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C4 Four

“Hey, Aaron?” I asked while we were sitting on my bed.

“What’s up?” he asked while texting someone, probably Jen.

I hesitated for a second as I tried to decide whether asking this was a good idea or not. I sucked it up and sighed, “Do ever kiss a girl and then... then just leave?”

“Are we talking about Jake? Because he was horrible, just forget about him,” Aaron stopped to look up at me.

“No,” I groaned internally; I knew I shouldn’t have brought it up, “I was wondering if guys did that a lot. Kiss a girl passionately and go.”

He shrugged, “If there's no chance for sex and we’re not in a relationship, maybe.”

“Oh,” was all I could think of to say. I mentally slapped myself; I’m such a genius.

“You still didn’t say why,” he waited with impatience clear in his voice even though he looked totally relax playing with his phone.

I debated telling him the truth and decided it was just too dangerous. I loved Aaron with all my heart, but it was at times like this when I wished I had a girl to talk to. I accepted a long time ago that I’d never get to talk about braseven though he knew my bra size, Cor my period, that never really bothered me, but I could’ve really used a girl at that moment. Sure, Aaron and I were pretty much friends with everyone, but none of them were close friends. He wasn’t even that close with his girlfriend.

“No reason,” I mumbled, “What do you want to do tonight.”

He bit his lip, “I already promised Jen I’d go out with her.”

“Sorry, I forgot,” I blushed at my lack of caring for my friend’s relationship, “go have fun.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” I put on my best fake smile, “go. Tell Jen I said hi.”

“Okay,” he grinned and left my room.

I fell back onto my bed lost. What was

I going to do? People kept leaving. Aaron to visit his girlfriend. Chase, who shouldn’t have been here at all. I hate his stupid, perfect, soft lips. The way he could make me moan without my permission. I so badly wanted to hate him.

But I couldn’t hate him. I wanted his lips back on mine. I wanted to tangie my fingers in his hair. He shouldn’t have kissed me. Doesn’t he know Bro Code? You' can’t just kiss your best friend’s little sister. Especially if your best friend happened to be Adam Barker. Even if you’re not his best friend you don’t just kiss his sister.

I groaned and covered my face. I was making too big a deal about this. I decided to clear my mind by changing into my bathing suit and going out to tan. I grabbed my sunglasses and put them on. I fixed up the wrinkles in my red bikini and ran for the door. My bare feet touched the hot ground outside and I grinned to myself.

“Hey, Skye!” Damien called and Tom dunked him under the water.

I paused. I had no idea they were out here. I searched for Chase and when I didn’t see him I relaxed. I gave Damien a small wave when he resurfaced and hen laid down on one of our pool chairs. I was comfortable and warm when I felf cold water sharp against my back. I shivered and flipped around on the chair. Chase was shooting water at me from a water gun.

Chase winked at me and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “I love making you shiver.”

His warm breath on my now cool neck would’ve accomplished that if I wasn’t so against letting him make me now. I froze up and he chuckled softly in my ear before walking away. I grimaced and walked up behind him. He was still dry, to my advantage, until I shoved him into the pool.

The guys all laughed with me. Chase splashed up and spit water out of

his mouth. He glared at me and then dropped the look as it was replaced with a sexy smirk. He swam to the edge of the pool were I stood.

“You think you’re really funny, don’t you?” he asked rhetorically.

“I’m pretty hilarious,” I smirked right back at him.


He grinned. He took his arms and hit the back of my knees gently with it knocking me off my feet. I fell forward and he caught me before I could hit the ground and get scraped up- a big improvement from when we were younger and he’d let me fall. But quicker than he caught me he span around and threw me down into the water with him.

We went over in a splash and white bubbles crowded around us. His arms constricted around me pushing me closer against his chest. My leg wrapped around his waist and I prayed the bubbles were still covering us. He pulled us back up. Once my head broke the surface of the water and I could breathe again I seemed to snap out of it. I detangled myself from him and we broke apart.

I pulled away from him and stood up. I hadn’t realized I had been breathing heavy until Ryan pointed it out.

“I think you kept her under too long, Chase,” Ryan put an arm around me and laughed, “You need some CPR?”

Chase glared at us and Adam came up from behind us. He pushed Ryan over with one light shove of his hand to his face. He threw an arm around me and frowned down at were Ryan was coming back up. His brown hair dripping wet and his golden brown eyes almost hidden by it.

“Hands off,” Adam warned.

Ryan laughed, “Chase’s hands weren’t off.”

I blushed. They had noticed that? I was so sure they couldn’t see us. That was so embarrassing.

Adam rolled his eyes, “Chase and Skye’s touches are as sexual as hospitals.”

Doctors I thought immediately and Chase mirrored my thoughts.

"Nurses," he winked and gave me a sexy smirk which was promptly ignored by Adam and glared at by the others. I felt my whole body go warm in the cool pool water. I hated the way he could make me feel. It was like all I wanted to do was kiss him, but I loathed him.

I watched the sun begin to set and decided that’d be my queue to leave. I swam to the ladder and climbed out. Once I had found my towel I dried off.

“See you guys latter,” I said with a smile after I wrapped the towel around me.

I walked into my house and grabbed a bottle of water from my kitchen before heading upstairs to my room. My legs felt weak for some unknown reason. All I wanted to do was sleep so once I was out of my wet bathing suit and into my pajamas I laid down onto my bed. I closed my eyes and waited for sleep to come, but it never did. It was going to be a long night.

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