My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C11 I'm Sorry I Regret It
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My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C11 I'm Sorry I Regret It
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C11 I'm Sorry I Regret It

Oh, welcome back... Zhao Qingyue, how can your tone be as gentle as ever? It was as if nothing had happened at all back then.

No! It was different!

In the past, Zhao Qingyue was a god in her heart, the eternal moonlight. But now, Zhao Qingyue... It's an ugly, disgusting toad!

Welcome back? No, my return will be your nightmare.

Xi Yao smiled, "Yue, you are still as gentle as before."

Zhao Qingyue was very excited when she called Yue. It was as if she had returned to the past.

"Yao Yao, what happened back then, I..."

"Yue..." Xi Yao walked forward and put her index finger in front of his lips. "Let bygones be bygones. Alright? I don't want to think about it anymore."

The faint fragrance belonging to this woman lingered around the tip of his nose and immediately wrapped around Zhao Qingyue's heart like a thin thread. It became more and more intense. He was excited and excited!

"Alright, alright, I won't say anymore!" Zhao Qingyue reached out and grabbed Xi Yao's hand. "That's far away. Come home with me."

Xi Yao felt that her hand that was grabbed by Zhao Qingyue was like being fried in a boiling pot. It was very hard to bear! But she still had to bear with it.

"Yue, that place is no longer a distant home. We can't go back from far, but we still like Yue as much as we did in the past..."

Zhao Qingyue's heart ached and he was excited. He could not control himself and tightly hugged the woman in his arms.

"Yao Yao, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I regret it. I shouldn't have gotten engaged to Xi Xi. If I knew you were back, I wouldn't..."

Before Zhao Qingyue finished his confession, Xi Yao saw a woman rushing over.

Xi Yao's lips curled into a smile. Then she tiptoed and kissed Zhao Qingyue on the cheek.

Xi Yao saw from the corner of her eye that the woman who rushed over was so angry that her face turned green!

"Xi Yao!"

Xi Xi went to find Zhao Qingyue but found that he was going out, so she followed his car out. She did not expect that he actually came to find Xi Yao privately!

She also saw Zhao Qingyue taking the initiative to hug Xi Yao and say something regretful!

What was even more hateful was Xi Yao, this woman. How could she be so shameless? She actually kissed her Yue.

When he heard Xi Xi's voice, Zhao Qingyue immediately let go of Xi Yao and turned around to protect Xi Yao behind him.

"Xi Xi, why are you here?"

Xi Xi faced Zhao Qingyue and her aggrieved eyes immediately shed tears. "Yue, how can you be like this? We were just engaged yesterday and you came to look for Yao Yao today. How can you be like this..."

Facing Xi Xi's tears and grievances, Zhao Qingyue immediately felt that he had gone too far. His heart softened.

"I cherish you, don't cry. No matter what, Yao Yao is still our younger sister, right? Shouldn't we come to pick up our younger sister and bring her home?"

Xi Yao sneered. This man, when he turned around, he had already forgotten what he had just said.

She was really blind at that time. That was why she was so loyal to Zhao Qingyue.

Xi Xi held back her tears when she heard that. She blinked her big eyes and looked at Zhao Qingyue. "Really? Yue, you don't have any other thoughts, do you?"

"Of course. You are my fiancée." Zhao Qingyue walked over and held Xi Xi in his arms.

Xi Xi immediately broke her tears into a smile.

Xi Yao shrugged, "Yue, are all your words of regret just now coaxing Yao Yao to be happy?"

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