My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C20 Xi Yao Counterattacked
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My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C20 Xi Yao Counterattacked
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C20 Xi Yao Counterattacked

Xi Yao pretended not to hear him. She smiled and looked at her office. It was big, spacious, and comfortable facing the sun.

"This will be your office from now on." Yang Ling's tone was not very good, "Director Xi, let me remind you, historical achievements are ultimately historical achievements. If you want to gain a foothold in the EK, you still need to show your current results. Otherwise, those outside will not worship you for too long. "

Xi Yao smiled confidently, "The general manager is right. I think I will work hard."

"Hmph, it better be like this!" Yang Ling snorted coldly, "Also, I don't care who is behind you. Since I am working here, I am your superior. You must obey my arrangements! If I find out that you're making a small report or making a decision on your own, I won't do it for anyone's sake. I'll spare you."

"I don't think that's necessary." Xi Yao counterattacked, "After all, my ability is there. I don't need to rely on anyone."

Yang Ling really hated Xi Yao's confident look. She really hated it!

Yang Ling coldly snorted and turned around to leave.

When she went out, she just happened to hear that those employees were still discussing how Xi Yao looked, how she looked, and how she was outstanding. There were also people who took out the Stars Pet Chain Supermarket case and explained it to her. They all had the appearance of small fans, completely angering Yang Ling.

"Do I let you guys play during work hours? Have you finished your work? "

Yang Ling vented all her anger on the staff. The staff in the Marketing and Planning Department quickly returned to their seats and did not speak.

General Manager Yang's temper was getting worse and worse. In the past, when he was their leader, it was still alright. But now, he was getting more and more overbearing!

Yang Ling angrily left, but Xi Yao walked out.

"Pa! Pa!"

Xi Yao attracted everyone's attention.

"Everyone listen to me." Xi Yao said, "Everyone here may be older than me, but since I am your superior, I still hope that we can get along peacefully. I am not a religious person. I don't like a serious and depressing working atmosphere. That will only suppress our inspirations in my territory... You can mess around however you like, but there is one thing... When I need you, you must give me 200 points of fighting spirit and do that for me! Do you all have confidence? "

Compared to the overbearing Yang Ling just now, the current Xi Yao is simply a goddess!

Her words have thoroughly aroused everyone's excitement!

Who didn't like a relaxed atmosphere? Who didn't like such a leader?!


"We understand! '"

Xi Yao smiled, "May I ask who my assistant is? Please send the sales cases of the EK over the past few years to my office."

On the other side, in Yang Ling's office.

"Xi, is Xi Yao the shameless second daughter of your Xi family?"

Xi Xi was surprised. Why did Yang Ling suddenly mention Xi Yao?

"Ling Ling, no matter what, Distant Expanse is still my younger sister. I don't like you to describe her like this." Xi Xi sat in her office and said to Yang Ling.

Yang Ling was helpless, "It is also you who is still so naive and kind. This woman has already returned. Now she has become the marketing director of the EK! I see that she seems to have changed into a different person this time. Be careful. Don't let the man be seduced away by her. Even the Xi family will be taken away by her."

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