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C20 rhinorrhagia

Green Faced Ghost King's face darkened. How did he know? Even he, the ghost that was reborn here in Ghost King, did not know why, but he could only stay in this forest forever. Everyone, oh no, all the ghosts here, did not know about this.

Taking advantage of the Green Faced Ghost King being in a daze. Zhang Ziyuan quietly gathered his power, and then, he suddenly released his power to break free from the restraining ghost, and rushed towards the edge of the forest with an even faster speed.

Green Faced Ghost King, who had consecutively struck Zhang Ziyuan twice, roared out, and immediately pulled out a huge tree to throw towards Zhang Ziyuan's direction. When Zhang Ziyuan heard the sound from behind him, he immediately dodged to the side in a flash, and found a huge pit where he was just standing.

Fortunately, Green Faced Ghost King was injured. In addition, the closer I got to the edge of the forest, the more suppressed my Green Faced Ghost King's power was, so the closer I got to the edge of the forest, the weaker my ghostly ability became. This was also the reason why Zhang Ziyuan only allowed me to stay at the edge of the forest.

I, who had already ran out of the forest, saw Zhang Ziyuan, who was being chased by the Green Faced Ghost King. I excitedly waved my hand at him, and after seeing me, Zhang Ziyuan's face clearly relaxed as he used his last bit of strength to rush out of the barrier.

Green Faced Ghost King, who couldn't get out of the boundary, could only roar from inside. Seeing that he couldn't eat us even though he wanted to, I couldn't help but tease him.

"Aren't you pretty amazing? Why didn't you come out? I'm so scared! Come eat me! Hahahaha!"

Green Faced Ghost King was so angry that he used his claws to slap the transparent barrier. The barrier was like a water surface, trembling from his slapping, waves after waves of flag were raised, giving off an indescribably beautiful feeling.

"I didn't expect you to still have the interest to tease ghosts."

Zhang Ziyuan, who had rushed out of the enchantment, used the last bit of his strength to lean against a tree and lazily sit. I rolled my eyes at him, even though this fellow is in a sorry state, he did not affect his handsomeness in the slightest.

However, seeing the serious injuries on his body, I felt sorry for him. After all, the injury on his back was caused by me. I also didn't have the leisure to tease the berserk Green Faced Ghost King. I walked over and supported Zhang Ziyuan who was sitting under the tree, then supported him down the mountain.

After returning to the city center, I was finally relieved. I raised my hand to call a taxi, and helped Zhang Ziyuan into the car first. "Master, 36 Cherry Blossom Street." After giving out the address, I was about to get a good night's sleep when I realised that the car hadn't started. I looked at the driver strangely and asked, "Master, why aren't you leaving?"

"Miss, can you tell me who you were helping?" Looking at the driver's cold sweat, I suddenly remembered that the driver couldn't see Zhang Ziyuan and my actions just now must have scared him.

"About that, I'm an air stewardess. Recently, I've been practicing etiquette, so I'll do some weird things. Don't mind me."

"You scared me to death. I thought there was something dirty on the car. Miss, you look really tired. I'll call you when it's time."

"Thank you, Master." Sitting in the back seat, I let out a long sigh of relief. Fortunately, my mom's reaction was fast. If the driver misunderstood, it was not certain if he would be able to get us to sit in the car.

Although I could still call him, but I still couldn't help but to help Zhang Ziyuan get on the car. Luckily, I managed to solve this problem with my intelligence and intelligence, even I admired myself.

Leaning on the window, I slightly narrowed my eyes for a while, then unknowingly fell asleep. The next time I woke up, I was called by the driver, I subconsciously looked to the side, Zhang Ziyuan was already awake, with her black eyes quietly looking at me.

After paying the driver, I didn't help Zhang Ziyuan get off the car. I was afraid that I would scare the driver again.

Zhang Ziyuan's injuries seemed to have healed a lot, we dragged our exhausted bodies to the door, after opening the door and entering, I didn't even bother taking off my shoes, instead, I laid on the sofa straight as if I had collapsed, "I'm so tired, today was truly a thrilling and terrifying day!"

"Have a drink of water, it's been hard on you, daughter-in-law." Seeing that I was as tired as a dog, Zhang Ziyuan considerately poured a cup of water for me and brought it over.

Right now, I didn't even have the strength to lift my arms, I directly aimed at Zhang Ziyuan and said to him, "I'm too lazy to drink, feed it to me," After saying this, I immediately regretted it. These kinds of words shouldn't be coming out from my mouth, what's wrong with me, have I been possessed?

However, after Zhang Ziyuan heard my words, he seemed to enjoy it very much. He actually brought the cup of water to my mouth and even helped my head up while absent-mindedly saying, "Drink, my wife."

"Eh, I'll do it myself." I frantically took the cup of water Zhang Ziyuan brought to my mouth and gulped it down. I had almost not drunk a lot of water that day, so it would be a lie to say that I wasn't thirsty.

When I drink water, Zhang Ziyuan's sexy body almost touches my face.

"My wife, are you still thirsty?"

"No, no, I'm not thirsty." Feeling a warm stream flowing down my nose, I subconsciously wiped my hands clean, only to find that they were covered in blood. Heavens, I actually saw a ghost with a bloody nose, and he was wearing clothes, but they were tattered.

Seeing that I was bleeding from my nose, Zhang Ziyuan was extremely frightened. He thought that I had been injured in the battle against Green Faced Ghost King and anxiously grabbed onto my shoulder.

"My wife, tell me where it hurts. Did you get injured just now?"

Seeing his worried expression, I felt a little guilty, but how could I possibly tell him that it was because I saw his body that caused me to bleed from my nose? Seeing that I didn't speak for a long time, which made Zhang Ziyuan even more anxious, thinking that I had suffered some kind of internal injury that I couldn't say anything about.

"I'm fine. It's just that the weather is a bit dry, so I have a nosebleed. Don't worry, I'm not injured." Although his face and body were scratched a little by the tree branches, it was far from being as injured as Zhang Ziyuan had said. Looking at the shocking wound on his body, I felt my heart ache.

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