My childhood sweetheart/C1 Good old memories
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My childhood sweetheart/C1 Good old memories
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C1 Good old memories


Mina's birthday

“I'm gonna be late for Mina's birthday party". Damien laughed. “What's with that serious face, Alex? They haven't started now". Damien explained, “I still want to go there early". Alex complained. “You like Mina, don't you ?". Damien asked his son. Alex nodded and smiled. “Oh hell no Damien". Ayla said from behind them. “You can't be teaching my son those nasty things,he is too young for that". Ayla said, “Our son". Damien corrected. “No need to be serious babe, I was just kidding". Damien explained.

Mina is the daughter of Nina and Nick. She had a striking resemblance to Nina but took Nick's green eyes. Ayla bent lower to her son. “Alex, what do you plan to give Mina on her second birthday". Ayla asked. “A box of strawberry candy,her favourite". Alexis said. “That's so nice of you Alex, Mina will be so happy". Ayla explained.

When Mina saw Alex at her birthday party she was so happy that she ran off to meet him. “Nina, take care, don't run.

You will fall. I don't want you to get hurt on your birthday",Nina said worriedly. But naughty little Mina just giggled and ran off to hug Alex. “Wu med it". Mina said in her childish voice. Alex laughed and ruffled her hair. Mina frowned because she didn't like her hair being tempered with. “What's with that face,Mina", little Alex asked. “I don't want wu tu pway wit it, Wu will spel it". Nina replied. “It's spoiled Mina, but nevermind, how is my darling goddaughter doing today”. Luna Ayla asked. “I'm fwine Aunty Ayla".

“Let's leave silly Alex,we have a birthday to celebrate, don't we". Luna Ayla asked. Mina jumped up and down but followed Ayla inside their house. “Huraay Daddy it is time to open the presents, hurry". Mina dragged her father all the way to the presents section. Nina shot her husband an apologetic glance, Nick just shrugged and allowed himself to be dragged by his daughter. “Daddy, which one should I open first". Mina asked, seeming lost in her thoughts. “Open mine first". Alex stepped out from the corner where he'd been observing what was going on. “But why yours?”,Mina asked, pouting. “Fine, you can do whatever you want. Alex stepped aside frowning.

Ayla was slightly taken aback by her son's attitude but she just shot him a warning glance not to spoil the mood with his bossy attitude. Alex just smirked at his mom. “I will open yours first, don't worry". Mina rushed to comfort Alex. She didn't like making her friends sad. “Wow, a box of candy." Mina giggled while seeing the contents on the box. “Do you want one of Alex's?I can share it with you". Mina asked. “ No, I bought it only for you". Alex replied. Mina hugged him and the party continued with other members of the pack showering presents upon the Beta's daughter.

A few years later

“Hey, that's not funny". Mina spoke wrongly while Alex laughed at accomplishing his mission by pouring mud on her. Mina is now 10 years old with Alex being a slight year older than her. Alex has a younger sister, Amya, who is 8 years now and close friends with Mina despite the gap in their age. “Don't mind him Mina, he's always like that". Amya reasoned. “That's not fair, I will definitely get revenge". Mina laughed. “That's exactly what I'm talking about”. Amya joined in plotting against her elder brother. Alex was the best brother she could ever have, but he can be a jerk sometimes and this was going to be fun. Wait till she tells mummy about everything. She giggled. Noah the gamma's son, who is a year older than Alex, was his best buddy, but unlike Alex,Noah was the shy and nerdy type. He was just sitting there observing what his friends were doing. He wouldn't have come if not for Alex pestering him to follow him here. “What's so funny about what you just did". Noah said, looking up at a laughing Alex holding his belly. “Did you see Mina's face when I poured the mud on her, she looked so horrified". Alex laughed again, clutching his belly. “That's not funny, you know how Mina doesn't joke with her hair, you just messed it up". Noah reasoned. “Why are you taking it seriously?". Alex asked, trying to control his series of laughter. “I'm going home,see you in class tomorrow". Noah replied, standing up and heading towards the pack house. “Hey, wait for me". Alex ran after him.

“Let's get you out of the mud,shall we". Amya said while offering a helping hand to her. “Thanks bezz". Mina replied.

“Who did this to you”,Luna Ayla asked while seeing Mina's dirty appearance. Mina lowered her head like a child who has been caught being naughty. “Mummy it's Alex". Amya rattled even before Mina had the chance to explain, “Alex get down here". Ayla shouted. Alex rushed downstairs annoyed. “Mom why did you call me"? Alex asked. “Apologize to Mina now before I loose it or you will be grounded, no video games for you until you realize your mistake. Alex knew straight away that it was his sister who had betrayed him. Her face was beaming with joy knowing she had won this time around. Alex sighed and approached Mina. “I'm sorry, I was just playing with you, didn't know you didn't like that". Alex said through gritted teeth. He's not someone to apologize for his wrong doings, but Luna's present aura terrified him. If he doesn't apologize, she will definitely see to it that what she said is done. “That's better". Ayla patted his head. The little girls laughed at that gesture. They knew how Alex hated being treated like a kid, especially in front of his friends.

