My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C1 Give Birth to a Child and Give Birth to It' Three?
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My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C1 Give Birth to a Child and Give Birth to It' Three?
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C1 Give Birth to a Child and Give Birth to It' Three?

"Distant, I'll be waiting for you in Room 501 at the EK Hotel."


Xi Yao thought about how ironic it was when she saw this message!

The heat waves in her body were constantly surging and could devour her rationality at any time!

"Zhao Qingyue, why?" Xi Yao asked in pain as she lay on the bed.

She loved her fiancé, Zhao Qingyue, even though Zhao Qingyue only treated her as a sister who grew up with him.

Zhao Qingyue looked at Xi Yao with a pained expression, "I'm sorry from afar. You caused Fangya to have an abortion and lose her child. She will never be able to get pregnant again in this lifetime!"

"So?" Xi Yao had a bad feeling.

"So I want you to give birth to a child and give it to Fangya!"


Xi Yao's world was completely dark. The sky had collapsed!

She had never thought that the man she loved the most would be so cruel!

"Zhao Qingyue, I will say it again! Fangya's child was not my fault!"

Xi Yao screamed at the top of her lungs! How many times did she have to say it to believe her? What could she do to believe her? Do I have to gouge my heart out?!

"Yao Yao, how did you become like this? How did you become so vicious!? I know you like me, but the one I like has always been Fangya. How could you cause her to have an abortion because of jealousy? Even now, you are still stubborn!"

His heart ached. The pain of being torn apart!

Xi Yao really had no words to defend herself!

That flying heart was completely dead, withered... With the love she had for eighteen years, she died.

"So you lured me here and drugged me?"

God knows how bitter Xi Yao's throat felt when she asked this question.

"Yes, Yuanyao, you must repay a child of Fangya!"

Zhao Qingyue was no longer the gentle and jade-like Yue in her heart. His face had already become distorted!

"No! Let go of me! Let go of me!"

Xi Yao struggled with all her might as she pushed Zhao Qingyue, who was pouncing on her, with all her might.

No! She did not want to be ruined by Zhao Qingyue for such a disgusting reason!

She didn't want to die!


The weight on Xi Yao's body swayed and disappeared. Zhao Qingyue had already fallen to the ground. There was still blood on his forehead.

Xi Yao stumbled out of the room. Everything in front of her became blurry, and the heat in her body kept gushing out. She could not control it anymore. It was so uncomfortable, really uncomfortable...

Xi Yao ran into the elevator and randomly pressed. She leaned against the elevator and barely managed to stop. When the elevator opened, she staggered out of the door.

Xi Yao did not know where she went and only knew that she seemed to have entered a room.

"Save me... Please save me..."

The night was dark and heat waves swept across the room. In the warm room, the naked man and woman on the bed were crazily doing primitive movements. The sound that made one's face red and heart beat filled the entire room...

One... A month later, Xi Yao found out sarcastically that she was really pregnant!

It was just that this child was not Zhao Qingyue's. It was a child whose father was unknown.

"Doctor, I want to have an abortion." Xi Yao said firmly.

"Sorry Miss Xi, your blood type is RH Yin type. It is not suitable to have an abortion. If you have an abortion, your life will be in danger. You may not have children in the future."

Xi Yao held the test sheet in her hand and truly felt that the heavens were playing a huge joke on her.


"How can our Xi family have such a shameless daughter like you!"

Xi Zhentian slammed the test sheet on the table and stared at Xi Yao with a look of disappointment, as if Xi Yao was the Xi family's disgrace!

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