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C8 Abduction

Right now, the situation was getting stranger and stranger. Seems like Zhang Ziyuan was not the only evil spirit, he actually had an accomplice, and was saved by them when he was burnt into ashes, and his Tao technique was not ordinary either. He actually stole the person away from right under Zhang Shaowu's noses. The two of us had nothing to say, so a lot of thoughts arose in our hearts. My heart was even more puzzled, what relationship did Zhang Ziyuan have with him, could he be the same person? I decided that I must get to the bottom of this matter.

In order to thoroughly investigate the sequence of events, I suppressed the nervousness and uneasiness in my heart and went to the company the next day to see if Executive Director Zhao Yuanxing would go there. If he went, it would mean that he wasn't the evil ghost Zhang Yuanxing, and if he didn't go, it would very likely mean that he was Zhang Ziyuan. With this doubt in mind, when Zhang Shaowu listened to what I had to say, he also felt that it was very reasonable. But just in case, he still gave me a triangular protective talisman that a Paper Glyph folded on top of it. After a while, he packed up and headed to the company.

Coming to the company, Eldest Young Master Chen Yuanxing was as expected, he was overjoyed. As expected, Chen Yuanxing was indeed the evil ghost Zhang Ziyuan, at the same time, his heart was inexplicably worried for Zhang Ziyuan, how could he have such a mentality, I was also confused by myself. Obviously he was the one who kept pestering me, scaring me to death, could it be that it was because he had once taken over my body? Thinking of this, my face started to burn. I was so embarrassed that I didn't dare to continue thinking about it. He quietly walked to her colleague Nuo Nuo's office and carefully asked: "Eh? Nuo Nuo, why is our Acting Executive Board's First Young Master Chen not here? " Oh wow, what's the matter, beautiful lady Su Su, you've just become his personal assistant and you're thinking of his after not seeing his for an entire night? " Being teased by my colleague Nuo Nuo, I said shyly, "Nuo Nuo, what are you saying?" He then continued to beat Nuo Nuo up. At this time, Nuo Nuo indicated with her lips: "Hey, the Prince Charming you were thinking about is here." I turned my head in the direction of his pointed chin towards, and sure enough, I saw Chen Yuanxing wearing a well-groomed suit, with his hair combed meticulously, walking in from the entrance of the company. Our eyes met, and he opened his mouth to say: "Su Su, come to my office." When I heard this sound, my body couldn't help but shiver. My entire body began to tremble. What kind of situation was this? My mind was in a state of confusion. Nuo Nuo laughed lewdly and pushed me: "Speak of the devil. Your handsome brother is looking for you. I looked at Nuo Nuo in shock. Nuo Nuo had a lustful smile on her face, I wanted to slap him, my entire body was trembling, my footsteps were heavy, I turned and walked towards Chen Yuanxing's office, before taking two steps, I turned and whispered to Nuo Nuo: "If you find anything abnormal in CHENG's office, hurry up and call the police." was confused as he turned and walked into Chen Yuanxing's office.

Trembling, I walked into Chen Yuanxing's office and closed the door as my body shivered. When Chen Yuanxing saw me, he asked me to come in and please take a seat. My trembling body did not sit down, but just stood there and trembled. What? Are you cold? "It's shaking so badly." Chen Yuanxing asked. "No, it's not cold." I replied in a trembling voice. "I don't have much to do for you to come here for. Let's just chat and get to know each other. In the future, you will be my assistant, and we will work together to understand each other and work together ?" After speaking some polite words, I just nodded and agreed. Suddenly, he changed the topic to my life: "Su Su, are you married?" I woke up with a start at the sudden change of subject and looked at him, but then quickly dropped my eyes and said no, I answered honestly. Have you ever been married? Have you ever had a child before? " I was confused by her question. What follow what, I still don't have a boyfriend, okay? Although I had a ghost girl night with that pervert Zhang Ziyuan, but that doesn't count as anything. I stared at him suspiciously. When he saw that I was not satisfied with these questions, he put on a nonchalant expression. "Just a casual chat. No bad intentions." I went out of the office and let out a long sigh.

Coming out from the office, I scratched my head, a little confused. Zhang Ziyuan and Chen Yuanxing, are they really the same person? If it was a single person, then it was impossible for Zhang Ziyuan to recover so quickly from his injuries from last night. If it wasn't for the same person, why would he have the same face, and even ask some unfathomable questions during today's conversation in the office. My head felt like it was going to explode. Without much thought, he requested for Zhang Shaowu's help and sent a message to Zhang Shaowu detailing the events of today, hoping that he would help me make a judgement. Not long later, he received his reply. The basic content of the reply was that according to his guess, it shouldn't be the same person. However, there would definitely be some unknown secrets between the two of them. When I saw Zhang Shaowu's reply, I fell into deep thought. The two of them had some sort of relationship, so what exactly was the relationship between them?

After thinking too much, his head became muddled and he became unclear. There was nothing to do for the rest of the day, so he waited for the time to get off work. After suffering bitterly for a while, it was finally time to get off work and punch in and leave. I took a deep breath in and felt relaxed throughout my body. I thought that it would be the New Year soon, so I returned back to my hometown to eat and drink some meat. Thinking of this, I started to crave for meat, so I called Zhang Shaowu and asked him to go to some barbecue shop to eat barbecue. When I hung up the phone and was about to stride home, a car suddenly blocked my path. I was about to start cursing when I saw that this car was not an ordinary one, and it was a limited edition Lamborghini. My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped to the floor. At this moment, two burly men in black clothes, wearing sunglasses, and bare-headed rushed out of the car, grabbing me like a little chicken and throwing me into the Lamborghini. I didn't expect that the first time we were riding in a luxury car, we would be thrown into the car like this, and before I could react, the two burly men caught me on the back seat one on each side of the car, covering my mouth that was just about to scream for help. The other pulled out a rope and tied my hands and feet tightly together. He took out some black tape and stuck it in my mouth. They didn't say a word as they swiftly finished what they were told to do. In the end, they took a black bag and placed it on top of my head, causing me to be unable to see anything. I heard the rumble of the engine and the right turn of the steering wheel. I was scared out of my wits. Is it sex or money, but I'm just an ordinary white-collar worker, how much can you rob me of? Could it be a pervert? Am I that beautiful? Is it worth hijacking? I'm finished, I'm not married yet, and I haven't even returned the favor to my parents. Today, I just made an appointment with Zhang Shaowu to eat barbecue, if I don't go, would he be thinking that I should let him go? What's with this, I'm actually still thinking about eating now, I'm really convinced of myself.

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