My Bossy Ghost Husband/C7 Little Wu Zi Catches the Ghost
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My Bossy Ghost Husband/C7 Little Wu Zi Catches the Ghost
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C7 Little Wu Zi Catches the Ghost

After we had dinner, we took him to my residence, because we grew up together, so we didn't have to worry too much, so we let him live on the sofa, just in time to "watch the door" for me. This way, he wouldn't be harassed by Zhang Ziyuan anymore. Zhang Shaowu then filled my house with Paper Glyph s that he brought with him. Furthermore, he swore to me that if he dared to come back tonight, I would accept him. I joked around with him to ask if he was alright. He had inherited the Old Master Zhang's abilities and stuff like that. After we had laughed at each other, our hearts were no longer so low and tense, and we went to bed separately.

With Zhang Shaowu around, I felt a lot more at ease. Too many things had happened in the past few days, so due to my lack of strength, I fell into a deep sleep. As I was sleeping soundly, I suddenly felt a wave of coldness pass by my face. I was frightened by the sudden caress and immediately woke up. The person that entered his vision was that charming and handsome face of Zhang Ziyuan. Even though it was such a pretty face, it still gave me a jump when it appeared in front of my eyes. I sat up with an ao sound and Zhang Ziyuan still looked at me with that cold expression. Just then, my sharp scream woke Zhang Shaowu who was sleeping in the living room. He immediately got up and pushed the door open, barging in. The moment he entered the room, he saw Zhang Ziyuan who was standing next to the bed. He was also shocked: "You're quite bold, your grandfather is here and you still dare to come again." Zhang Ziyuan coldly snorted as he rolled his eyes at Zhang Shaowu. Seeing that Zhang Ziyuan was not paying the bill, Zhang Shaowu took out the Soul Devouring Fluid left behind by his grandfather and threw it towards Zhang Ziyuan. Zhang Ziyuan did not react, and by the time he reacted, it was already too late. Zhang Ziyuan's cold and aloof attitude suddenly turned into a state of panic. In an instant, the spot where he had been hit started to emit green smoke, as though he was devouring paper, slowly spreading outwards. Zhang Ziyuan suddenly turned his head and glared at me: "I already said, do not try to kill me anymore. Even if you are my woman, I will kill you." My curled body shuddered at this. When Zhang Shaowu saw Zhang Ziyuan rushing towards him, he dodged and rolled on the floor, from the entrance of the bedroom to the living room. At this time, Zhang Ziyuan also chased after him. Zhang Shaowu rolled in front of the sofa and grabbed the luggage that he brought with him, quickly pulling out a handful of coppersword s from his luggage, and rushed towards Zhang Ziyuan who was chasing after him. Zhang Ziyuan extended his hand to grab Zhang Shaowu, but Zhang Shaowu suddenly revealed his coppersword s. Zhang Ziyuan who was standing still became angry from the embarrassment, his eyes became round and red, becoming darker in the dark room, the red eyes looked even stranger in the dark room.

Zhang Ziyuan and Zhang Shaowu were opposing each other. Zhang Shaowu said in anger: "Li Gui, you have already caused my grandfather's death, now it can be considered as you killing him with your own life, stop bothering Su Su, I advise you to quickly go to the Underworld and reincarnate. If you continue to be stubborn, I will turn you into ashes today." Zhang Ziyuan coldly snorted and said: "Your grandfather deserves to die. Even your grandfather can't do anything to me. Speaking of which, Zhang Ziyuan started to attack Zhang Shaowu again, and the two of them started to fight again. At the same time, he underestimated Zhang Shaowu's ability. He did not expect that this brat was even more agile than his grandfather, and very quickly, Zhang Ziyuan was at a disadvantage in the battle. Zhang Shaowu was determined to take care of this evil ghost, so he did not give Zhang Ziyuan any chance to catch his breath, and immediately rushed over to continue the fight. He only had the strength to resist, and didn't have the strength to fight back. At this moment, Zhang Shaowu took advantage of the moment where Zhang Ziyuan wasn't paying attention to pull out the Dragon Bind Lock from his body, and threw it towards Zhang Ziyuan to bind him. Zhang Ziyuan was so shocked that he instantly fell to the ground and struggled continuously as he rolled back and forth on the ground. The more Zhang Ziyuan struggled, the tighter the Dragon Binding Lock on his body, causing him to feel extremely uncomfortable. Seeing that Zhang Ziyuan was tied up by the Dragon Binding Lock, Zhang Shaowu finally heaved a sigh of relief.

"Today, I shall carry out justice for the heavens. Fierce Demon, prepare to die." Zhang Shaowu gasped for breath as he spoke, before taking out a set of robes from his luggage and putting it on. He found a table, took out a censer candle from his luggage, and placed a few magic tools in the silver cup on the table. He lit the candle, poured the glutinous rice into the silver bowl and poured the yellow wine into the cup. This series of movements had been done in one go. With just a glance, it was unknown how many times he had put himself in such a formation before he was able to produce such a familiar movement.

Zhang Shaowu danced with the peach wood sword s whose swords were pierced by Paper Glyph as he recited loudly, "Heaven and Earth Limitless, Ancestor above, disciple requests for orders to eliminate the demons." With a bang, the Paper Glyph on top of the peach wood sword began to burn, Zhang Shaowu took a sip of the yellow wine, and sprayed it towards the burning Paper Glyph, a tongue of fire lighting up the entire room and Zhang Ziyuan who was on the ground continuously wriggled. I looked at Zhang Ziyuan who was struggling on the ground and suddenly felt pity. Seeing that he was about to be burnt to ashes, I couldn't bear to see him go. Zhang Shaowu grabbed a handful of glutinous rice and threw it onto the struggling Zhang Ziyuan's body. The numerous glutinous rice shot onto Zhang Ziyuan's body like bullets, and with a crackling sound, Zhang Ziyuan's miserable voice resounded throughout the room.

Zhang Shaowu raised the peach wood sword and closed his eyes, his mouth muttering some incantations he could not understand. After Zhang Shaowu finished chanting the incantation, he was just about to throw the burning Paper Glyph at Zhang Ziyuan, who was wailing on the ground, when suddenly the black wind started to blow strongly, causing Zhang Shaowu and I to be unable to open our eyes. Zhang Shaowu let out a loud cry, and with a snapping sound, the Dragon Binding Lock that was tied to Zhang Ziyuan directly broke into two. A black shadow suddenly appeared in the room, pulled Zhang Ziyuan who was lying on the ground, and disappeared in the air. When we opened our eyes, the room was empty, and we were all confused by what had just happened.

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