My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C13 I'll Have a Mommy in My Heart in the Future
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My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C13 I'll Have a Mommy in My Heart in the Future
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C13 I'll Have a Mommy in My Heart in the Future

Xi Yao really didn't want to talk to this narcissistic man.

Yinn Xiuli lifted Xi Yao's chin and forced her to look at him. "Use your own body to stir up the misunderstanding between the two of them. I don't really like this method."

"I don't care if you like it or not. Who do you think you are?" Xi Yao shrugged indifferently.

The words that came out of her small mouth were really not pleasant to the ears. It was not cute at all.

Yinn Xiuli directly covered her lips and used this kind of method to teach this unlovable little woman a lesson.

"Oh!" Xi Yao did not expect him to sneak attack again! Why was this man like this? He would kiss her from time to time. What did he think of her?

The irritated Xi Yao bit Yinn Xiuli's lips hard, making him so unreasonable. He had no fear!

"En!" Yinn Xiuli actually made such a tempting sound.

Yinn Xiuli let go of Xi Yao, "Little wild cat, sooner or later I will make you listen to me obediently."

Xi Yao provoked, "Maybe I am the one who made you listen to me obediently."

After saying that, Xi Yao pushed the man away with one hand. She strode forward and threw the suitcase to Yinn Xiuli. "You are here to pick me up, right? Then be a gentleman for once. Help me take my luggage."

Yinn Xiuli looked at the suitcase in his hand with a dark face. His hand that was holding the stick was about to crush the stick!

What did this woman think of him? She actually dared to shout at him like this, and even ordered him to do something? Well done!

He endured it! For the sake of his little heart, he endured it!

Yinn Xiuli dragged a lady's suitcase and walked into his EK with a dark face. The employees passing by were all surprised. Was this their high and mighty CEO? Why was he dragging such a... pink suitcase? And his expression was so ugly...

" Awoo! Awoo! Awoo! What should I do? I think the president is so handsome!"

" Yeah, yeah, it warms my heart! My love for him has increased by a few points! "

"Pui! Only a few points! I love him my entire life!"

Yinn Xiuli's face darkened as he listened to the female employee's love-struck words. His mouth twitched.

"Hey, don't look so ugly. I am helping you. Look at you now. Your employee has fallen in love with you again. So, normally, you have to be down-to-earth."

Tsk, why did Yinn Xiuli feel that this woman was very proud?

"What about you?"

Xi Yao did not answer Yinn Xiuli's question for a moment, and did not know what he was referring to.

"Did you fall in love with me?"

... ""

He asked this kind of question seriously... How naive.

Xi Yao glanced at Yinn Xiuli strangely, "What do you think?"

"I think you will."

"The innocent boss."

Xi Yao followed Yinn Xiuli to Yinn Xiuli's house. This was the villa Yinn Xiuli bought outside, not the Yin residence.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. It had to be said that the money of rich people was spent on fire. Such a large and single villa was so perfect that it was surprising!

Xi Yao took a glance and roughly estimated that there were tens of millions of dollars that could not be built in this place.

Just as the two of them walked into the courtyard, their little hearts, which were looking forward to it, jumped up and down towards Xi Yao.

"Floating Brew Mommy ~ You are here!"

Xi Yao was really afraid that his short legs would bump and fall, so she quickly walked up to him and squatted down to open her arms to hug his little heart.

Be careful of the liver piercing into Xi Yao's chest. The smell of his mother immediately filled the tip of his nose. Smelling it well, it was very comfortable ~

"Mommy, in the future, my little heart will also have mommy ~" Her heart was dancing happily. In the next second, she held Xi Yao's cheek and kissed her hard on the cheek as she took a bite!

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