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C4 Top class

After hanging up, I didn't even have time to ask for leave, so I got my colleague Nuo Nuo to help me ask for leave. She said that she had urgent matters to attend to, and quickly took a taxi to Top class.

After arriving at Top class, although the door tag was not very eye-catching, but the interior was decorated with an ancient style. Leasing a piece of land like this was truly quite impressive. The door was open, which meant it was open. I walked in and saw a middle-aged man dressed in sackcloth. He had his eyes closed and was playing with a string of buddhist beads in his hand. It was obvious that he was an otherworldly expert. I don't really like people who put on an act like that, but now that I have someone to request, I can only bend my body and lick my own face as I smiled apologetically: "Hello, is this Daxian Liu?" At this moment, he acted as if he didn't hear anything and pretended to close his eyes to rest. I thought to myself, 'Shit, he really can put on a show. I can tell with a glance that he's just a shit.' But there was no helping it, since our sister had to deal with it, so she cleared her throat and pretended to be young and tender: "Hello, is this Daxian Liu?" Only then did he slowly open his eyes. He pretended to be tall and said, "Hello, I am. Is there anything I can help you with?" Damn, it's pretty good. Then I'll give you enough space to store it.

"Hello, Daxian Liu. I am a neighbor of the Old Master Zhang. I met with some trouble, Zhang Shaowu asked me to come and help you."

When Daxian Liu heard that it was Old Master Zhang's own master's neighbor, he immediately changed his appearance, and smiled as he came over.

"So you are an old friend of Master. It is my pleasure to meet you. May I ask what you need my help with?"

Seeing how fickle he was, he felt disdain in his heart. However, he still said respectfully, "Master, I've met with some trouble." Then, I told him the whole story, he just nodded his head repeatedly, after I finished speaking, he took some Paper Glyph s for me, pasted them on the window and bedside, and even gave me a bunch of peach wood sword s to use as fending off evil spirits, I hurriedly said, "Thank you, this time, I feel that he is not bad, I think very carefully, this time, he said," Here is a bottle of Soul Devouring Fluid s, my master gave it to me back then, with the ability to devour souls, scattering them away, not allowing them to reincarnate, it is very powerful, remember this, if there is a ghost approaching, when the Soul Devouring Fluid is not prepared, it will be difficult to save them. When I heard this, my eyes lit up, and I thought to myself that there was such a fine object. I carefully accepted it and carefully stored it in my handbag. After receiving the things, he thanked the Daxian Liu profusely and left. Then: "Come back." A shout stopped me in the doorway. " Miss Su Su, you seem to have forgotten something. " I was confused, my eyes blank, and I turned to look at him. Daxian Liu smirked as he pinched his thumb and forefinger together. I immediately understood that he was asking for money. I had just had a good impression of him, and he disappeared without a trace, and I was still thinking about how to sponsor him. My master's neighbors were all collecting money, and they were unhappy, but it was not a proper thing to take something away from him, so I apologetically said, "I'm too embarrassed, I was too anxious. I forgot to give it to you. I'm sorry, how much money is it?"

"Since you are my master's neighbor, I won't charge you too much. Just give me the entrance fee, a total of ten thousand yuan." "No," he said. At this moment, I was looking for money from my bag, preparing to take it. My mind was only thinking of a hundred or so yuan, but when I heard ten thousand, oh my god, robbing? My hand that was taking out the money immediately stopped. Damn, this is really a bullshit. Forget it, who asked me to be involved in this matter. I took out my bank card and said, "Sorry about that. I didn't bring that much cash. Can I swipe my card here?" He said, "Yes." Then he went back to the credit card machine. F * ck, the equipment was quite complete, so I had to admit defeat today. Even though he had swiped 10,000 yuan from her, she was still heartbroken. He immediately called Zhang Shaowu when he went out.

"Little Wu, you're making a lot of money in this business, huh?"

"What's wrong?" Zhang Shaowu was confused.

Come to the Top class, a few lousy Paper Glyph, a few lousy peach wood sword, and a bottle of Soul Devouring Fluid. I vented my discontent.

"?" Zhang Shaowu was speechless.

"Whether it works or not, I don't know. There are so many scams for me. If it doesn't work, then I'll tear down some top scorer's eye for him." I continued to vent my dissatisfaction towards Zhang Shaowu.

"Eh, Su Su, I don't have the mind to ask for money from you, and to think that you would be so unlucky, I can't help it, previously my grandfather had handed over some Dao arts, and I already thought of myself as extraordinary, so I left my master and went on a journey, and did not manage to open my own shop for the Divination Arithmetic, it would be unwise for us to meddle, and when I return to your place, I will treat you as a meal to calm down the flames." Zhang Shaowu smiled and said.

"Well, I'll take it from you for the sake of your sincerity," I said, pushing him down the stairs. "The things he gave me won't work, you can try them."

"Relax, it's definitely going to work. You just have to keep your guard up and wait for me to give you a thorough check. If it doesn't work then you can do whatever you want with it, I'll be there tomorrow."

"Alright, you said so ?" With Zhang Shaowu's guarantee, I felt much more at ease. I should be able to sleep soundly tonight. After chatting for a while, they left.

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