My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C8 Mama Float My Dad Is Single
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My CEO Husband Can Never Be Satisfied/C8 Mama Float My Dad Is Single
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C8 Mama Float My Dad Is Single

The tall man who suddenly barged in, with his gloomy voice, was so frightened that his little heart, which was lying in Xi Yao's arms, rolled down.

"Be careful!" Xi Yao was so nervous that she wanted to die. She hurriedly rushed over to hug the child.

However, she was empty. She could fall off the bed at any time!

Yinn Xiuli frowned and moved quickly. He reached out his hands and grabbed the child with one hand and the woman's waist with the other.

Xi Yao was forcefully hugged by the waist. With a spin, she looked up in surprise. The man's angular face instantly fell into her eyes.

The familiar smell of his face, it was him!

Yinn Xiuli held her with one hand and stood still!

"It's you? "


Xi Yao and Beware Li-er's voices sounded at the same time. Xi Yao looked at Beware Li-er in surprise.

"This is the very, very bad Papa you were talking about?!"

Beware of Liver Blinking He rubbed his big eyes and said, "Yes, yes, Mama. Is my Papa very handsome?"

Her little heart completely ignored Xi Yao's surprise and quietly moved closer to Xi Yao's ear. She thought that she was very "soft" and said to Xi Yao, "Floating brew Mommy, my Papa is single ~"

"Yinn Zijin, enough! When the wound was no longer painful, it started to act up, right? " Yinn Xiuli couldn't stand it any longer.

He carefully put his hands around Yinn Xiuli's neck and rubbed his head against Yinn Xiuli's chest. "Wuwuwu, it hurts! The wound hurts! I want Papa!"

Yinn Xiuli felt helpless. He looked at Xi Yao with surprise.

"What's wrong? You don't know me anymore?" Yinn Xiuli smiled.

Of course I know him.

However, Xi Yao did not expect this to be a father with a child. She had previously thought of him as a... Niu Lang.

"You..." Xi Yao was so shocked that she could not speak. Perhaps it was because of the blood transfusion to be careful of her liver. Her face now looked a little pale and had a bit of a delicate beauty. It was a completely different feeling from before.

Little demoness.

"Handsome Papa, this is my Mommy from now on. No matter whether you agree or not, be careful that Li-er only wants her, as long as Mommy ~"

Liver was afraid that her Papa would do something bad to Floating Brewing Mama, so she immediately acted like a little man and blocked Xi Yao's way.

Yinn Xiuli glanced at Yinn Zijin. He had raised him for three years, so it was not as useful as this woman's blood.

"Go back and stay there!" Yinn Xiuli put Yinn Zijin down and wanted to chase him away.

Xi Yao frowned. When she thought about how careful she was when she told him that he had a bad father, she couldn't help but protect the child when she saw how this man was behaving.

"How did you become a father? When a child is sick, he needs people to care about him. Why are you still so fierce?"

Yinn Xiuli raised his eyebrows. Was she educating him?

"Ha... You really think you are his mother?" Yinn Xiuli whispered to Xi Yao, "Women, we still have unfinished business with each other."

Xi Yao thought about it. She should talk to him about the car accident. So she broke free from Yinn Xiuli's arms, squatted down, and gently said to Liver, "Be careful Li-er, you go back to your room to rest first, okay? Later on, Big Sister will come and play with you. Big Sister and your Papa have something to talk about."

"Floating Brew Mommy, I'm an obedient child!" As she spoke, she carefully pouted her lips and moved closer to Xi Yao. She kissed Xi Yao's cheek and then happily jumped away...

Sure enough, he completely ignored her father!

Yinn Xiuli reminded with a dark face, "Walk properly for me! You haven't had enough of being hit, have you? "

Waaah, Papa, good! Fierce ~

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