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C2 Two

My eyes slowly opened and I yawned. I flipped onto my other side and saw a person lying there.

"Ahh!" I screamed and kicked them off the bed.

I heard laughing from the corner of my room as a mannequin rolled onto my floor. Chase emerged from my closet with a video camera.

"Ha, that's totally going to rival," he said with his famous smirk, "I was wondering how long it would take you to wake up."

"So you were just sitting in my closet videotaping me sleep," I snapped, "Pervert."

"Not all night," he shrugged and then winked, "I had other ladies to attend to."

I looked him square in the eyes, not amused, "Get out of my room."

His smirked reappeared, "Yeah, I've got to go put this on Youtube anyway."

"Try and stop me," he teased.

"Give me the camera!" I yelled as I jumped out of my bed.

He only held the camera above his head and stared at me wide eyed.

"Give it to me!" I jumped up and down.

He only held it higher.

I got a lot closer to him, almost enough that we were against each other, and began jumping. I held onto his strong forearm to steady my jumps. Yet I still couldn't get the camera.

"Chase," I whinned and jumped one more time before steppling away.

"No," He said stubbornly.

I then got a bright idea. "I'll go tell Adam."

"You sure you want to do it dressed like that?" He snickered.

Being the light weight drinker I am, two beers could do some damage on me. I had forgotten about him splashing me last night and saving me. But more importantly I forgot I was only wearing a bra and underwear.

I sucked in air and tried to cover my blushing chest. My narrowed my eyes at him, "Get out!"

He smirked again, "You still never thanked me for saving you from James."

I ran to my closet and pulled out a random shirtand shorts before I continued talking with him. The shirt happend to be a little slow cut and slightly see through, but it was better than him seeing me in bra. Theshorts I was sporting were pretty short too, but I was too mad at him to care. Besides, almost anything was better than underwear.

"I think you've undone all good you'd done last night," I growled.

He grimaced for a second but regained his usual, sexy smirk. Did I just say sexy? He was not sexy. Okay made his wash board abs were attractive. Of course his hair was gorgeous and the summer tan didn't hurt. But he's not sexy!

I gritted my teeth, "Give me the camera"

"Never," he protested as he turned to leave.

Frustration flared inside me and I ran after him. i jumped onto his back. My chest pressed onto his mascular, warm back. My upper arms stretched to get the camera he held out in front of him. My legs wrapped around his waist so I was straddling his back. I smiled a little at the through before I remember it was Chase I was straddling.

He ran through the door of my room into the hall, knocking into things as we passed because he had been trying to avoid me clutching the camera as he walked. He managed to get down the stairs with me on his back and into the kitchen

"Give it to me!" I screamed.

He sighed dramatically, "I'm really notin the mood to have sex right now, Skye."

"Jerk," I snapped and kicked his side.

I could almost sense him rolled his eyes as he grpped on of my legs so I coudn't jumped off when he put the camera down. Then he flipped me into his shoulder into an effortless fireman's carry; as if I weighed 2 pounds not... well I'm going to tell you that.

I punched his back repeatedly as he searched for breakfast, still carrying me on his shoulder once he found an apple. My punching didn't even make him flinch. Stupid, sexy, strong Chase.

"What's going on?" my brother grumpled, still dressed in pajamas as he walked in, "It's nine am."

Nine am? The idiot woke me up at nine am? "Give me the camera!" I screamed again and kicked his stomach.

He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes. Could he be anymore cocky?

Adam laughed, "I'd put her down, Chase. If that kick goes half a foot lower it might actually hurt."

I felt him tense up, shudder, and theb place me down immediately.

"Thank you," I said stiffly. I almost missed the heat of his body. The way his back felt against my chest... Oh my God, what is wrong with me? I thought. This was Chase I was thinking about.

Chase took a step closer to me and looked directly into my eyes. Or at least I thought he was until he fixed my messy hair. He smoothed it out until he couldn't do it anymore. He step closer back, shrugged, and walked to the garbage to throw out his apple core.

What is going on? I thought desperately. This wasn't Chase. He's going to pranked me worse than ever, I just knew it. I remembered when I was nine and he fixed the water fountain so it would spray on the front of my pants. I had to walk around all day in school being called pee-pee pants. When I was ten he cut off a chunk of my hair befire class photos. At eleven he hid all my clothes when we were at camp I had to borrow things alway out of my size range and wear my same clothes over again for a week and a half. Last year he made my crush ask me out and then break me up with me in front of everyone in school. And those are just the highlights. He's done much worse. And I knew he'd be doing much more yet to come.

I never understood what I did to deserve those things. I had always been nice to Chase until he's pranks got the best of me and had taken a while. To this day I still wonder what I did. I hadn't had it in me to ever ask Adam and Chance would just mock me if I asked him.

"Adam, I'm going to the mall with Aaron today to get some clothes for school," I informed my brother.

He nooded uncaringly as he searched for a bowl for his cereal.

I sighed and went to take a shower knowing he'd be here soon. I showered quickly and changed into a tight black t-shirt and cut off jeans. I brushed out my hair and ran a blow dryer through it before doing my makeup. I kept it light. There was no need to pile it on at ten am.

Just as I finished putting in my earrings Vegas by All Time Low came blasting out of my phone. That was Aaron's ring tone. I didn't even answer it. I just shoved the phone into my bag grabbed my credit card and ran downstairs to slip on my vans.

I heard a low whistle came from behind me and turned around. Chase winked at me with a bright smirk plastered onto his face. I grimaced.

"Bye Adam." I called completely ignoring Chase's idiotic behavior and headed out the door to Aaron's car.

"Back to school shopping?" He asked with an eyebrow raised once I was buckled and he had pulled out.

I shrugged, "Everything's too big on me now. I have about four outfits."

"Well, I think it's a good idea," He turned right "After everything that happened this summer a fresh start would be good on you."

I felt tears prick into my eyes when he mentioned my ex-boyfriend- if you could call him that. It only took me one month and a half to fall for him before he took my virginity and broke my heart. I tried not to think about Jake anymore, but the wound was still fresh. But as long as Adam didn't find out things could't get any worst.

"Yeah," I sighed when he pulled into the mall parking lot and we got out.

"I'm sorry." He said as we walked into the main entrance, "I didn't mean to bum you out."

"No," I shook my head and put ona fake smile "It's fine. Let's get some new clothes."

Being my bestfriend, he clearly knew I was lying. But he also knew it wouldn't help any to bring up the truthand that's why I loved Aaron.

"Come on," He slung an arm over my shoulder with a smile, "I'll buy you a milk shake."

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