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C2 The Child Is Gone

"Now, the Zhao family has already known about this matter. The engagement has been canceled."

Zhu Faang mocked from the side, "The Xi family has lost all its face for you!"

However, Xi Yao only stared at the test sheet and asked, "Why is this thing here?"

She hid it well, why would it appear here?

"What kind of tone is that? If Xixi hadn't accidentally discovered you, how long would you have been waiting for us? Do you want our Xi family to become the joke of the entire City S? " Xi Zhentian was so angry that he threw a slap at him!

Xi Xi!

Did she accidentally discover it? She must have found it on purpose!

Xi Yao silently looked at Xi Xi who was sitting beside Zhu Faang. It was a weak girl, her elder sister. Hehe, good job!

"Go and get rid of her!"

"I want to give birth to this child! The doctor said that I'm not suitable for abortion and that my life will be in danger. If you don't want to lose my exclusive blood bank, then don't even think about getting an abortion." Xi Yao firmly replied!

Yes, she was not the biological child of Xi family. She was just an orphan with the same blood as the real princess of Xi family, Xi Xi. Her existence was Xi Xi's exclusive blood bank!

Xi Zhentian and Zhu Faang were ultimately left speechless.

"Before the child is born, you are not allowed to take a step out of the room!"

Xi Yao was locked up. The outside world only thought that the second young lady of the Xi family had gone abroad.

Ten months later. - -

"Child, where's my child?"

Xi Yao woke up and held Xi Xi's hand tightly as she asked.

"Yao Yao, you have to be mentally prepared, child..."

"What's wrong with the child!"

"The child will be gone forever. Father and Mother have already been taken care of by the hospital." Xi Xi said in grief.

How could it be? How could her child be gone just like that? Before she could take a look...

"Yao Yao, don't be sad. There will be more children..."

"Get lost!"

Xi Yao fiercely closed her eyes. A line of tears flowed out from the corners of her eyes and finally seeped into her hair.

"Yao Yao, how can you talk to sister like this ~ Mom and Dad have decided to let you go abroad and never come back again. Xi family doesn't have a daughter like you."

"Have you found a substitute for me?" Xi Yao sneered.

"I'm sorry, Yao Yao. Xi family no longer needs you. Your existence will only bring shame to Xi family." Xi Xi sighed sadly, but her eyes showed no signs of sadness.

Xi Yao sneered. After Xi family used her, they kicked her away. She was afraid that she would affect their reputation in City S...

Xi family, Zhao Qingyue!

She, Xi Yao, would definitely come back!

Xi Yao left with a heart full of hatred and regret for her child, leaving this city that disappointed her.

Time flew by quickly. Three years later.

Hongdi Airport.

The woman was wearing a brown windbreaker, and her wavy black hair was simply tied into a ponytail. She wore a black suit and a pair of professional high heels as she walked swiftly and decisively at the airport. The sound of her high heels hitting the ground was so loud that the passers-by turned their heads to look at her.

Xi Yao took off the black super on her face and looked at the familiar yet strange city.

City S, she, Xi Yao, had returned!

The corner of Xi Yao's mouth slightly curled up. She had returned to take revenge!

"Di di!"

The car arrived. Xi Yao opened the door and got into the car.

"Ms Yao, you were standing there with a strong aura just now! I was about to bend over by you ~ Ying Ying ~" Lu Ni looked at Xi Yao with a face full of admiration and even swallowed her saliva as if something had happened.

Xi Yao smiled, "Little girl, I will let you see enough later. Now go and EK!"

Xi Yao raised her eyebrows and smiled. Tomorrow at their engagement banquet, as a sister, how could she not give them a big gift.

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