My Cold CEO Fiancee/C17 You Can't Make a Draft of It by Bragging
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My Cold CEO Fiancee/C17 You Can't Make a Draft of It by Bragging
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C17 You Can't Make a Draft of It by Bragging

"Mr Ye, our family's Xueying has never stepped out of the door except to work. I never expected that you would be able to coax her into your arms. If you don't accept it, you can."

Su Haoxiang shamelessly became Qin Xueying's family.

Ye Lingtian hated people who acted tough the most. Obviously, Su Haoxiang was one of the leaders. It would be a pity if he didn't slap Su Haoxiang's face.

Thus, he smiled and said, "Director Su must be joking. Xueying and I are truly in love. If men and women use the word coax to describe their feelings, then it would be too subservient."

Saying that, he pretended to be surprised and asked: "From the looks of it, Director Su has a lot of experience chasing women! I wonder how many women Director Su has put to bed? If Director Su doesn't mind the secret behind it, how about you teach me? "

You're clearly scolding me!

Su Haoxiang was infuriated, but he still maintained his gentleman demeanor. He smiled and said, "Mr Ye, I was just joking. Don't take it seriously."

Ye Lingtian laughed loudly and said, "It's alright, I was just joking."

What a fucking joke!

Su Haoxiang was even more furious, but he still had a smile on his face as he said: "Looking at Mr Ye's bearing, he must be the CEO of a listed company, right? "If you have the chance in the future, you must help me out a lot!"

Ye Lingtian laughed and said: "Chief Su, don't joke with me. I'm just a laborer, how would I dare to talk to you?"

The expression on Su Haoxiang's face was marvelous as he laughed dryly, "Mr Ye is joking, right?"

"How can there be so many jokes. To be honest, I'm just the CEO of Qin Family Group doing odd jobs."

Then, Ye Lingtian continued, "To tell you the truth, I just transferred to the CEO's office today. Before, I was in the cleaning department and was mainly responsible for cleaning the toilets."

As soon as Ye Lingtian finished his words, Qin Xueying's small foot stepped on him without any trace of politeness.

This guy, is he deliberately trying to undermine us?

Didn't I see him memorize all the lines before coming here?

Just say that you are the president of a small loan company, a traffic accident at first sight two people fell in love, and then together, that is the end?

Why did he come out now while speaking the truth!

Qin Xueying felt that if this guy continued talking, this show would be ruined. She said coldly, "Ye Lingtian has been studying for a doctorate in business administration at the University of England and has only just returned home. I asked him to come help me."

Ye Lingtian was stunned. When did he graduate from Oxford University? Doctor?

Ye Lingtian turned around and looked at the cold and detached Qin Xueying. He almost choked to death from her words: "Before you lie, can you tell me first if you can, education isn't something that comes just from saying it."

It seemed like Qin Xueying was more boastful than him …

Qin Xueying glared fiercely at Ye Lingtian, implying that if you follow me honestly and change the script without permission, I'll tear you apart.

"So Mr Ye is a sea turtle!"

Su Haoxiang smiled faintly as his eyes lit up. He spoke in standard American English, "Mr Ye, the business management major should be the best in Harvard University. Why Oxford?"

When Qin Xueying heard Su Haoxiang speak in American English, she immediately cursed!

He had been in a hurry just now to come up with such a lie.

It's great now, Ye Lingtian is illiterate and never studied before, how can he understand English!

Then the lie would be broken and everything would be exposed!

Thinking of this, her heart was filled with regret.

Ye Lingtian didn't care at all, and instead looked at Su Haoxiang with contempt. This tramp, if he didn't speak Chinese properly at Hua Country's table, what kind of f * cking nonsense was this?!

The next moment, he cleared his throat and said in very proper British English, "Mr. Su, the management of business at Harvard University is excellent, but during my master's degree, my mentor, the distinguished Professor Jonas, strongly urged me to stay and continue my doctorate. In addition, I like the climate and customs of Oxford very much.

His standard English was very fluent and natural. If one did not look at Ye Lingtian's appearance, Qin Xueying would even think that the person sitting beside her was a standard English national!

Qin Xueying was already stupefied. The cold expression on her face was no longer there, but instead, a deep shock.

This guy, he had the face to say that he had never gone to school before?

How can a person who has never gone to school have such a high level of English?

"Mr Ye, when you brag, did you not even bring a rough draft?"

Su Haoxiang was obviously stunned for a moment, then said with a look of disbelief, "Professor Jonas, but he's a prodigy in the business world of Oxford. Countless Wall Street tycoons want to listen to his lessons and have to queue up to apply. You're saying he's your mentor, are you complaining that my IQ is too low?"

Ye Lingtian nodded without hesitation and said, "That's right, I do find you retarded!"

Su Haoxiang was burning with anger, but he still said with disdain, "Mr Ye, just say you have no culture and don't attack me personally! Moreover, a fake is a fake. Don't casually put on a tall hat for yourself, otherwise, it will only prove your ignorance. "

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