My Cold CEO Fiancee/C14 Go to a Blind Date with Your Wife
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My Cold CEO Fiancee/C14 Go to a Blind Date with Your Wife
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C14 Go to a Blind Date with Your Wife

Ye Lingtian blurted out, "I took the job, could it be to pretend to be your boyfriend?"

Qin Xueying was even more surprised and exclaimed, "This … "Why did Chu Xiaoxiao find me a guy like you?!"

The two stared at each other with eyes wide and faces filled with disbelief.

The current situation was rather awkward.

Ye Lingtian was stunned. After playing around for a long time, he actually wanted to go on a blind date with his future wife?

What was this operation?

Thinking up to this point, he was slightly enraged in his heart.

Qin Family people are really not trustworthy!

F * ck, your father is the grandson-in-law appointed by Old Man Qin, yet when Old Man Qin left, these guys turned hostile just like that!

Qin Xueying, on the other hand, never thought that the man who was going to pretend to be her boyfriend would actually be her fiancé …

However, the situation was urgent, so he could only treat it as if it was a fight to the death.

Qin Xueying frowned and said, "What are you waiting for? Get in the car!"

Ye Lingtian was confused. After getting on the car, he couldn't help but ask, "Where to?"

Qin Xueying snappily retorted, "Where else can I go? Of course it's to accompany me to a blind date! If you help me deal with my matchmaking partner, then I won't mind about you skipping class! "

Ye Lingtian was helpless and could only nod his head as he got into Qin Xueying's car.

Soon, they arrived at the entrance of the hotel.

After getting off the car, Qin Xueying naturally took Ye Lingtian's arm, causing him to sigh.

When he was his fiancee in the past, he could not wait to get so far away from her. Since when had the two of them been so close?


Within the luxury box on the top floor of the hotel.

The CEO of Qin Family Group, Qin Tianhe, was chatting happily with the Su Family father and son.

Qin Xueying's stepmother, Zhang Yuqing, sat obediently beside him.

In her thirties, she had a mature intellectual beauty and a few traces of charm. Only this kind of woman could quickly occupy the main wife position after Qin Tianhe's original wife died.

"It's almost 6: 40, why isn't Xueying here yet?"

Qin Tianhe looked a little impatient as he said to Zhang Yuqing, "Hurry up and call her. Director Zhu, the matchmaker for her, is about to arrive. You can't make him wait for Xueying, can you?"

Zhang Yuqing smiled sweetly and said, "I just called. I'm on my way right now."

Qin Tianhe said with dissatisfaction, "You're not punctual at all. You're usually so willful. This really pisses me off. Look at Haoxiang, he's so sensible."

To be honest, Qin Tianhe couldn't figure out why the old man would want Ye Lingtian's marriage to his granddaughter so badly all those years ago.

Especially when they found out that Ye Lingtian didn't have the money nor the ability to do any work for less than two months, they became even more furious.

Compared to Su Haoxiang, who wanted looks, family, and family, that good-for-nothing son-in-law of his was nothing but a piece of trash!

Thus, in order to allow his daughter to escape from this suffering, he thought and thought for a while and decided to arrange a blind date for her. He wanted to change husbands and witness her marriage to a good family before she died.

In any case, his daughter and that good-for-nothing had yet to get married, not to mention that the old tutor had already been buried.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have just watched his daughter spend her life with a piece of trash, right?

Thinking of this, Qin Tianhe let out a long sigh.

These past few years, it had not been easy for his daughter. Although she was young and had already taken control of Qin Family Group, a listed company, but behind the scenes, how much bitterness did she bear?

But now, he was seriously ill and was sentenced to death by a doctor. At this time, he had handed his only daughter over to his son, so he believed that his child wouldn't suffer any grievances in the future.

Su Haoxiang had watched him grow up. Although his character was a bit lacking, at least he didn't have the bad habit of flirting with the flowers and grass like the other second generations.

As for his good-for-nothing son-in-law, he could ask for money, a room and some benefits to send him away.

In any case, if he wanted to marry his daughter, that would be a pipe dream.


At this moment, the door to the private room was suddenly pushed open. A middle-aged man walked in and said with a laugh, "Everyone, I didn't come late, did I?"

The Su Family father and son duo immediately stood up, with a fawning smile on their face, they hurriedly said: "No, Director Zhu just happened to be here, please take a seat!"

With that, they quickly invited Director Zhu to sit at the seat of honor.

The person who had come was Jinghai City's Security Office Chief, Zhu Zongyan.

Although it had not even been a year since he first came to Jinghai City, his foundation was very stable.

Moreover, his background was very astonishing. Just over thirty years old, he had become the chief of the Central Government's Security Office, and his future prospects were limitless.

Furthermore, it was said that he was once a member of a secret troop in the Hua Country.

After arriving here, he had brought a solid set of work to the police system, causing a tremendous change to the entire Jinghai police world.

Therefore, Qin Tianhe and Su Taohai defined the nature of today's dinner as getting engaged, inviting Zhu Zongyan to be the matchmaker. At the same time, they also wanted to pave the way for the two juniors.

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