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C16 Good Instructor

Sure enough!

Zhu Zongyan put on his police hat and walked out shakily. He nearly knocked over a chair because he was not paying attention.

Qin Xueying lowered her eyes. She knew that she had offended everyone to their deaths today. However, if she did that, the marriage between her and Su Haoxiang would be ruined.

Thinking of this, she suddenly felt a surge of courage in her heart. She immediately clenched Ye Lingtian's big hand, ready to face what was about to happen bravely.

Ye Lingtian didn't pay much attention at first. When Zhu Zongyan walked over with a fanatical look on his face, he suddenly opened his eyes wide and thought, "What the f * ck! How could we meet this guy! "

At this moment, Zhu Zongyan was extremely excited!

He had never thought that he would meet his idol in such a small banquet!

It had to be known that back then, all the members of the Hua Country secret army were the Kings of Weapon Kings.

And the man standing in front of him, was the Chief Instructor of his group!

In addition, his status abroad was incomparably illustrious. His name made the entire western world tremble with fear!

Facing his old superior, facing such a strong person, Zhu Zongyan gave a look of fanaticism and a standard salute!

Zhu Zongyan instantly stood at attention and raised his hand, but suddenly saw Ye Lingtian's ice-cold gaze smash over.

He was a weapons specialist that Ye Lingtian had personally handed over, so he naturally understood that the instructor did not want to reveal his identity, much less let everyone know of his origins.

Thus, he could only reach out his hand and smiled: "Hello, Mr Ye. I'm the Chief of Jinghai, Security Bureau Zhu Zongyan. It's a pleasure to meet you here."

Qin Tianhe, his wife, and the father and son of the Su Family were immediately dumbfounded.

It seems like Director Zhu didn't shake hands with them when they first came in, right?

But now, not only did he shake hands with Ye Lingtian, his smile seemed to be more fawning on him.

Could it be that this man called Ye Lingtian has an extraordinary background?

Qin Xueying also felt it was inconceivable. She originally thought that Zhu Zongyan would leave in anger, but who would have thought that he would come over to shake hands with Ye Lingtian?

The other party was the Chief of Police and also a member of the Jinghai Standing Committee. With such a noble status, wouldn't it be a little too easy to get close to people?!

"Oh, it's Director Zhu. You're so courteous, I'm a bit embarrassed."

Ye Lingtian said so, but he exerted a little strength with his right hand. His meaning was very obvious: "Are you f * cking good at acting?"

You took the initiative to shake my hand. What identity do I have now? What identity do you have?

Zhu Zongyan trembled, seeing the anger in the instructor's eyes, he immediately shifted his attention to Qin Xueying, and chuckled: "It's said that the Group's chairman, Qin Xueying, is the most talented girl in the Jinghai. It's a pleasure to meet you today."

Qin Xueying was a little dazed. She shook hands with Zhu Zongyan and could clearly feel his hands tremble again.

Su Haoxiang let out a long breath and tried to smooth things over. He smiled and said, "Xueying, why didn't you tell me that you have a boyfriend? I'll check for you."

Qin Xueying didn't even look at him and said, "I've already told you that you don't believe me. Anyway, our two families are having a meal together and there are no outsiders, so I simply brought them here."

"The Qin Family and the Su Family are like brothers, whether it is Lili or Su Haoxiang, they are both his own children. Now that Xueying has brought her boyfriend over, you should be happy, come, come, sit down."

Since Director Zhu had already said so, no matter how unsightly the father and son pair were, they could only obediently sit down.

As soon as the delicate food and wine was served, Zhu Zongyan began to get busy. He smiled at Qin Tianhe and said, "Big Brother Qin, I can see that Lil 'Ye is very energetic. In the future, he will definitely not be a good person.

Little did she know that Zhu Zongyan's words made Qin Xueying shudder. She thought to herself: You are a director after all, how do you have eyes? Even someone like Ye Lingtian is called magnanimous, yet he's still reliable?

If he wanted to be reliable, there was no one in this world who was unreliable!

"Let the children handle their matters. Old people like us shouldn't worry so much."

Su Haitao raised his wine cup and drained it in one gulp. He sighed and said, "Even if we can't get along well, we still have a close relationship."

Qin Tianhe also sighed. He didn't have a choice. Su Haoxiang himself really liked him, but now that his daughter had brought Ye Lingtian over, it meant that the marriage between the Qin and Su Families was over.

As for how he was going to kick Ye Lingtian, this son-in-law out of the family, he could only think of something else. Sigh, what a sin!

The atmosphere at the banquet was neither good nor bad.

As Zhu Zongyan continuously toasted, he tried to get as close to Qin Tianhe as possible for a very simple reason: to lighten the burden on Qin Xueying's side and to try his best to fit the relationship between Ye Lingtian and Qin Xueying.

Su Haoxiang's attention was always on Ye Lingtian. Previously, he had been very careful since he didn't want to refute Zhu Zongyan's respect. Now that he saw Ye Lingtian happily conversing with him, he was prepared to play along with him.

He was not a three year old child. This Ye Lingtian looked like a diaosi, so he was either a fish or someone Qin Xueying had just hooked up with.

Qin Xueying had casually brought her boyfriend here, so she wanted to give up on him. It was simply too childish.

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