My Cold CEO Fiancee/C10 Impersonated Boyfriend
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My Cold CEO Fiancee/C10 Impersonated Boyfriend
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C10 Impersonated Boyfriend

Counterfeit boyfriend?

Ye Lingtian stared with his eyes wide open. He couldn't understand how such a bullshit story could happen to him!

After which, he stared at Chu Xiaoxiao's beautiful face and said in shock, "Xiaoxiao, did I hear wrongly?"

Chu Xiaoxiao chuckled. "Of course not."

Ye Lingtian frowned. It was rare for him to behave and he said, "Xiaoxiao, it's not that I don't want to, but I'm just afraid that I might screw it up. Can't you tell? With my taste, disposition, and appearance, I can become a rich and beautiful boyfriend? "

"Even ghosts wouldn't believe it!"

As he said that, he sighed again, and said: "Actually, our Qin Family Group has quite a few capable people, and can find men with both talents and talents from any department. If you ask them for help, at least you can have a common language with your beautiful girlfriend that rich and white, don't you think so?"

"I'm not interested in those men in the group at all, so I choose you!"

Chu Xiaoxiao had already decided to let Ye Lingtian pretend to be Qin Xueying's boyfriend.

The reason was simple. First, he got to know Ye Lingtian and knew what kind of character he was. After all, rather than finding someone he didn't know, it was better to find someone he knew.

Secondly, with Ye Lingtian's cleverness, he would definitely be able to help Qin Xueying with this matter.

At this moment, Ye Lingtian hurriedly said, "Xiaoxiao, acting requires personal experience. I have never been in a relationship before, how can I act the part of your daughter's boyfriend?!"

Chu Xiaoxiao chuckled and said, "I'll give you 10,000 yuan!"

"Xiaoxiao, this is an insult to my character!"

"Twenty thousand!"

"Xiaoxiao, I'm not such a person!"

"One hundred thousand!"


Ye Lingtian stretched out his hand in excitement and said, "Don't worry, it's not an accident with me here! However, you have to pay first. Last time, I spent so much money to eat, and it hurt me to death! "

Chu Xiaoxiao took out a stack of RMB from her bag and placed it on the table, "Use this 20,000 yuan first to buy your clothes. Tomorrow at 6pm, my best friend will be waiting for you at the entrance of the company."

Ye Lingtian looked at the red RMB on the table and then looked at Chu Xiaoxiao. He remembered the feud between them and sighed.

After that, he took the twenty thousand yuan and counted it four times in front of Chu Xiaoxiao. He put the money in his pocket, stood up and said with a serious expression, "You just watch. I guarantee that you will complete the mission!"

After saying that, he quickly added, "Also, don't misunderstand. I definitely didn't help you for money. It was purely out of friendship. For the sake of friendship, are you willing to give me another hundred thousand?"

Chu Xiaoxiao suddenly raised her head and said angrily, "Is that all? Then, quickly scram! "

Ye Lingtian saw that she looked like she was sending off a guest. He pouted and said, "Let's go first. Bye bye!"


Qin Xueying sat alone in her office, her heart full of anxiety.

It was only a few days since his date with Chu Xiaoxiao, but there was still no news from her. Who knew what kind of fake boyfriend Chu Xiaoxiao would find for him?

At that moment, Qin Xueying suddenly saw Ye Lingtian walking past her office with a complacent look on his face.

This guy, really does not work, work time, do not work seriously in the post, full company of what wandering?

The next moment, she picked up the phone and dialed Ye Lingtian's number.

At this moment, Ye Lingtian had just come downstairs and put twenty thousand in his card. He didn't think much before answering the phone: "Hello, wife, why did you think of calling me?"

Qin Xueying's cold voice sounded from the other end of the phone. She went straight to the point. "Wait for me in the underground parking lot. We need to talk."

Ye Lingtian's head was full of fog. He didn't know where he had offended this fiancée of his. After thinking it over, he could only go downstairs to the parking lot.

In the parking lot, Qin Xueying's car was very eye-catching. Ye Lingtian walked a few steps over and opened the door. He sat in the front seat and asked, "Wife, what do you want to talk about with me?"

Qin Xueying harrumphed coldly. She didn't want to waste her breath on this guy, so she drove straight to a restaurant called the Champs-Elysees.

Everyone who was able to come here to eat were all well-known figures in the city, so the level of consumption inside the restaurant was extremely high. If it was a normal white-collar worker coming here to eat, they would not be able to afford it, which showed just how good this restaurant was.

When the two of them arrived at the entrance, the beautiful hostess immediately gave a ninety degree bow and smiled, "Welcome to the two of you."

After speaking, the beauty made an inviting gesture, then brought the two of them to a table that was already booked beforehand.

Qin Xueying was wearing a black half-sleeved dress today. The crystal necklace around her neck accentuated her snow-white skin. When paired with her bright eyes and white teeth, she naturally attracted the gazes of countless men.

Ye Lingtian, who sat opposite her, couldn't bear to look straight at her. He was wearing an old T-shirt, a pair of jeans that could be seen on the street, and miscellaneous shoes. His hair was messy like a chicken's nest, as if he was an egg that just ran out from the earth.

At this time, Qin Xueying handed over the menu and said to the waiter, "Two steaks, a fruit salad and a bottle of '92 Lafite."

Soon, the waiter brought the red wine and steak over and placed them in front of them.

While cutting the steak, Qin Xueying looked at Ye Lingtian and said straightforwardly, "Starting from tomorrow, you will enter the CEO's office."

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