My Bossy Ghost Husband/C3 I am your man
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My Bossy Ghost Husband/C3 I am your man
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C3 I am your man

"I was startled awake, sweating profusely, and the face kept popping up in my head, panic-stricken." Do you remember me? " At this moment, I suddenly heard such a sudden voice in my ear. I was shocked once again, but at this moment, a pair of ice-cold hands covered my boss' mouth which was about to shout out. I stared at the owner of the hand with wide, frightened eyes. It was him, the cold, pale, expressionless face in the dream. It was the boyfriend he had just rented ? Zhang Ziyuan. "Don't panic, I'm your man. I've already married and paid my respects, so don't be afraid." Then I let go of the hand that was covering my mouth. At this moment, I still couldn't help but shout out loud, but no matter how much my mouth tried to shout out, it was only a hoarse and helpless shout. I used all of my strength to roll and tremble on the corner of the bed, trying my best to stay as far away from the man in front of me as possible. My heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was about to jump out of my throat.

After about half a minute, I sobbed, but the man just looked at me with an icy expression. "Who the hell are you?" "I asked with a trembling voice that sounded like I was crying." "I'm your man." The man only replied with a faint, cold tone. "Get lost, I don't have a man," I shouted. I'm really a man. If you don't believe me, look at your neck with my kiss. You're mine. " He stood up and reached out with both hands to grab me. I saw that he suddenly made a move, and I screamed out loud in panic, but I couldn't make a sound. When I saw that his cold hands were about to grab onto me, I was terrified to the extreme.

When I woke up, I was dressed in a red robe and was still in the tomb, beside me was that ice-cold pale, expressionless face, he was holding my hand with his other hand, while holding the wine cup with his other hand. He looked around and was filled with guests, and all of them were quietly raising their wine glasses, and all of them were smiling. Why would I be the bride? What was going on? As for the Old Master Zhang and the rest, what about the rest of the group? Right now, my head is starting to hurt like hell, my nerves are racing, I want to break free from his cold hands, I want to struggle and scream as much as I can, but there's no sound. It's as if I'm in a vacuum, I'm getting more and more nervous. At this moment, a beeping sound suddenly resounded through the entire tomb. I was awoken by this beeping sound. It turned out to be the alarm from the bed. It was another nightmare.

It was then that I remembered what had happened last night. I looked around but there was nothing unusual. I was in a trance, wondering if what had happened last night was real or just a nightmare. Suddenly, I was afraid that I would be alone in this space. I quickly got up and washed my face, looked at my pale face in the mirror, suddenly, I realised that there was a red mark on my neck, remembering what Zhang Ziyuan had said last night, that it was my man who had left a kiss on my neck. I started to get nervous, rubbing my hands together with the red mark, but I just couldn't wipe it away.

After arriving at the company, my mind was in a trance, and I was listless. I suddenly thought of my old home's Old Master Zhang, should I call them to find them and ask them about this, if I was possessed? So I called home.

"Hello, Mom."

"What the heck are you doing calling me so early in the morning, did you miss me?"

"Mom, I think I'm having a nightmare, but it seems like it's real. Why don't we find Grandpa Zhang and ask?"

"What happened?"

Of course, I can't say that I rented a boyfriend home from the Internet, so I said, "Dreaming about my childhood, that happened in the tomb."

My mom went silent and said, "Your Grandpa Zhang just disappeared a few days ago. Little Wu Zi is taking over his grandfather's job now. Why don't you ask Little Wu Zi and have him explain it to you?"

When I heard that the Old Master Zhang was gone, I was shocked. He also felt a wave of grief. "Alright, Mom, let me give you a call to comfort him."

"Fine, you can call him. If there's anything, just tell mom. Don't keep it in your heart."

"Sure, Mom. Then I'm hanging up."

"En, aiya, when you get home, don't forget to bring back a son-in-law for me ?"

"Alright, alright. Mom, I'll definitely carry it. Alright, I still have to hang up first."

When I heard that my mother was going to urge me to have a son-in-law again, I quickly hung up the phone. I'm really convinced that my mother is still asking me to have a son-in-law even now. After hanging up, he called Zhang Shaowu.

"Hello, Little Wu."

"Hey, Su Su, what's wrong?"

"My mother said that the Grandpa Zhang has passed away, my condolences for the passing of time."

"Mhmm, thank you for your consolation."

"Um, I seem to have met with some trouble. It seems to be a little strange."

"What's wrong? "Oh, right. Before my grandfather passed away, he called me over to tell me some things ?" So, Zhang Shaowu told me about it once, it means that when we finished sending the kiss back, I fainted. At that time, I fainted in the grave, and because at that time I said that I could not turn back after sending the kiss back, I fainted at the very end, but no one noticed it, so they went straight home to sleep. But when my parents, who were waiting at the entrance of the tomb, saw that I did not come out, they became terrified. They pulled Old Master Zhang and asked me where I went. Just then, Old Master Zhang suddenly said something bad and immediately arranged for the child to go home and sleep. He turned around and entered the tomb, after a few hours, the sky was about to brighten, and when the roosters started crowing, their robes were torn to shreds. Their faces were pale, and they carried me in their arms in exhaustion before coming out. My parents hurriedly took me back home. It was only after three days did I gradually regain consciousness, my grandmother and mother looked at me with teary eyes, my father had his hands behind his back and a dark expression as he paced back and forth. Old Master Zhang was also looking at me, and Zhang Shaowu was also looking at me from the bedside. Seeing that I had awoken, my mother cried tears of joy. My father also came to look at me, but I inexplicably asked them what was wrong. Mother just said, it's okay, it's okay, just wake up. Then, Old Master Zhang said a few polite words to my grandmother, telling me to rest a bit more, before she brought Zhang Shaowu back home. In the future, no matter how much I asked my parents, they wouldn't say anything. They would only impatiently say that I know so much, so why would a little kid know so much? So I didn't ask, and gradually forgot about it.

Zhang Shaowu continued to say that what happened back then was not over. He said that there would be a calamity when he grew up. In the future, our Zhang Family will guarantee your safety. Said the grave owner would come back for me.

After I heard it, I was shocked, so I told him what I had experienced. Zhang Shaowu remained silent for a while and said, "Don't worry, this way, we will have a family of Top class in the city center with the surname Liu. She is my grandfather's disciple, you go find him, he will help you. "If you can hold on for a few more days, I'll pack up some things and go find you."

I feel a little better after hearing Zhang Shaowu's words. Hearing that he was coming, he was overjoyed and instantly had a backer. After saying a few more sad words, he hung up the phone.

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