My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C16 Boss Are You Satisfied with This?
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My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C16 Boss Are You Satisfied with This?
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C16 Boss Are You Satisfied with This?

This man's figure is really good, his skin is honey-colored, his muscles are just right, it won't be too sudden and disgusting, and it won't look weak and incompetent, his clothes are styled, his clothes are stripped, and his flesh is flesh, perfect to the point of being impeccable.

Yinn Xiuli's desire had been easily aroused by her, and the perfume on her body had an irresistible passion.

"Boss, are you satisfied with this?"

Xi Yao's voice was a little hoarse and extremely sexy. Because she drank red wine, she spoke with the taste of red wine, which made Yinn Xiuli almost drunk.

Yinn Xiuli grabbed Xi Yao's bewitching hand and turned around. He pressed her against the wall and buried his head into her neck. He took a deep breath of the taste that belonged to her.

"Not satisfied yet. What do you want?"

"Of course, until the boss is satisfied." Xi Yao held Yinn Xiuli's cheek, her eyes releasing invincible charm!

Yinn Xiuli cursed in a low voice. He grabbed Xi Yao and threw her onto the bed. He stood in front of the bed and took off the towel, ready to fight!

Xi Yao turned around and saw the fierceness of the man. Her eyes trembled.

Yinn Xiuli pounced on Xi Yao and fiercely hunted her.

But just as Yinn Xiuli was preparing to fight with a real gun, he realized...

"What is this thick layer?" Yinn Xiuli asked with a dark expression. He had a bad feeling about this.

Xi Yao pretended to be surprised, "Ah ~ Boss, I'm sorry. I forgot that my relatives came to see me."


"Xi Yao!!!"

She must have done it on purpose!

Xi Yao tried her best to hold back her laughter. She looked at Yinn Xiuli with a little fear. "Boss, I'm sorry. I forgot..."

"You can forget about this too! Do you think you did it on purpose?! What should we do now? "

He was already on the verge of exploding. He was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to vent his anger, yet the result was telling him that he couldn't? !

That feeling was like a mute cannon. It was extremely unpleasant!

"Boss, how about I call a girl for you?" Xi Yao pointed at Yinn Xiuli's thing through the air. "It seems to need it very much."

"No need." Yinn Xiuli smiled evilly with a dark face. "Why waste money? Isn't there a ready-made one?"

Xi Yao deliberately wanted to tease him. Could it be that Yinn Xiuli would not resist? It was simply a joke.

Xi Yao did not understand what Yinn Xiuli meant. What did he mean by there was ready-made stuff here? What did he want to do?

Before she could understand, Yinn Xiuli flipped Xi Yao over and made her lie on the bed. He then forcefully made a position for her and made her kneel on the bed.

"Yinn Xiuli, what are you doing?"

Xi Yao had a very bad feeling!

"Fuck your legs!"

As soon as Yinn Xiuli finished speaking, Xi Yao felt a wave of heat coming from the inside of her tightly shut thighs. It was abnormal! Yinn Xiuli actually used such a method!

Simply shameless!

Xi Yao struggled in shame and anger, but her hands were behind Yinn Xiuli's back and she could not use any strength at all.

"Yinn Xiuli, let go of me!"

"The more you call me, the more excited I am. Try it!"

Sure enough, his movements became even more intense! Damn it!

Xi Yao fiercely bit her lips, not letting her make any sound. This man's perversion was already beyond her imagination!

Her cultivation was still not enough. She was not Yinn Xiuli's match! Damn it!

Yinn Xiuli was very satisfied to see Xi Yao's angry and resentful expression. Hmph, she thought that she was the only smart one?

"Anyway, we have already done it. Why are you being reserved? Today, seeing that you are not in a good place, I will try your leg first. Next time, it will not be so simple."

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