My Cold CEO Fiancee/C11 Wife's Reprimand
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My Cold CEO Fiancee/C11 Wife's Reprimand
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C11 Wife's Reprimand

Arrange Ye Lingtian to enter the CEO's office is the result of Qin Xueying's careful consideration. This guy, even doing cleaning can make a fool of himself, why don't we transfer him to the CEO office and put him under our nose to watch him so that he doesn't cause trouble in the company all day.

Ye Lingtian was flattered and asked in surprise: "To the CEO? "My wife, but I work quite comfortably in the cleaning department …"

Hearing this, Qin Xueying frowned and said, "Are you going to be a cleaning man for the rest of your life? "Why don't you have the slightest bit of ambition?"

Ye Lingtian's mouth twitched twice and said: "Wife, you are really forgetful. Didn't you tell me yesterday that with my diploma, I'm only fit to be a cleaner? If I don't do cleaning now, what can I do? "

"There are too many things you can do. The crux is whether you want them or not!"

Qin Xueying said with a serious face, "Minister Hu of the Administration Department is not a high education either. Not only is she not at the top of the company, she also has some leaders of the Operations Department. She is not a high diploma either, and her work is equally excellent.

Saying that, she continued with an expression of disappointment, "Being able to enter the CEO's office is an opportunity that countless people in the company can't even dream of. How can you not know how to cherish it? "You can't even support the wall with this kind of mud?"

Ye Lingtian felt his head hurt when he heard this. He hurriedly raised his hand and begged for mercy, "My wife, please spare me. Can't you tell that if you don't want to advance, you'll be making it for me?"

With that, he hurriedly said, "Besides, have you forgotten that I've never gone to school before? That college diploma is a fake certificate that I paid 200 yuan for. So, my lifelong ambition is to keep myself clean. It's so comfortable to do. I have so much free time, and I can see beauties messing around …"

Qin Xueying became even angrier. This guy was simply unreasonable. The rest of the group's employees wanted her to help them, but he actually refused to do anything even if she begged for him. What the heck is this!?

To be honest, even now, she still couldn't understand how her grandfather would arrange such an engagement, allowing her to spend the rest of her life with this guy in front of her …

The next moment, she said somewhat angrily: "Cut the crap! This is not up to you, either you resign now and scram from Qin Family Group, or just do as I say! "

Ye Lingtian had a helpless look on his face. Compared to the job that was arranged for him by the Qin Family, he was still very satisfied with the cleanliness of this job, and he can't just ask for other people's help. Sigh, people have no choice but to lower their heads under the roof …

Thinking of this, he said, "Alright, I'll go to the CEO's office."

Satisfied, Qin Xueying nodded her head and said, "Alright, after we return in the afternoon, we will go to the CEO's office to report in!"

After receiving such an answer, she didn't want to waste any more time with this guy. After she finished speaking, she stood up to pay the bill and left.

However, Qin Xueying's expression changed the moment she stuck her hand into the small bag. When she flipped left and right, her heart sank to the bottom. This was bad …

Then, she looked up and asked Ye Lingtian, "How much did you bring today?"

The reason was simple. She didn't have her card with her, and at most, she had 2000 RMB in her bag. What if Ye Lingtian didn't bring either? What would she do with at least 20,000 RMB in meal expenses?

Ye Lingtian was surprised and said, "I didn't bring any money, so why?"

He really didn't bring any cash with him today. The only money he got from Chu Xiaoxiao was 20,000, and he even transferred it to his bank account.

Qin Xueying said angrily, "Why don't you bring the money?"

Ye Lingtian was even more surprised and said, "I just came to work, what money would I have if I had nothing to do? Why are you asking this?"

Then, he seemed to have thought of something and asked for confirmation in a hurry, "Don't tell me you didn't bring it?"

Qin Xueying's face turned red and her voice sounded like a mosquito. "I brought … "But it's not enough …"

At this moment, she was looking at the steak and red wine on the table, her face pink-faced. This was the first time since she was young that she didn't bring enough money to eat a meal.

At first, she wanted to call her best friend, Chu Xiaoxiao, but then she remembered that she was having lunch with Ye Lingtian. If Chu Xiaoxiao knew that she was Ye Lingtian's fiancee, wouldn't she be the one laughing at him?

Thus, after some thought, Qin Xueying could only whisper, "How about this, I'll go back to the company now and get my bank card. How about you wait here?"

"That's too much of a waste of time. Leave everything to me. Don't worry!"

Ye Lingtian poured a glass of red wine and said, "You go first, I'll come later."

Qin Xueying felt as if her brain had short-circuited. "What do you mean? You can't be thinking of eating an overlord's meal, right?" she asked.

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