to do this for this human? "Take my full attack and you will no longer be my opponent. I will give you a chance. You can be my subordinate. Then, I will let you go."

"Cough cough, how laughable. As your subordinate, how did you come up with this line? I, Zhang Ziyuan, am never anyone's subordinate, who do you think you are?"

I looked at Zhang Ziyuan in shock. Obviously, as long as he agreed to Green Faced Ghost King's words, he would be able to avoid death.

Zhang Ziyuan looked at me and weakly smiled, "My wife, you don't have to be afraid that I will always protect you. With me here, you will be fine."

Seeing him forcing himself to do so, an unspeakable emotion slowly flowed within my heart. This kind of emotion, seemed to be gratitude, but also seemed to be happiness. I didn't know why I had such an emotion.

I quickly ran to Zhang Ziyuan's side, supported him up and ran away. Green Faced Ghost King did not expect me to have such courage, he was stunned for a moment.

While he was in a daze, I held onto Zhang Ziyuan and ran wildly in the forest. Even though my legs were trembling non-stop, I knew that if we didn't run now, we would only die faster.

"My wife, why are you taking care of me?" Zhang Ziyuan looked at me affectionately: "My wife, do you really accept me?"

"Stop blabbering, where's that Dan?" I am about to die from anxiety, this guy still has time to talk, by the time Green Faced Ghost King reacted, we would be dead for sure.

"Are you talking about the Essence Ling Dan?" Zhang Ziyuan then took out the shining Pills, "Essence Ling Dan can only be used once a day, if you use too much it will cause the Spiritual Energy's body to explode and die."

"Then what do we do? If that Ghost King comes after us later, won't we both die?"

I was so anxious that I was about to cry, sure enough, I heard the Green Faced Ghost King shouting loudly behind me, I thought, I'm finished, I'm really done for this time, if I knew earlier, I wouldn't have risked my life shouting loudly to cheer for them, it seems like there's something that's right, I'm not afraid of god-like opponents, I'm afraid of pig-like teammates, but why am I that pig-like teammate!

I supported Zhang Ziyuan as we ran, when suddenly a gust of wind appeared in front of us and stopped us both. I knew that this was not a good omen.

Sure enough, after the strong wind passed, Green Faced Ghost King who was taller than me by two heads stood in front of us.

"Why, can't you run? Run! See if I let you go this time, I really underestimated you, Spirit Master. Since you didn't even pee on yourself after hearing this, shouldn't I praise you a little?! "

"Zhang Ziyuan, what do we do?!" Green Faced Ghost King stood in front of me with his two large fangs bared, and when he spoke, he sprayed a cold Qi on my face. If I wasn't scared to the point that I peed my pants, it would be more accurate to say that I was brave.

"Wife, eat this."

Zhang Ziyuan secretly placed a small Pills in my hand and said. After hearing Zhang Ziyuan's words, I stuffed the Pills in his hands into my mouth without hesitation. At this moment, I actually saw the shocked expression on Green Faced Ghost King's face.

"What did you do, why is that Spirit Master gone?"

What was this Green Faced Ghost King saying? Wasn't I in front of him? Why did he say I was gone? Could it be because of the Pills that Zhang Ziyuan gave me earlier?

"I'll tell you if you hit me!" As Zhang Ziyuan said this, he released my hand and flew out. Green Faced Ghost King angrily bit on it and followed. Only I was left in a daze.

"My wife, follow the east direction and you will be able to leave. Wait for me outside the forest and don't come back. The Invisibility Pill is only an hour. Wait for me outside the forest with ease."

Damn, what is this situation? Why do I feel like this sound is coming from my brain? Could this be the legendary Thousand Mile Sound Transmission Technique? I ran towards the east without thinking. I had already dragged Zhang Ziyuan's back leg once, so I couldn't drag him any further this time.

I ran with my life on the line. The branches by my side kept scratching my face. My arms and face were hurting from the branches.

But right now, I don't have time to care about these injuries. I have to run out of this forest within an hour, and Zhang Ziyuan will definitely be waiting for me at the outskirts of the forest. I have to believe in him.

While I was running with all my might towards the edge of the forest, Zhang Ziyuan was attracting the attention of the Green Faced Ghost King and as he ran, he would occasionally turn his head back to give the Green Faced Ghost King a shot to stall for time. The heavily injured Zhang Ziyuan already didn't have much strength left to fight the Ghost King, so he could only rely on non-stop casting of spells to stall for time.

The Green Faced Ghost King felt that he was being toyed with, and was extremely furious. He roared, and Zhang Ziyuan, who was running nonstop, felt that the ground beneath his feet started to shake, following that, the ground started to crack, and groups and groups of black gas began to emerge from the cracks in the ground. Zhang Ziyuan knew that it was not good, it seemed that the Green Faced Ghost King was planning to summon out the undead from the ground.

The ground beneath Zhang Ziyuan's feet suddenly exploded. He was unable to dodge in time and was blown away, and from the exploded ground, a ball of black gas came out. The black gas transformed into a human figure that flew towards Zhang Ziyuan.

Zhang Ziyuan was already severely injured, and with the explosion just now, he did not have much energy to retaliate. The shadow that was rushing towards him grabbed his neck, and the Green Faced Ghost King that was following closely behind laughed sinisterly.

"Run, don't you think you can run? I know that you must have used some spell to hide that Spirit Master. As long as you hand over that Spirit Master, I'll leave you alive.

Zhang Ziyuan sneered. "I've said it before, I won't hand over my wife, so what if you win? You will not be able to leave this forest even if you die, am I right? "

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