My Bossy Ghost Husband/C5 night convulsion
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My Bossy Ghost Husband/C5 night convulsion
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C5 night convulsion

When I returned home, I immediately stuck the Paper Glyph onto the window above the door. The Paper Glyph was pasted all over the room. With peach wood sword in his hand, he placed it on the bedside table. Everything was in his grasp. So without taking off my clothes, I went to bed and fell asleep in a state of panic and uneasiness.

When I woke up again, I felt a wave of rubbing on my body to wake me up. I was still in a daze when I suddenly saw Zhang Ziyuan's handsome face being scared awake all of a sudden. Trembling with fear, I hurried to the foot of the bed. At this moment, the peach wood sword I was holding fell onto the bed. In my panic, I held the peach wood sword up to boost my courage. Trembling, she asked him:

"Are you a human or a ghost?"

"You don't need to know what I am. You only need to know that I am your man and that you are my wife."

"?" I was speechless and choked back, "You, you, how did you get in?"

Zhang Ziyuan coldly snorted twice: "Do you think that you can stop me just by pasting all these Paper Glyph onto me? That old Taoist is a divine rod, how dare you believe him. "

"Then what are you trying to do?"

"You're my wife, what do you think I want to do?"


He stood up, and I thought he was going to attack me. As soon as I tensed up, I closed my eyes and raised the peach wood sword, piercing towards him. When the peach wood sword stabbed out, I couldn't pull it back. I opened my eyes and saw that it was tightly grasped in his hand. "I was so frightened that I immediately let go of his hand. He then ruthlessly broke the peach wood sword and threw it far away." I've already said that these won't hurt me. "Don't try to kill me. Even though you are my wife, if you continue to be stubborn, I will kill you." Zhang Ziyuan said fiercely. With that, I was so frightened that I could only hug my knees and cry with my head between my legs. At this moment, Zhang Ziyuan came over and opened his arms to hug me. I was so scared by his sudden action that I immediately broke away from his arms and climbed onto the bedside, then came across the bottle of Soul Devouring Fluid, and without thinking, I held it in my hands. When I saw the bottle of Soul Devouring Fluid, my eyes were filled with rage and fear, Zhang Ziyuan was still afraid of the bottle of Soul Devouring Fluid, it seems like that Daxian Liu really had something in it. Without even thinking about it, I used all my might and threw it in Zhang Ziyuan's direction. Just as the liquid was about to reach Zhang Ziyuan's body, it suddenly disappeared. When I saw this scene, I was stunned. What the hell is going on?

Just as I was being dumbstruck, my neck felt a chill, and a pair of large, ice-cold hands grabbed onto me. Zhang Ziyuan pressed down on my body, "I already said, don't think about destroying me. I was pressed down by him, her hand was on my neck, and all I could do was purr and close my eyes, not daring to look at his handsome face again. I thought, This is it, this is it, this is it, I'm dead in his hands, I'm waiting to die with my eyes closed. However, he didn't feel suffocated to death. Instead, he felt a cold touch on his face. "You're mine. Don't try to destroy me anymore, okay?" Suddenly, Zhang Ziyuan's gentle voice sounded in his ears. I kept nodding with my eyes closed, my mouth still humming.

Then, Zhang Ziyuan actually started kissing me. I was stunned. God, he was a pervert.

After the rain had rolled down... I lost all my fear of him, but in his arms my mind was tangled and confused: What the hell was this, I, who had been scared to death, was so fooled by a ghost, looking at his handsome face, I couldn't help feeling embarrassed. Had I fallen in love with such a ghost? In shame and confusion, he gradually fell asleep.

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