My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C18 Start Slapping Me in the Face
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My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C18 Start Slapping Me in the Face
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C18 Start Slapping Me in the Face

"Attention, everyone. This is the new marketing director, Xi Yao. Next, let us ask Director Xi to speak a few words for us. "

Yang Ling looked back at Xi Yao, indicating for her to speak.

One mountain cannot tolerate two tigers. Xi Yao's appearance made Yang Ling very unhappy. This woman's beauty made her feel threatened.

So from the beginning, Xi Yao could feel Yang Ling's inexplicable hostility towards her.

"Hello everyone. My name is Xi Yao. In the future, everyone can just call me Xi Yao. I want to lead everyone to a higher level. If I can do it, you guys can too!"

This woman was domineering and confident!

She has too much confidence!

Yang Ling did not like it at all!

"Director Xi, it is not that simple to be an EK director. All the top students here are the elites of each school. If you want them to submit to you, do you want to tell them about your historical achievements?"


Yang Ling knew that Xi Yao did not have any historical achievements at all. What historical achievements could a small character who just came back from abroad have? It was unknown whose bed the little slut climbed onto to become the marketing director of the EK!

She, Yang Ling, had once spent five years to climb up this position!

Xi Yao also knew that Yang Ling was deliberately making things difficult for her.

But it did not matter. Would she be afraid?

Everyone's eyes lit up as they looked at Xi Yao's side. They all wanted to know what this very young Director Xi actually had.

Xi Yao looked around and then turned to look at Yang Ling who was beside her. Yang Ling crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked like she was provoking her.

Very good.

"Everyone also knows that I just graduated from abroad and did not have much historical achievements." Xi Yao first said this.

"Drink... Then Director Xi's future life will be a bit sad. After all, they are all elites here. They might not submit to you. " Yang Ling was the first to gloat.

"Yes, yes. How could a student who is nothing become the marketing director? The higher-ups are too reckless this time."

"Anyway, I won't listen to the orders of the masses. They are simply using us as an EK to make fun of us!"

"She's so beautiful. Sure enough, she doesn't have much ability. Who knows whose bed she climbed into?"

The employees' discussion was actually quite loud. There were a few sentences that drifted into Xi Yao's ears and she could hear them clearly.

Yang Ling looked at Xi Yao's eyes becoming more and more provocative. What the employees said was exactly what she wanted to say! A person who did not have anything dared to sit in this position. This was asking for death.

Xi Yao listened to them with an expressionless face. She roughly knew that it was mainly because she was too beautiful and made them feel insecure.

Sigh, sometimes beauty is also a mistake, making people misunderstand her ~

Tsk, it was not her fault that she was too beautiful ~

After the employees finished complaining, Xi Yao smiled confidently and continued to say to everyone, "I don't have any great historical results, but I was the one who helped Stars Pet Chain Supermarket back then."

After Xi Yao said that, everyone was shocked. The scene was extremely quiet!

Everyone, including Yang Ling, widened their eyes.

Stars Pet Chain Supermarket?!

Two years ago, Stars Pet Chain Supermarket had exploded due to the sale of the new series. For a time, it became a product that the entire country boycotted, and because of this, it caused the sales of Stars Pet Chain Supermarket, which had always been the boss, to drop to the bottom. It was unbearable to look at!

At that time, no one would buy Stars Pet Chain Supermarket. However, just when everyone thought that Stars Pet Chain Supermarket was about to completely withdraw from the world stage, it was like a miracle. It became popular again!

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