My childhood sweetheart/C2 Return from the Alpha training
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My childhood sweetheart/C2 Return from the Alpha training
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C2 Return from the Alpha training

It's been exactly a year since Alex left for the training. Mina was now 16 years old and had shifted into her wolf, which is grey with white patches on the hind legs. Her wolf's name was Venus and she was talkative. She doesn't like it when someone orders them around. Mina calls her a bad bitch, but Venus will whine that they are one, so she being a bad bitch means both of them. Mina giggled, which made Venus roll her eyes. Venus ranted on about how they won't be able to detect their mates unless they turn eighteen, but Mina always claims she wishes her mate was Alex. Whenever his name is mentioned, Venus goes quiet, which makes Mina suspicious sometimes.

“Mina, you better get down here, you can't be late on your first day of high school". Nina, Mina's mother, warned her. “I'm coming mum". Mina shouted from her room. “You better not wear jeans else you will have to change. Wear that floral dress I got for you". Nina added. Mina rolled her eyes at her mom's comment. She knew her mom like the back of her hand and she knew she would definitely make her change. Beta Nick grinned and laughed. “You better take it easy on her babe". Nick commented. “I have no one to blame but you, you have been motivating her to do whatever she likes. She's a lady,a beta female at that, so she ought to act like one”. Nina replied. “But she is still young and she needs to enjoy her youthful days. Besides, she is our only child. I can't bare to be on her bad side". Nick explained jokingly. “You better watch your mouth before you rattle stupid things out else you will sleep on the sofa today”. Nina smirked, watching her mate's reaction. She laughed but Nick knew she meant it. “Darling, I was just joking”. Nick stood up while approaching his mate.

Mina wore a floral dress and settled down with matching high heels. She applied mascara and did a smokey eye with a little blush on her cheeks. She later applied nude lip gloss to her lips. After being satisfied with her new look, she hurried downstairs. She didn't want to face her mother's wrath this early morning. Her mother could be a kill joy sometimes. While descending the stairs, she saw her parents making out. Nudity was something normal in their pack but she couldn't hide how gross it was to see her parents making out in the open. “Eewww mom and dad,get a room". Nick broke out from his mate and kissed the top of his mate's head. Nina smiled at her daughter's reaction. “Wait till you find your mate, you won't be able to keep your hands off each other”. Mina replied, which piqued her daughter's curiosity. Mina rolled her eyes and chuckled. She just hoped Alex, her childhood crush, was her mate. But she sometimes wonders if she will get a mate who is loving like her father or the alpha. She sighs.

“Let's eat, shall we",her mother said. After eating and helping her mom wash the dishes, she waved them bye and opened her new pink Telsa her dad got her on her 16th birthday. They had relocated from the pack house to their own apartment a few minutes away from the pack house due to the increase in the pack members. “Drive safely”. Her mom reprimanded. “Bye mom". She waved back and switched on her favourite song" Girls like you" by Maroon 5 ft Cardi B. She drove to the pack house knowing perfectly well Amya would be angry that they were late. Amya had skipped class due to her intelligence and was at the same school as her. They were more best friends than they used to be.

Mina got down from her car and entered the pack house. She met the Luna on her way inside the pack house. “Mina, how are you doing today?”. Luna Ayla asked. “I am fine Luna”. Mina said with a slight bow. “I've told you several times not to address me formally but you wouldn't listen. You are still playing stubborn and acting dumb". The luna reckoned with a chuckle. “I'm sorry Lu errm Aunt Ayla". Mina giggled and sped off like a child caught in her wrong actions. Luna Ayla shook her head and laughed. She always adored Mina as her own child. She sometimes wishes she had become her daughter-in-law. She laughed at that thought. She just hopes if it's true, her son will be waiting and expecting his mate rather than sleeping around. But she knew clearly that Alpha's have stronger sexual hormones, so it was definitely not a possibility. She needs to speak to that kid on the phone today. She thought.

