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C3 Three

"What about this?" I asked spinning to the dressing room to get Aaron's opinion to the jeans I was sporting. They were light blue, which faded to white, with rips and I'd practically fallen in love with them. They showed off my legs perfectly and I had a feeling that I'd get away with them. Even though Adam wouldn't like them.

Aaron slapped my ass from his laying down position on the dressing room bench, "Looking hot."

I laughed. "Perfect, Now I just need to find some shirts."

He rolled his eyes, "Are we going to have to get some shoes too?"

"Just one pair." I pleaded.

"Fine, but I'm not being your pack mule." He warned, however we both knew he'd carry some of my bags.

"Thank you," I exclaimed and kissed his cheek, "Such a lovely best friend."

"I'm the bestest, best friend ever." He smiled jokingly.

I giggled and left the dressing room to be greeted rudely by a store employee.

"That's the girls dressing room," She hissed and glared at Aaron, "You can't be in there."

"I wasn't in there." He responded calmly.

"Yes, you were." She said most hesitantly.

"They are not the droids you are looking for," He quoted star wars and I almost died trying not to laugh.

"Uh, Uhm, okay," The woman blinked, "I'm so sorry."

"No problem." He grinned and we walked away.

Once we were at the safe distance I burst out laughing, " I can't believe that worked!"

"What can I say," He shrugged, "I'm smooth with the ladies."

"Oh yeah, you're a real player." I grinned amused.

"You know it." He beamed.

"Oh, let's check that store out." I grinned, dragging Aaron towards it with me.

I spend an hour picking out shirts, much to Aaron's annoyance. In the end I found tons of shirts that looked awesome. We left witg my bags in our hands and walked to the vans store. It wasn't too hard to pick out shoes. I got a pair of dark purple vans and we went back to my house.

I threw my bags on my bed and met Aaron downstairs in my basement.

"Hey." I beamed.

"Hey." He smiled and threw me a game controller.

We began shooting each other. I had the lead after two hours of playing Call of Duty. And then my brother's friends came down.

"Hey Aaron." One said and they all nooded in his direction.

"Hey." He addressed them without taking his eyes of the television because he was about to be creamed by a girl.

I got in the last head shot before the game was over and I officially won.

"Yes!" I jump up and did a tiny victory dance, "In your face."

"Calm down." He rolled his eyes, "It's just one game Skye."

I heard someone choke on their drink and turned around to see my brother's friend, Damien. He was cute. He had black hair and blue eyes. He had a nice body and he was really sweet, he just wasn't my type. He looked red in the face until he could manage to shallow his drink again. He waited a few seconds before he stuttered out, "Sk-Skye?"

"Hi." I greeted them brightly preparing to get back to my gloating.

"What did you do this summer?" Tom inquired interest clear in his brown eyes as he shook his blonde hair.

"Fat camp." Chase said aggressively.

"Shut up, Chase." I hissed and he continued to glare at me.

"Well, Whatever you did, it worked." Tom grinned.

"Thanks." I beamed. Chase rolled his eyes. What was his problem?

"What's up?" Adam asked coming downstairs.

"We're talking about how Skye went to a fat camp." Chase smirked.

I crossed my arms and stomped upstairs. I heard the guys whispering before I shut the door.

I ran into my room. Soon enough he had found me on my bed playing with the sleeves of my shirt.

"Go away." I snapped.

"Listen Skye." He came closer to me.

I stood up and walked away from him towards my closet. "Get out."

"Skye." He took another step closer and I stepped back.


"Just listen to me." Another step forward.

"No." I stepped back.

"Seriously," Another step.

"Go away." I stepped back and hit my closet's close door.

"Skye." He trapped me against the wall by placing his hands on both sides of my head. His body was almost against me and I felt my heart race. I prayed he couldn't feel it too.


"Just listen to me," He commanded and I shut up immediately, "I'm sorry."

We remained silent. He'd never apologize to me before. We just stared into each other's eyes and I felt him pressed himself against me a little harder. I could feel his warm breath against my neck. Goose bumps began to rise and then my breathing hitched all together when I saw him lean into me.

His lipd barely touched mine. It was more of a brush. His lips grazed mine for a second. Then he pulled back to judge my reaction. He seemed to be searching my wide eyes. Then he look down at my slightly parted lips and smash his lips down onto mine roughly.

He licked my lower lip for entrance. Before I made the conscious decision my mouth open itself and I felt his tongue play perfectly with mine. He slowly moved away from my mouth to my jaw and placed gentle kisses all along the way. I moaned and blushed slightly when I felt him smirk against my skin.

He then moved to my neck. He sucked gently on my collarbone until it had a purple mark left on it. He pulled away and then came back to kiss me. I twined his fingers into his hair pulling my chest harder on his. I put all I had it that kiss and that time I heard him moan. I laughed lightly when we broke apart.

"Skye." Adam called.

"Oh, gosh." Chase whispered.

I got off my closet door and pushed him into my closet. I walked out the door to meet my brother.

"What's up?" I asked casually.

"Have you seen Chase? He came up to apologize to you half an hour ago."

That had been half an hour? I thought shocked. I shook my head, "He apologized and then left."

"Okay." He nooded and was about to walked away when his eyes widened, "What's that?" He pointed to my collar bone.

Gosh. "It... happened last night at the party." I stuttered.

"Who did that to you?" He asked trying to remain calm.

I winced trying to think of a name. The only one that comes to my mind was James. At least no one innocent would get hurt.

"James." I blurted out.

"He's so dead." Adam growled.

"It's fine." I assured him.

"No, it's not." He snapped, but then softened up, "It's like he's marking his territory, and you are not his territory."

I had to fight back a smile at the idea of Chase marking me as his territory. If I smiled like that my brother would have thought I was smiling at James and then probably would have put his fist through the wall.

"Bye, Adam." I said warning him to calm himself.

"Whatever." He grumbled and walked away.

I shut the door to my room and turned around to see Chase with his hands on both sides of the door, locking me in. His eyes dug into mine. We were silent for too long before he sighed and stepped away.

"Later, Skye." He walked out of my door.

Wait. What just happened? I thought.

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