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C20 Open a Large Bed Room

After three rounds of drinking, Qin Xueying looked at Ye Lingtian and suddenly asked, "Ye Lingtian, where are you from?"

After what happened today, his interest in this strange fiancé had suddenly grown.

After eating the lamb skewers, Ye Lingtian became very honest: "I'm not afraid to tell you, actually I didn't stay at home for even a few years and went abroad. I've been spending all my time abroad."

Qin Xueying acknowledged and finally understood why Ye Lingtian's English was so pure.

However, she immediately realized that something wasn't right and said, "A sea turtle like you shouldn't be unable to accomplish anything. Why did you behave so poorly …"

Ye Lingtian waved his hand and hurriedly said, "Wife, don't misunderstand. I came back from abroad, but it doesn't mean that I've attended school abroad. For the past ten years, I've almost never done any cleaning, not to mention Oxford, I've never even entered the elementary school."

She felt that even if Ye Lingtian wasn't Professor Jonas' favorite student, at least the advanced management experience he had come into contact with would still be very helpful for the development of the company.

However, he didn't expect Ye Lingtian to be a Yang Chef who came back from abroad with a fortune …

In addition to Ye Lingtian's poor performance, Qin Xueying was convinced!

"Work hard and succeed in saving it for those who are prepared." Qin Xueying's face turned slightly red as she casually said this and raised her wine glass again.

Ye Lingtian frowned. Unknowingly, Qin Xueying had already drunk five or six cups of white wine.

This thing is not dry red, it's a fifty-six degree Erguotou!

The reason why he got Qin Xueying at the roadside stall was to help her relax. Based on the current situation, she was definitely going to drink too much. It would be troublesome in a moment.

Seeing that the redness on Qin Xueying's face was getting deeper and deeper, and that she was raising her wine glass more and more frequently, even starting to drink by herself later, Ye Lingtian said in a deep voice, "Don't drink anymore."

"As the chairman of the board of directors, I'm not in your shoes."

Qin Xueying drank it all in one gulp. She looked at Ye Lingtian coldly, slammed the table and shouted, "Why don't you drink!"

Ye Lingtian didn't say anything and just glanced at Qin Xueying.

"Have a drink and I'll give you a month's salary." Qin Xueying couldn't bear it anymore. With Ye Lingtian's gaze, she slammed the table and shouted.

Everyone's eyes immediately looked over. They finally understood that these two weren't a couple, but subordinates and superiors. As they found a balance in their hearts, evil glints began to shine in the eyes of individual men.

Ye Lingtian frowned and snatched Qin Xueying's glass away. He said in a deep voice, "If you're crazy, then go home and be crazy. Otherwise, I won't be able to explain it to your dad."

What she didn't know was that Ye Lingtian's words had completely broken Qin Xueying's last string. The fire in her throat and the churning of her stomach made her choke until her eyes watered.

The next moment, Qin Xueying pointed at Ye Lingtian's nose and shouted, "Don't talk so much about my dad! That's right! I'm useless and weak, and my father doesn't like me either. I saw that slut deceive him and didn't believe my words! "

"What do they say? "He said it was because I had a beautiful face that the company took off!"

"The university students also don't like to interact with me. They secretly say that I'm arrogant, that I'm a good for being tall, and that I hook up with men …"

After saying that, she said painfully, "I had originally thought that I would have a sweet love affair, but who would have thought that grandfather would actually let me make an engagement with someone like you."

Qin Xueying's mental pressure was enormous, and she urgently needed an outlet to release her pent-up emotions. Clenching her fist tightly, she seemed to want to release her suppressed emotions as well.

Under the public's gaze, she roared to her heart's content, no longer caring about the gazes of others.

When he roared, he even left behind two streams of tears, causing Ye Lingtian's heart to ache especially.

Feeling dizzy, Qin Xueying could only stubbornly prop up her body and willpower.

However, she also had her limits. Under the effects of the alcohol, she finally couldn't hold on any longer. Her legs went soft and she was about to fall to the ground.

Ye Lingtian crossed his left leg and hugged Qin Xueying.

The smoothness and softness of her waist made Ye Lingtian shudder slightly in a secret place deep in his heart.

He randomly took out two hundred-dollar bills from his pocket and slapped them on the table. Under everyone's malicious gazes, he left with Qin Xueying.

It would be a lie to say that a drunk person was unconscious.

Although Qin Xueying was dizzy, her mind was still relatively clear. It was the strong stimulation from the alcohol that made her expose the weakest side of her heart without a doubt.

Just like now, she was very clear that she was being carried by Ye Lingtian. As she wanted to refuse, she slowly said the words that were hidden in her heart: "Actually, seeing dad's current condition and his condition, I feel really sad. I want to cry every day, but I have to pretend that I'm strong to be afraid of being seen by others."

Ye Lingtian sighed and said gently, "You drank too much. I'll send you home to sleep and everything will be fine."

Qin Xueying blurted out, "No! I don't want to go back! I don't want to go back! "

Ye Lingtian couldn't help but say, "If we don't go back, where can we go? You can't possibly get a room, can you? "

Qin Xueying was already confused. "I don't want to go home, don't let me go home …" she mumbled.

Ye Lingtian turned his head to look at her beautiful profile and thought of something.

He suddenly felt that rather than letting his fiancée live in pain and hesitation every day, it was better to cook rice with her.

He was already his fiancee. If he didn't find a chance to start a fight, he would lose too much if the cooked duck flew away.

What's more, even if he did it with her tonight, he couldn't blame anyone else. She was the one who didn't want to go home!

Thinking of this, Ye Lingtian decided to do it!

Randomly, he carried Qin Xueying on his back and headed to the nearest hotel. He said to the girl at the front desk, "Come, let's get a big bed!"

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