My Cold CEO Fiancee/C13 What a Coincidence
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My Cold CEO Fiancee/C13 What a Coincidence
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C13 What a Coincidence


Qin Xueying slammed on the brakes.

Ye Lingtian almost flew out of the car. He turned around to look at her and said fearfully, "Wifey, do you want me to die?"

Qin Xueying's pretty face turned cold. "Get out."

Get out of the car?

Ye Lingtian looked around. This was the high speed road of the Third Ring Road. If he got off, where would he find a taxi to?

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, "Wifey, at least take me downtown. If I get off now, can I catch a taxi? Even if I do, it would cost me more than ten dollars!"

He only had 30 billion left in his Swiss bank account, so he didn't dare to go overboard like this!

Qin Xueying ignored him and said, "Get off the car. We've saved 20,000 yuan for food, do you still need this money?"

Ye Lingtian said with a pained expression: "Wife, are you kidding me? Do you really want me to get off the car?"

Qin Xueying said sternly, "I have something to take care of when I get back to the company. I don't have time to bullshit with you. Get off the car!"

With that, she stepped on the throttle and left.

"Sigh, this world is truly scorching. The human heart is not ancient!"

Ye Lingtian sighed. He could only walk into the city. He had to admit that his fiancee was really capable of turning things around faster than flipping a book.

Furthermore, the place where he had been thrown was at a high-speed fork in the road.

This sort of place, the frequency of one coming across a taxi was as low as the frequency of the Goddess of the Night suddenly sneaking into one's bed …

In the end, Ye Lingtian could only walk all the way back to the city center.

It was fortunate that he had strong physical fitness. Otherwise, he would have been half-dead from exhaustion.


The next day, Ye Lingtian came to the company.

The administrative department had received Qin Xueying's order to see him come over, and then arranged for the CEO to take over the job.

At first, Ye Lingtian was very resistant to his job as the CEO. However, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that the people who were able to work here were all young and beautiful girls!

'Mother, it hasn't even been three minutes when I saw five beautiful girls wearing silk stockings and alcohol pass by in front of me … ' This place was simply a paradise on earth!

Just as Ye Lingtian was looking on helplessly, Chu Xiaoxiao came to Qin Xueying's office.

"Sister, are you still worrying about the blind date?"

Seated on the chair, Chu Xiaoxiao explained with a smile, "There are already people on my sister's side. They can pass off as your boyfriend."

Qin Xueying, who had a worried look on her face, couldn't help but ask in surprise, "Are you for real?"

After saying that, she couldn't help but ask, "What does he do? You must not make a mistake and lure a pervert back."

"Don't worry, this person is very reliable."

Chu Xiaoxiao nodded her head and said: "Right now, he's at the Jinghai. If you don't believe me, I can arrange for you guys to meet him in a while. See if you're satisfied."

Qin Xueying said, "There's no need to arrange a meeting. Tonight, I'm having dinner with Su Haoxiang and his family."


Chu Xiaoxiao was caught unprepared by the news and asked anxiously, "Sister, are you joking? Isn't Su Haoxiang still in the United States? "

"I'm back!"

Qin Xueying sighed helplessly and said, "My mom called yesterday and said that we will have dinner together tonight."

Chu Xiaoxiao hurriedly said, "Why didn't you say so earlier? I'll contact that brat right now. You guys can meet up and communicate in advance. Otherwise, it will be full of holes that will make people laugh their teeth out."

Qin Xueying shook her head and said, "It's too late. Just let him wait for me downstairs at the company."

"Alright, I'll go inform him immediately."

Chu Xiaoxiao opened the door and walked out. Qin Xueying, however, inadvertently saw Ye Lingtian sitting on the workstation, busily working in front of the beauties that the CEO was working on. She became even more worried.

He had originally planned to place this fellow in the CEO's office. No matter what, he would always be able to improve a bit. Unexpectedly, after just one day, he had already started to get out of business.

Thinking of this, Qin Xueying couldn't help but sigh inwardly. As a fiance, if she had any future prospects, she wouldn't have agreed to let her father go on a blind date …

Ye Lingtian had no idea what Qin Xueying was thinking. At this moment, he was extremely excited as he looked at the text message from Chu Xiaoxiao on his phone!

Chu Xiaoxiao told him to wait downstairs at six in the evening, on time, and that the rich and beautiful lady would come to pick him up.

This meant that he would soon have a hundred thousand dollars in his account … This kind of task, how wonderful!


Six in the afternoon.

Ye Lingtian arrived at the company building on time.

To be honest, he was actually a bit nervous. He didn't know what Chu Xiaoxiao, a good friend of Bai Fu, looked like.

Is it skin white, beautiful long legs, or young, many-golden water?

However, as his mind raced, a car slowly came to a halt in front of him.

Qin Xueying rolled down the window and asked with a frown: "Ye Lingtian? If you don't work properly, what are you doing here? "

Qin Xueying's heart was set on fire again as she said this.

This guy, not only did he not do proper work during work hours, but now it wasn't even time for him to get off work yet.

Ye Lingtian suddenly felt embarrassed and was at a loss for words. He couldn't tell his fiancee that he was going to be another woman's boyfriend, right?

Therefore, he could only laugh dryly and say, "About this …" "I'm waiting for someone …"

At this moment, he could only hope that Qin Xueying would leave as soon as possible, so that she wouldn't find out about this secret later.

Unexpectedly, Qin Xueying did not behave normally. After she parked the car by the roadside, she started to anxiously wait.

Ye Lingtian's heart was burning with anxiety. He couldn't help but ask, "Wife, it's already so late, aren't you going home?"

Qin Xueying rolled her eyes at him. "Oh, what a coincidence. I'm also waiting for someone …"

But before they could finish, their eyes met, and a terrifying thought appeared in their minds at the same time!

Could it be that everyone was waiting for the opposite party?!

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