As the driver alighted Amya,Mina,Alex and Noah at school, he sped off, leaving the four kids ready to enter school. Being in grade 4 was hectic, as the kids will say, but it's always fun. Alex likes to be at school since he's popular for being the Alpha's son and the next Alpha in line of the pack. “See you after class". Amya winked at Mina. She was the only one in grade 3. Being the youngest among the 4 friends, she is always pampered by her friends. “I'm sorry about yesterday, I didn't mean to snitch on you to the Luna, she just found out herself”. Mina said in a whisper. Alex smiled. Mina looked cute and he couldn't help but admire her. “It's alright we are friends, remember?. Expect more pranks your way". Alex grinned. Mina giggled while Noah just tagged along.

The bell soon rang for class. Alex and Mina had a lot of classes together with Noah joining them for Science and Maths only. Mina was very intelligent, just like Noah, and she didn't like playing with her studies, unlike Alex, who didn't study but still passed his exams.

During lunch,Mina hurried into the ladies' washroom so her friends took their leave to the cafeteria before her. She took her time because she knew they would reserve a seat for her. While approaching her friends at their favorite spot, she came across the school's bully who happened to be in grade 6 and a human who didn't know anything about the existence of werewolves. They've been warned never to show any wolf side to humans. Steven the bully with his maniac friends blocked her path.

“Where do you think you are going to". Steven snickered. “Please excuse me".Mina said, biting her lower lip, which was something she'd been doing whenever she was nervous. Steven just laughed, which echoed in the halls of the cafeteria. “Did you hear Miss Ponytail",he asked his friends while imitating Mina. Meanwhile, her friends had realized what was going on. Alex was burning with rage, clenching his fist. No one messes with his friends. As he stood up to approach the bully,Noah tried to block him. Alex pushed Noah aside and marched towards Steven. “Let her go else you will face my wrath". Alex demanded. “I would like to see what you can do". Steven laughed. Mina used her eyes to tell Alex to go back and sit down but he wouldn't listen. “ Alright, if I let her go, what are you going to give me?" Steven asked. Alex raised his eyebrows, completely annoyed by Steven's statement. “Who does he think he is to ask him something like that?", he thought.

“You can go". Steven pretended to make way for Mina to pass through but he blocked her path with his leg, making her trip and fell on her face. Alex saw red as he pushed Steven down, punching him square in the face several times. “Stop it Alex, it's not worth it". Mina replied. Alex was pulled back by Noah and Amya. He pushed them out of the way and rushed outside with Mina. He stopped while Mina halted. He checked her face for any form of bruises. Mina couldn't help but blush at the close proximity between them. She had always had a crush on Alex, but she knew Alex saw her as his friend only. She just wishes she becomes Alex's fated mate. “Why are you smiling while you clearly have a bruise on your head, Alex asked, confused. Mina snapped from her silly thoughts and looked at him. “ Thank you for defending me back there, it means a lot”. Alex chuckled. “Promise me you won't allow people to bully you again, even me, learn how to fight back”. Alex replied. Mina just nodded sheepishly.

Ever since that day,Mina had been having a serious crush on Alex, stealing glances here and there whenever she had the chance.

End of flashback

Present day

Mina winced as the pen collided with her forehead. “Ouch that hurts". Mina said while glancing to see the person who decided to mess with her sweet memories. Looking up, she realized it was none other than Amya. She shot her an annoying glare. I was asking you about what to wear for the training sessions today. Mina scoffed. “So you threw a pen at me because of ordinary training sessions,is there something new going on there that I don't know about”. Mina asked. “I just want to look pretty as always,Noah will be there". Amya replied. Mina giggled. She was well aware of her friend's crush on Noah. She wondered what had changed now, because Amya wasn't really close to Noah when they were kids. “I also know you like my brother”. Amya laughed. Mina understood Amya's action. At 16 years, Alexis looks more muscular and his face is sculpted like a Greek God, with Noah being slightly less bigger than Alex. They don't look like the guys she used to play merry-go round with. She shook her head and sighed. “Lets get going, the blue shorts with the navy blue sports bra looks perfect". Mina replied. Amya hurriedly rushed into her closet to change.


After the training session, they sat at the pack dining table. Alpha Damien clicked his juice glass to get the attention of the people gathered. “I have an announcement to make. My son Damien is of age and is required to do the Alpha training at the Royal Pack. We received the letter from the king yesterday, so he leaves tomorrow with his best friend Noah and his beta to be. Let's enjoy our meal,shall we dig in". The Alpha continued. Everyone was happy for Alex and congratulated him, but Mina felt a little sad because the Alpha training lasts for two years, which means she won't be seeing him for two years. That's a lot of years, she thought, and they only have tonight to bid farewell.

After dinner, she saw Alex sitting in the living room with the Alpha and Luna. She hurriedly rushed past the Luna and Alpha after a slight bow. She was stopped by a hand on her waist. “Wait Mina, don't you want to say goodbye to me?”. Alex joked to lighten the mood. “I'm happy for you. I'm just sad I won't be seeing my nosy and annoying best friend around, but it's definitely for the best”. Mina replied. Alex hugged her. Mina bid him farewell and rushed to her room on the beta's floor. She just couldn't let Alex see her tears. She cried herself to sleep.

The next day, she woke up very early to be the first to wish Alex good luck, but unbeknownst to her,Alex and Noah left with the Alpha in the night, since it's a 5 hour drive from their pack to the royal pack and the training commenced tomorrow. “Guess that was the farewell”. I shouldn't have run like a scared cat. Maybe he wanted to tell me something yesterday". She sighed.

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