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C2 Shyness

Ye Lingtian looked at the woman in front of him and was shocked.

Qin Xueying?! Why isn't she home yet?!

But that's not important.

The important thing was that her figure was too good.

Even though he was engaged to her, he had yet to officially live with her.

Until now, he hadn't even touched Qin Xueying's hand, and didn't even have the chance to see her unparalleled beauty.

At this moment, Qin Xueying was so angry that her lungs were about to burst!

She hadn't expected that her fiancé, whom she hated the most, would open the door and enter just as she was changing her clothes!

Moreover, he had just taken off his skirt to his ankles. Didn't that mean he had already seen himself only wearing undergarments?!

He had never been taken advantage of by a man in his entire life!

Qin Xueying was so angry that her whole body trembled when she thought of how her identity had been exposed to Ye Lingtian!

The furious Qin Xueying stared at Ye Lingtian and shouted while gritting her teeth, "Are you deaf? I'm asking you a question! Why didn't you knock on the door! "

Ye Lingtian raised the mop and rag in his hand innocently and said pitifully, "Wife, I didn't expect you to change your clothes here so late at night, I'm so sorry."

Ye Lingtian shrugged and spread his hands helplessly.

Qin Xueying glared at him, pointed at the door and roared, "Ye Lingtian, scram! I never want to see you again! "

As she spoke, she seemed to feel that this was not enough to vent her anger. She stretched out her beautiful legs and kicked towards the space between Ye Lingtian's legs.

Ye Lingtian saw the way the woman kicked and immediately saw that she used a lot of strength. If he really kicked, he would probably be crippled.

This woman was too ruthless!

Ye Lingtian quickly dodged and retreated along with Qin Xueying's calf. His left hand grabbed hold of her shoulder and pulled her back, forcefully spinning her into a circle in the air.

Then, Ye Lingtian pressed his right hand against her neck, and slapped her on the face, smacking his lips: "Wife, your heart is so dark! This time, I'll give you a little lesson. If there's a next time, then I won't be as simple as smacking ass! "

Qin Xueying exclaimed as she felt the burning sensation. She felt incomparably humiliated in her heart.

She clenched her teeth and glared at Ye Lingtian as she threatened him, "Ye Lingtian, don't be arrogant. I'm not done with what happened today!"

As she spoke, Qin Xueying pushed open the door angrily and ran out in large strides.


Annoyed, Qin Xueying returned to her office and immediately picked up her cell phone to call her assistant and best friend, Chu Xiaoxiao.

"Xiaoxiao, I want you to help me make an entire person!"

Chu Xiaoxiao immediately said, "Tell me, who is it?"

Qin Xueying said, "The new cleaner in the company is called Ye Lingtian!"

"Cleansing?!" Chu Xiaoxiao asked in surprise, "Why do you have a grudge with a cleaner?"

"Don't ask." Qin Xueying gritted her teeth and said, "This bastard is shameless and vulgar. He must pay the price!"

Chu Xiaoxiao chuckled, "Alright, leave it to me. Let's see how I'll deal with him."


Since Ye Lingtian and Qin Xueying were not married yet, and besides the old man, Qin Xueying's entire family did not like him.

After Elder Qin Family passed away, he was chased out by the people from Qin Family. Thus, he had no choice but to rent a simple and crude self-built room in a village in the city near the company.

After finishing work, Ye Lingtian went back to the rented room by himself and rested for the night.

The next day, just as Ye Lingtian arrived at the cleaning department, Minister Lao Sunn said to him with a cold face: "Ye Lingtian, what happened to you yesterday? If I let you clean up the bathroom, why would someone complain early in the morning that the bathroom is dirty and messy? "

"What kind of joke is this!" Ye Lingtian blurted out, "I cleaned until around 11 last night, I finally got home. I've cleaned every bathroom very carefully, okay!"

Lao Sunn opened his phone and took out a few photos of the toilet. He pointed at the messy and dirty photos and said coldly, "Look at this, these are all my personal photos. How could I lie to you? Let me tell you, this matter is extremely infuriating to Vice President Chu. Prepare to pack up your things and get out of here! "

When Ye Lingtian saw it, he immediately became furious and scolded, "This bastard who has no eyes for a son must be trying to trick me behind my back!"

Just as he said that, a sexy beauty walked over with a cold expression.

In the Qin Family Group, where beauties were as common as clouds, there were two particularly gorgeous flowers.

The first one was the frosty Qin Xueying. Her icy demeanor made her look like a goddess of ice and snow.

The second flower was from Chu Xiaoxiao, the vice president of Chu Xiaoxiao, who was extremely charming and charming.

It was Chu Xiaoxiao.

But he didn't expect to hear Ye Lingtian scolding him the moment he arrived.

Furthermore, his scolding was too vulgar!

[You actually said that you are a bastard whose son is blind. If I don't kill you this time, I won't be called Chu Xiaoxiao!]

Chu Xiaoxiao was very famous in Qin Family Group, not only because she was beautiful, but also because of her usual ruthless style.

If an ordinary employee were to commit a crime, it would be alright if they fell into Qin Xueying's hands. Although Qin Xueying was cold, she was still a normal person. The punishment was based on the company's rules and regulations.

Chu Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, had a polite and warm smile on her face. In reality, she was a ruthless person who ate people without spitting out their bones.

Chu Xiaoxiao's heart was burning with anger. She walked up to Minister Sunn and Ye Lingtian and asked, "Minister Sunn, have the people responsible been investigated for the toilet hygiene?"

When Minister Sunn saw her, his scalp went numb. He quickly pointed at Ye Lingtian and said, "Boss Chu, it was this Ye Lingtian who did it!"

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