Meanwhile, Mina saw an annoyed Amya sitting on the sofa playing with her nails. “Bezz sorry I'm late, let's get going,” Mina said. Amya glanced at her and ignored her presence while walking out. “That's not fair, I apologized right. I can decide not to let you drive to school with me”. Mina added while hurriedly walking towards the driver's seat. Amya halted before opening the passenger seat. “You wouldn't dare. You know what I can do right and, besides, I'm the Alpha's daughter, you wouldn't want to get on my bad side, will you?". Amya replied jokingly. “It's now or never”. Mina replied. They sped off to school. “Wow, this place is so nice". Amya said. “Yes and I heard it's for werewolves only. We don't have to deal with those bitchy humans anymore”. Mina giggled and replied.

After parking the car, they got out. They looked so beautiful, attracting the attention of the male guys around. “Those guys look hot”. Amya commented. Mina rolled her eyes and scoffed. “Don't forget we made a promise to wait for our mates”. Mina prompted Amya. “I know, but it doesn't mean I can't recognize handsome guys". Amya added. “I knew I couldn't win with you". “Just take it as a joke, don't spoil the fun". Mina replied.

They halted at the screeching of someone's voice. “Who was that?”. Amya asked. “I don't know, let's find out". Mina added. They turned to meet a tall blonde girl with a lot of make-up on her face and some few girls behind her”. “That's Anastasia, daughter of the Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack, our neighbouring pack”. Amya said. “But how do you know her?”. Mina asked. “Well, since someone is not interested in pack meetings, I, on the other hand, attend with dad alongside Alex and Noah. That's how come I know her.” Amya explained. “I don't like her”. Venus spoke in her head. “Same her bitch, I don't like her either. “It's going to be a long semester with someone like that”. Mina explained when she realized Amya was staring at her. She must have been worried. “Sorry it's Venus my wolf, she doesn't like her”. Mina added to dispel Amya's worry. “You will understand when you get your wolf, trust me". Mina teased. “Nevermind, but I think she has a thing for Alex. I just pray she is not his mate”. Mina spoke distastefully. Venus winced in her head. “What's that about?”. Mina asked. As usual, Venus went silent.

The girl who was now recognized as Anastasia approached Mina and Amya with daggers in her eyes. “Why is she heading our way”. Mina asked. “I have no idea, this is going to be so much fun, don't you think so”. Amya giggled. “How dare you park your car in my space”. Anastasia spoke for the first time after approaching them. “Are you referring to me”. Mina asked. “Of course bitch, who else is here? Don't you know who I am? I'm the Alpha's daughter of Silver Moon Pack and no one messes with something I like". “Watch your tongue bitch, I don't care who you are, but I park my car where it's available". Mina spoke venomously. “Nice one Mina”. Amya giggled. Mina held her hands even before they reached her face. “Let go of my hands”. Anastasia said in pain since Mina was squeezing her arm. Mina pushed her such that she fell on her face on the floor. The students gathered there started laughing and clapping for the gesture they had just witnessed. “You are very weak for an Alpha's daughter". Mina spat and left with Amya dragging her along.“That was an awesome sunflower". Mina replied, knowing very well that Mina hated that nickname. “See you after class". Mina dismissed Amya and headed for her first lecture.

It's been months since that approach and Anastasia keeps pulling rants and pranks on Mina which she has gotten used to. She always defeats her.


“Omg faster, yes, just like that. Oh fuck”. Alex said to the red-haired girl, bobbing his cock up and down. He knew how well whores like this were despised by his wolf, Kiaro, but he wouldn't let him spoil their joy. “Get up". Alex said, yanking the hair of the red-haired girl. “Spread your legs for me. He barked. The red-haired she wolf did just that. Alex wrapped a condom around his cock before thrusting it into her roughly. The red-haired girl moaned. There was no way he was getting any girl pregnant aside from his mate. He's just using them to satisfy his sexual desires. After cumming, he removed his cock, not caring about the she wolf beneath him. He disposed of the condom in the trash can. “Get out". He ordered. The red-haired she wolf scurried away grabbing the last bits of her clothing. He didn't want attachment and the girls he fucked knew it was just a one-time thing,there was no need for them to get attached. They are just enjoying themselves.

