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C5 Five

Almost a week passed by after Adam and Chase came home. Surprisingly l hadn’t seen much of Chase after that day in the pool. We were starting school tomorrow and I was extremely nervous about my new body. I felt completely different. In fact I was completely different. I had stopped letting people walk all over me and the thought of how people would reacted to that terrifled meironically.

Aaron sat on my bed and watched me change into about a thousand different outfits for the first day of school.

He rolled his eyes after I modeled the cut off jean shorts and neon blue short sleeve shirt, “What’s the point of this? You’ll look fine in anything you wear.”

“Fine?” I pouted.

“Awesome, sexy, hot, stunning,” he grinned sarcastically, “Better?”

I grumbled a ‘yeah’ under my breath and stripped down to find another outfit. It’s not like I really minded Aaron seeing me in my underwear. We’ve known each other since my first day on this earth, which was only five days after his first day. He’s like my brother... only less protective and slightly more sexual.

“Might want to close the door,” Chase leaned into my room.

“Ah!” I exclaimed and try to cover myself as Aaron threw a pillow at him to get him out.

Chase deflected the pillow with his arm and laughed before closing the door himself. I grimaced.

“When did you two get so close he’s allowed to see you half naked?” he asked suspiciously.

“He’s not,” I growled honestly.

He really was not allowed to see me in my underwear. Just because we kissed, or more realistically made out, didn’t mean he could just walk into my room and see me half naked... again.

He raised an eyebrow, but decided not to pry anymore and motioned for me to hurry up and change into the next outfit with one hand.

I shimmied into a white v-neck tucked into a tight, black skirt. I did a little twirl and he shook his head.

“Adam’s not going to let you out like that.”

“Ugh. he’s not my dad,” I stated with exasperation, “He can’t tell me what to wear.”

He rolled his eyes, “Yeah, your real dad doesn’t care all that much. Just wear something that Adam won’t flip out about. Otherwise he’ll be hanging around you more than usual trying to scare the guys off.”

I sighed and took of the t-shirt, “I have a feeling he’ll be doing that anyway because of the whole weight loss situation. He’s going to see how the guys react. No one at school really knows What I look like now. Excluding James and he has only given Adam more of a reason to freak out.”

Aaron grinned, “So dress like a nun.”

I laughed and threw the white t~shirt at him, “I still want to look good.”

“Okay, so sexy school girl,” he beamed even more.

I rolled my eyes, “You’re lucky Adam doesn’t kill you.”

“I’d use Jake as a human shield,” he laughed. .

I forced a laugh, despite myself, and hope he didn’t notice. Of course being my best friend Aaron always noticed that sort of stuff.

“You still really like him don’t you,” he said softly.

“Yeah, but it’s not like I’m going to see him again. I’ll get over him eventually,” I sighed through my nose and began to dig through my clothes again, but nothing seemed to fit with what I was looking for in a ‘back to school’ outfit.

“Adam would kill him. Hell I would, but I’m forbidden,” he mocked.

“For a good reason,” I reminded, “I don’t want him to think I’m so pathetic that I’d send my best friend or big brother after him just because he broke my heart.”

“That’s not pathetic.”

“Whatever,” I narrowed my eyes at him, “It’s unnecessary.”

I pulled out a pair of black super skinny jeans and a royal blue crop top. I slipped into the shirt and did that little dance one does when they put on skinny jeans. I pulled them up one leg then the next, jumped into them, wiggled, and then buttoned the jeans.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Hell yes,” he grinned.

“Finally,” I beamed and changed into my pajamas after hanging up my outfit for tomorrow.

I sat down pretzel style next to him on my bed. “You sleeping over tonight?” I asked.

Aaron had a drawer in my room for his clothes, shampoo, a tooth brush and a razor in my bathroom. He practically lived at my house, not that I minded. 0n the other hand Chace being here all the time bothered me. Didn’t he have a life outside of hanging out with my brother and confusing me?

He nodded, “I don’t have my car though. Is it cool if we get a ride from Adam?”

"I don't know, let me ask,” I was at the door when he stopped me.

“You’re in booty shorts,” he stated clearly referring to what he anticipated Adam’s reaction to be.

“Yeah, but it’s just him, Chase, and us home. I doubt he’ll care,” I shrugged.

Aaron gestured for me to go talk to him and I bounced out my door to Adam’s room across the hall. I knocked and he told me to come in. He was sitting on his bed with Chase on the floor. The two of them looked to be engrossed with the movie they had on television. Adam paused the movie to look at me. Chase glanced up at me too and became wide eyed.

I looked back up at my brother with the sweetest smile I could muster up, “Do you mind giving Aaron and me a ride tomorrow?”

“Why can’t he drive you guys?” Adam asked almost confused. I don’t think driving us bothered him as much as he was curious.

“He’s staying over and his cars at his house,” I informed him.

“Yeah, sure,” he nodded and pressed play.

I walked back into my room and Aaron was in his red pajama pants half way under the covers of my bed. He never wore a shirt to bed. He claimed he had to be either shirtless or pants less so the obvious choice was the shirt.

I crawled into bed with him and the two of us quickly fell asleep.

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