My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C4 Take This Money to Make up for the Kidney
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My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C4 Take This Money to Make up for the Kidney
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C4 Take This Money to Make up for the Kidney

Perhaps it was because there were people outside, Yinn Xiuli and Xi Yao both felt their bodies tighten. That fatal warm feeling made Yinn Xiuli even more unable to resist!

"What, there are people outside that can make you so sensitive?"

Yinn Xiuli's words were bone revealing and ambiguous. His swaying movements were also very fanatical. Every time, he would end it!

This was the first time Xi Yao was awake to feel the love between men and women. She had already completely sunk into the waves that this man had created for her. It was just that she was strong enough to not allow herself to show it!

"I think you are the one who is excited, right? Are you already unable to grasp your own door?"

With her charming eyes and provocative tone, every single one of Xi Yao's actions raised Yinn Xiuli to want to fiercely swallow this woman!

The person outside was Zhu Qingqing, Xi Xi's cousin.

She liked Yinn Xiuli, so she deliberately drugged his drink just now. She originally wanted to have sex with Yinn Xiuli when the effects of the medicine flared up, but now she could not find him!

Just as Zhu Qingqing was about to leave, the quiet door suddenly made a knocking sound. The ambiguous sound made Zhu Qingqing angry and embarrassed!

What happened inside was already very clear! It was just that who did she do it for?

After the sex event ended, Xi Yao's entire body was exhausted, but she still pushed the man's chest with both hands.

Yinn Xiuli was pushed out by her. Because of the darkness, both of them could not see each other's face clearly, but the ambiguous feeling was even more obvious.

After Xi Yao tidied herself up, she took out a few big red notes from her bag and threw them in Yinn Xiuli's direction.

"Although sister is not very satisfied, you have worked hard. This money will buy some tonics to supplement your kidneys."

Xi Yao said proudly and turned around to leave.

The man in the dark, his face like an iceberg, suddenly had an evil smile. Interesting, he actually let her mend his kidneys...

Xi Yao quickly went to the bathroom from the room to tidy herself up before going to the engagement venue.

The engagement banquet had already begun. Almost all of the people attending the engagement banquet were the noblest people in the City S. When the warm music rang and the male and female leads appeared with smiles on their faces, Xi Yao, who was standing in the corner, smiled coldly.

Zhao Qingyue was getting more and more handsome.

Xi Xi, tsk, without her, he still lived very well.

Just as Zhao Qingyue was confessing his love for Xi Xi, the electronic screen that originally had pictures of the two of them loving each other suddenly started rolling. The ambiguous voice instantly resounded throughout the entire auditorium. The rhythm of men and women making people nauseous. The entanglement like that of a wild beast was magnified in front of the crowd.

"What's going on?"

"Is the man inside Zhao Qingyue?"

"This woman is not Xi Xi either..."

The guests below the stage started whispering to each other. Zhao Qingyue and Xi Xi on the stage were pale.

Xi Yao smiled in satisfaction. Her little girl's actions were indeed reliable! This video was not the work of Zhao Qingyue last night.

"What is going on? Young Master Zhao, please explain?"

"May I ask if the woman inside is Miss Xi?"

" Young Master Zhao, have you cheated? Miss Xi, do you know?"

Because they were the most eye-catching pair in City S, many reporters were invited to their engagement banquet. Now, all the reporters smelled the scent of gossip and became restless.

Xi Xi's face was so ugly that it looked like she was going to die, but she was still very patient and did not flare up.

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