My Cold CEO Fiancee/C1 Beautiful Wife
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My Cold CEO Fiancee/C1 Beautiful Wife
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C1 Beautiful Wife

"Wife, if you want me to work for your company, you have to at least assign me a vice president, no?"

In the office of the chairman of Qin Family Group.

A sloppy-looking man was sitting on the luxurious leather sofa in the office with his legs crossed. He looked at the beautiful lady opposite him with a complacent expression.

"Ye Lingtian, with just a lazy guy like you, you still want to be the Deputy CEO? "Let me tell you, the job I arranged for you this time is to clean the toilet!"

The one who spoke was a beautiful lady with a delicate face and a graceful figure. However, her expression was as cold as ice.

She was the chairman of Qin Family Group, Qin Xueying, and Ye Lingtian's fiancee.

Ye Lingtian yawned and said casually, "Wife, I was too desperate in the past, so I wanted to rest well and pass a few days of living an immortal's life with clothes to hand and food to mouth. As a wife, it's fine if you don't serve me, but why do you always force me to work?"

Qin Xueying said coldly, "Cut the crap. If you don't want to do it, I'll cancel the engagement!"

Ye Lingtian chuckled and said shamelessly, "Wife, the doctor said that my body condition isn't suitable for me to be a cleaner."

Qin Xueying frowned and asked coldly, "Then what are you suitable for?"

Ye Lingtian raised his eyebrows and giggled. "The doctor said that my teeth are bad, so I can only lie down at home and eat soft food!"

"You …" Qin Xueying was so angry that she felt a headache coming on as she scolded angrily, "How shameless!"

Although Ye Lingtian looked very dishonest, but in reality, his 20 years of life were not easy at all.

He learned his skills from the old man and was sent away as a mercenary and killer in his teens. He didn't return home until the old man became seriously ill.

Before the old man passed away, he left behind a precious pearl, which he said was a keepsake, allowing him to bring Qin Family.

As a result, he didn't expect that once they had reached Qin Family, Qin Xueying's grandfather would desperately refuse to let him go, insisting that he marry his granddaughter Qin Xueying.

It was because of this that he became Qin Xueying's fiancé.

At this moment, Qin Xueying pulled him towards the door and warned, "I've already informed the cleaning department. You can go and report it to them directly. If anyone finds out about your relationship with me, you're dead!"

Ye Lingtian said helplessly, "Alright, alright, alright. You have the final say as the boss!"

Qin Xueying threatened again, "If you don't work hard, I'll cancel the engagement immediately! I will do as I say! "

Ye Lingtian could only nod his head: "I know my wife, I will work hard, okay?"

Qin Xueying pushed him out of the office.

Ye Lingtian straightened his collar and sighed helplessly. He thought to himself, "I'm a terrifying soldier. If people knew I did the toilet job, wouldn't they laugh their teeth off?"

However, Ye Lingtian had no other choice. Who asked Qin Xueying to be his fiancee?

Besides, Qin Xueying was beautiful and had a good figure, so she couldn't get angry even if she wanted to.

Thus, Ye Lingtian could only honestly report to the cleaning department.

Unexpectedly, Qin Xueying had purposely assigned him a job of cleaning all the toilets in the building to the cleaning department!

In normal times, this would be the work of several people!

However, Ye Lingtian wasn't someone who couldn't handle hardships. After receiving this arrangement, he didn't say anything unnecessary and just picked up the cleaning tools.

However, there were a total of sixteen floors and too many bathrooms. After working until around ten at night, they finally arrived at the highest floor of the Qin Family Group.

As the ladies' restroom was closer to the elevator, he took his cleaning tools and went straight to the ladies' room as soon as he reached the sixteenth floor.

Ye Lingtian felt that there was definitely no one on the 16th floor by now, so he didn't think too much and just casually pushed open the door and entered.

Qin Family Group's bathroom was very high-end. After entering, they first had a spacious and clean bathroom, which was the place for the beauties to go to the toilet.

Usually, the company's beauties would be in the bathroom putting on makeup, changing clothes, and tidying up their appearance.

Ye Lingtian didn't expect to see a perfect woman's back when he opened the door!

A woman was standing with her back to the door. She bent down to remove the pleated skirt she wore. At this moment, the pleated skirt had already been pulled down to her ankles!

This made Ye Lingtian suddenly stare with his eyes wide open!

Ye Lingtian's push on the door gave the woman, who was taking off her skirt, a fright!

She screamed and hastily lifted the pleated skirt to hide her privacy.

Then, she turned around, looked at Ye Lingtian and shouted angrily: "Ye Lingtian! Why didn't you knock on the door! "

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