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C19 New Goddess

The reason is simple. Stars recycled all the phones in that series. And also compensated users with an LCD TV, not only that... Stars Pet Chain Supermarket had modified their phones and set the focus on women. Not only was the advertisement exquisite, but the advertisement spokesperson was also a popular idol star. In an instant, the sales of Stars Pet Chain Supermarket's mobile phone were promoted by women, making up for all the losses they had incurred back then. They even earned back their reputation, and slowly, the explosion of Stars Pet Chain Supermarket's mobile phones was forgotten along with the good reviews and time.

That marketing method could be said to be a typical case in the industry!

He did not expect that the case was actually completed by Xi Yao! If it was two years ago, Xi Yao at that time was still a student!

This kind of historical achievement was not that great? !

Yang Ling felt that she had been completely fooled by Xi Yao and completely humiliated by her!

Her own face had been slapped by ___!

"F * ck, one cannot judge a book by its cover. Not only is Director Xi beautiful, she is also my idol. I have seen a living idol! I will do whatever she says in the future!"

"My God, isn't such an achievement great? I take back what I just said. She has strength!"

"This kind of woman doesn't need to climb on anyone's bed! If she is willing, I am willing to climb onto her bed, I love her so much!"

The employees' views on Xi Yao completely changed in a moment, but Xi Yao still remained calm because this was what she expected. There was nothing to be happy about.

"If everyone thinks that I can be the EK Sales Director, then I'll sit down. If everyone thinks that I can't, then I can leave now." Xi Yao was so frank!

No one knew who it was, but someone shouted excitedly, "Goddess, I welcome you!"

After that, many voices followed.

"Director Xi, we welcome you!"

"Please take care of Director Xi in the future!"

"Goddess, if you ask me to go west, I will not dare to go east in the future!"

Xi Yao smiled. They were actually still naive and cute.

Yang Ling looked at the employee's love for her and her expression was extremely ugly.

One had to know that this was not what she imagined!

Damn it, Yang Ling did not expect this little slut to be so powerful! Not only was she beautiful, but she also had such a perfect achievement! Xi Yao's historical results were results that she had never achieved before as the EK Marketing Director!

Xi Yao's appearance had completely stolen Yang Ling's glory, which made Yang Ling even more jealous of Xi Yao.

Xi Yao did not care. Outstanding people would naturally be liked by others. If they wanted to be liked by others, then they would make themselves even more outstanding!

General Manager Yang should understand the principle of the victor is discriminated against.

"Then, General Manager Yang, where is my office?" Xi Yao raised her eyebrows and asked.

Yang Ling sneered and turned around, "Follow me!"

Xi Yao waved at everyone and strode to follow Yang Ling's footsteps.

She held her head high and chest high and was full of confidence. Even a woman would be envious of such a woman!

"Wow! What should I do? I suddenly feel that Director Xi is so tasteful and aggressive!" The female employee said in a love-struck manner.

"I have thought so for a long time. Her dress looks fashionable and feminine, but her character when doing things, I feel that she is very flirty! It's over, it's over, I'm going to bend! " Female employee B.

"That's enough. It wasn't easy for a beauty to come. Can't you let our man live? He even dares to snatch a beauty from us!" The male employee was indignant!

"Tsk, don't you have General Manager Yang?!"

"In front of Director Xi, General Manager Yang is nothing!!"

Yang Ling,... "" She heard it with her sharp ears.

Of course, Xi Yao also heard it.

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