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C15 Tonight Wait for Me

When Xi Zhentian heard Xi Yao's outrageous words, he was so angry that he was gasping for air! Who dared to speak to him like this?

"Unfilial son! You shameless slut! I'm warning you, get the hell out of here right now! Don't ever appear in front of Qingyue in this lifetime! If you dare to seduce Qingyue and let him suffer, I'm not done with you! You should know my means!"

Xi Yao sneered," Yes, I know. Didn't Mr. Xi kill people very quickly? But it doesn't matter. You don't have the ability to kill me overseas. I can still live well in the country. You guys better think highly of Zhao Qingyue. Otherwise, I don't know when he will be sleeping next to me. "

Xi Yao hung up the phone after saying that. She had nothing to say to this kind of person.

Yinn Xiuli, who had not spoken all this time, had been observing Xi Yao. She seemed to be careless and ruthless, but when she said she wanted to buy someone to kill, there was still some sadness in her eyes.

After all, that was the home that raised her up. She did not expect that family would be so heartless as to buy someone to kill. Anyone would feel heartache!

Perhaps it was because she felt that Xi Yao was not in a high mood right now, her little heart reached out her little hand and two fingers placed at the corner of Xi Yao's mouth. She gently lifted the corner of her mouth upwards. "Floating Brew Mommy, only when you smile will you look good ~"

Xi Yao's sad mood was instantly swept away. She kissed her little heart's cheek, "Be careful of your liver, you are really obedient."

"What do you plan to do now?"

Yinn Xiuli asked.

Xi Yao put down the bowls and chopsticks in her hands and looked at Yinn Xiuli confidently. "Boss, you see, I studied marketing planning overseas. Do you have the honor to serve me?"

Yinn Xiuli smiled evilly. "If you want to serve me, it depends on whether you have the ability or not."

Xi Yao's toes slowly slid across Yinn Xiuli's firm calves. "Look, is this okay?"

Charm, a monster. It was like a black rose in full bloom. It was beautiful but poisonous.

However, Yinn Xiuli could not resist the poison. Just a little movement from her could make all the blood in his body boil. "At night, wait for me."

Xi Yao smiled seductively.

At night, her little heart had already fallen asleep with Xi Yao's company.

When Yinn Xiuli came out of the bathroom, he saw a woman in silk pajamas holding a red wine glass in one hand and leaning against his room.

The black silk pajamas could barely cover her round and round buttocks. The ample bosom on her chest seemed to be able to jump out at any time. It was white and smooth, her red lips were blazing, and her eyes were full of seduction.

She slowly tasted the red wine, and the red wine that jumped out of the corner of her mouth seemed to be inviting him to have a taste.

Yinn Xiuli did not expect this woman to be so bold!

She wanted to seduce him, and did not avoid it at all!

She won. He really wanted her body.

Xi Yao was satisfied to see the desire in Yinn Xiuli's eyes. She slowly tiptoed in his direction. She walked barefoot on the black high-grade blanket, which made her legs even fairer and slender. It formed a strong visual impact!

A demon, a complete demon!

Xi Yao stood in front of Yinn Xiuli. The distance between the two of them was only one centimeter.

Xi Yao reached out her fingertips and slowly slid on Yinn Xiuli's unclothed chest. Following the drop of water on his chest, it slid down bit by bit. It passed through the twisting abdominal muscles and slowly went down towards that mysterious place.

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