While having a quick shower,there was a knock at the door. “Who is that?”. Alex spoke from the washroom. “It's me Noah”. Noah replied. “What's that?”. Noah inquired. The room reeked of sex. “Did you just fuck another girl, Alex?”. Noah said with clear disgust on his face. Alex chuckled at his expression. “Well, what's so important to interrupt my sleep". Alex replied. “Since you don't want to talk about your escapades, forget it. Training starts tomorrow at 4am. It's going to be earlier than yesterday”. Alex groaned and dismissed Noqh from his room. He just needed a quick rest.


His sleep was interrupted by the constant ringing of his phone. Alex picked it up and glanced at the screen. He answered, realizing it was his sister Amya. What does she want at this time of the night?

“Hey Alex, you won't believe what happened today". Mina ranted. His sister has been ranting to him about her daily life updates. He knew this was going to be a long conversation before it ended.

“ What's it this time around”. Alex said, sounding uninterested.

“Mina beat the fuck out of Anastasia. Do you remember that bitch who was all over you at the meeting we attended with Noah and daddy?”

“Yeah what about her”. Alex asked, seeming interested because Mina's name was mentioned. There was no doubt about his interest in her but he didn't want to let his younger sister know else she would use it to tease him and Mina might end up hearing it.

“She acted silly and Mina handled her perfectly”,Amya explained.

Alex was well aware of the change in Mina's attitude. She wasn't the shy girl she used to know. That's pretty good, which means she took his advice.

“I can't wait to see her”. Alex thought. “That's more of the luna I want”. Kiaro spoke.

After a series of conversations and later being scolded by, the Luna, his mom,Alex ends the call.

One year later

“Is everything packed in the car? I can't believe we are finally going home”.Alex spoke while glancing at an indifferent Noah. “Yes or you forgot one of your fucking buddies”. Noah replied sarcastically. Alex feigned pain by clutching his chest. “It's definitely going to be a long ride home”. Alex added.

While driving to school, Amya told Mina about Alex and Noah's return today. She squealed. “You do realize it's my brother we are talking about”. Amya asked. “So?”. Mina replied. “You seem more interested than normal. Do you like my brother”? Amya asked. Mina nodded. “What's there to like about him?”. Amya asked. Mina rolled her eyes. “I won't tell anyone, though don't worry. I hope you become my sister-in-law. Alex's birthday is two weeks' time. That's when he will be able to detect his mate”. Amya explained. “I know and my mom said you won't recognize your mate unless they are also of age". Mina replied.

“That's my lovely son”. Luna Ayla hugged Alex as he got down from the vehicle with Noah. “How are you Noah”. Alpha Damien asked. “Everything is fine, Alpha, and we had a great time at the Alpha training. We can't wait to teach the warriors new fighting strategies”. Alpha Damien chuckled and nodded.

“Where's Beta Nick and Nina”. Alex asked while breaking away from the hug with his mother. “They have relocated to a nearby apartment due to the increase in pack members”. Alpha Damien explained. “You can visit them anytime you want. You will meet them tonight at your welcome party. ". Luna Ayla explained, “Where's Amya and Mina?”. Noah asked. “They will be coming back from school soon”. Noah nodded.

“There's gonna be a party for Noah and Alex tonight, will you come?”. Amya asked. “Why not". Mina replied. When they reached the pack house,Amya got down from the passenger seat. “Won't you come in to greet Alex and Noah". Amya asked innocently, hinting at something. Mina rolled her eyes. “I will see them this evening. Don't worry, send my regards to them". Mina replied and sped off to their house.

Amya hugged Alex and Noah in a group hug when she saw them. “I missed you guys so much”. Mina said after breaking the hug. “Where's Mina?”. Alex asked because he remembered his mother saying Mina usually picked up and drove Amya home. If Amya has changed this much,he can't wait to see Mina. He knew she would be looking more beautiful. “She left after dropping me off. She will be coming to the party tonight with her parents". Amya replied. “That sounds cool”. Alex and Noah said in unison.

“What did you get me?”. Amya asked Alex. Meanwhile, Mina was looking for a nice outfit in her wardrobe. She wanted to look presentable after their long separation. She wondered how he looked now and whether he had changed or not. Well there's no other way to find out than to go to the party tonight. She just can't wait.


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