My Bossy Ghost Husband/C6 The arrival of the little martial arts son
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My Bossy Ghost Husband/C6 The arrival of the little martial arts son
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C6 The arrival of the little martial arts son

When he woke up, it was already nine in the morning. If he was late for work, he would definitely be scolded to death. The romantic memory of last night was still fresh in his mind, his face was slightly red, he looked around, but Zhang Ziyuan was nowhere to be seen. I didn't think much about it. I quickly got up and washed up. Then, I took two steps out of the house and took a taxi to the office.

As soon as I entered the company, I ran into my immediate superior. I grinned and nodded my head. "Good morning, Director Li!" It's still early? Su Su, what time is it? Where did you go crazy last night? You even know to come to work. " When small fat plum told me where I went crazy last night, I immediately thought back to the romantic incident with Zhang Ziyuan last night, and I couldn't help but smile while blushing. "I'm sorry CHENG, I overslept in the morning." Alright, we're already old employees, be more careful in the future. "In a while, the executive director of the group will be here. Pay more attention in the future ?" Just then, he saw Zhang Ziyuan wearing a white suit, walking towards him decently. The heck, even ghosts are not afraid of the light of day? He could even come out in broad daylight? I looked fearfully at small fat plum behind me. small fat plum saw my frightened eyes and turned his head to look at me. He immediately turned around and bowed, "Aiya, CHENG, why have you come so early? Thank you for your hard work." What? CHENG? Isn't he called Zhang Ziyuan? How did he become the legendary executive director young master Chen Yuanxing? "Is there a mistake?" "Yes, it's getting late, let's prepare for the meeting." "Okay, I will inform the other departments and gather for a meeting." I was left confused.

During the meeting, my mind was in a whirl, is Zhang Ziyuan not called Zhang Ziyuan, but Chen Yuanxing? At this time, the executive board member Chen Yuanxing asked small fat plum: "Who was the female colleague that you were standing with just now?" Little Fatso Sun immediately smiled apologetically, "Oh, it's Su Su from the Administration Department. Just now, when we were late, I had already scolded her. I will pay attention to her in the future." When I heard that he was calling me, I immediately woke up from my daze. Hearing that the small fat plum had said that I was late today, I felt a bit embarrassed. But at this time, Chen Yuanxing said: "Mm, in the future, let Su Su be my personal assistant. From now on, it's only my assignment." What? Why I was his assistant or his personal. His colleagues were shocked and envious. However, I was a little silent. My heart wasn't very comfortable. Could it be that he didn't torture me enough at night? If you want to make me restless during the day, I will have to resign myself to my fate.

After idling around the company for the entire day, ever since Chen Yuanxing let me be his personal assistant, the company has not arranged anything else for me. They just waited for me to get off work bored. When I got back to work, I received a call from Zhang Shaowu. He said that he was already in the city and wanted me to go pick him up. Hearing Zhang Shaowu's arrival, they instantly dispersed the clouds and saw the sunrise. Feeling better, they packed their things and went to the train station to pick Zhang Shaowu up.

"Little Wu, I'm here!" I waved and shouted to Zhang Shaowu, who was looking around amidst the crowd.

Zhang Shaowu saw that I was thinking and waved, so he squeezed towards me. It's almost the new year, and the people at the train station are all people who returned home to celebrate the new year. Seeing Zhang Shaowu still come all the way to help me even after the new year, I feel a little bad. Since you have nothing to do at home, you might as well come out and take a stroll. Furthermore, this is your business, so of course I'll personally come to see you. " These words made my heart warm. "Let's go quickly. I'll take you to eat." So we got on a car and went to a restaurant near my house.

After we had ordered our meals, I started to complain to him about the time we waited for the dishes. I started to tell him about the incident where Zhang Ziyuan appeared last night, and how the Paper Glyph, peach wood sword and Soul Devouring Fluid he bought for 10,000 yuan was completely useless to him. I told him that Daxian Liu was a swindler, and explained in detail about the discontent in my heart and the situation last night. Zhang Shaowu listened to my complaints and smiled all the while. After I finished speaking, he started to speak: "To Paper Glyph, they might be printed by a printing press, but if it's like this, then it's completely useless. There's no cinnabar in the red ink at all. Uncle Liu is actually doing this now, starting to cheat? " Zhang Shaowu pondered for a moment before continuing: "You think that the peach wood sword are useless to him?" I said yes. Zhang Shaowu fell into deep thought again. After some thought, he said it was a little troublesome. I was shocked. "Little Wu, aren't you your grandfather's successor? You're still the last disciple. What do you think you should do?" I was getting a little anxious. Zhang Shaowu said: "I only said that there are some problems, and it's not like there's no way to solve them. What are you in a rush for, hehe." He began to laugh lightly, "However, my grandfather's death is also related to this matter." I was surprised and asked what was going on. Zhang Shaowu then explained the situation.

So it turns out that when we went into the tomb to send off the bride, I was confused as I followed the shouts to bow my head. At the end of the day, I was bewitched by the evil ghost, who laid a formation that captivated Old Master Zhang's eyes and did not see any of this. In a blur, I married the evil spirit. At that time, when I did not come out, Old Master Zhang quickly went back to look for me, and started to fight with the evil ghost. The evil ghost's mana was not low, and it tore apart Old Master Zhang's robe, and when the Old Master Zhang was almost unable to hold on, a golden chicken cry sounded out, resounding across the entire tomb. The sky was about to brighten, and the ghost aura weakened. After that, while I was unconscious, Old Master Zhang tried to negotiate with the wraiths. However, the wraiths could only promise me twenty years, and after twenty years, they would come to find me again. Furthermore, they would even burn incense and paper in the grave every year. These are all paper money that the Old Master Zhang has burned for me. The Zhang Family has also guaranteed my safety. Therefore, 20 years later, right now, the evil ghost suddenly found Old Master Zhang and told him to keep his promise. But at that time, Old Master Zhang was already old, but he did not lower his head like the evil ghost and wanted to take him in, but instead, he suffered from an evil scheme and Old Master Zhang fell into his deathbed. He blurrily continued to spout nonsense until 7 days later, when Old Master Zhang suddenly woke up and pulled Zhang Shaowu to his side, saying that the evil ghost was the only one who could keep me safe for life. After giving a few more instructions to their sect's secret sects and families, they passed away.

Hearing this, I was already in tears. I didn't think that Old Master Zhang's death would be the cause of this matter. Before I died, he still wanted to keep me safe, so I felt touched and guilty at the same time. Zhang Shaowu was busy making paper for me to wipe away my tears.

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