My Cold CEO Fiancee/C3 Conspiracy
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My Cold CEO Fiancee/C3 Conspiracy
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C3 Conspiracy

Chu Xiaoxiao glanced at Ye Lingtian and realized that he was a little handsome.

However … No matter how handsome he was, it was useless to scold him for having a son!

It was Ye Lingtian's first time seeing Chu Xiaoxiao. He didn't expect this woman to be so sexy and sexy. Her body was even more voluptuous than Qin Xueying. She was truly a rare beauty.

Chu Xiaoxiao was annoyed when she saw Ye Lingtian's frivolous gaze. You are just a small cleaning lady, how dare you look at me like that? You really don't know what is good for you!

However, she didn't immediately get angry. Instead, she quickly thought of an attack.

Then, Chu Xiaoxiao looked at Ye Lingtian with a smile and praised, "Wow, I didn't expect the cleaning department to recruit such a handsome young man, not bad!"

How could Ye Lingtian know what kind of person Chu Xiaoxiao was? Listening to her praise himself, he chuckled and said, "Thank you, Boss Chu, for your praise."

Chu Xiaoxiao looked at Ye Lingtian like a fox spirit and said with a smile, "You're Ye Lingtian, right?"

"That's right." Ye Lingtian nodded.

Chu Xiaoxiao sprayed a mouthful of hot air beside his ear and teasingly said, "There's a rule in our company that new colleagues treat old colleagues to a meal. If you don't have any objections, I want to join as well, okay?"

Chu Xiaoxiao's voice went numb, making Ye Lingtian feel his bones lighten a little after hearing it.

Wasn't it just treating them to a meal? He had saved up a lot of family property over the years, so a single meal was nothing to him.

Therefore, Ye Lingtian said very straightforwardly, "No problem, welcome to Boss Chu!"

Seeing Ye Lingtian take the bait, Chu Xiaoxiao immediately raised her eyebrows and said, "That's great! "Let's go to the Kempinski Hotel after work. The food there tastes pretty good. What do you think?"

In Chu Xiaoxiao's opinion, Ye Lingtian, as a small cleaner, only earns two to three thousand yuan a month. He definitely doesn't have any savings.

If he went to Kempinski, he could eat up his annual salary with a single meal.

Chu Xiaoxiao was worried that Ye Lingtian wouldn't be willing to part with it, but she didn't expect him to reply straightforwardly, "Sure, then let's go to Kempinski!"

Chu Xiaoxiao said in surprise, "Ah, I didn't expect Ye Lingtian to be so generous! Then it's a deal! "

With that, Chu Xiaoxiao gave Ye Lingtian a coquettish look and walked away happily with her slender waist.

Actually, Ye Lingtian could also tell that Chu Xiaoxiao was acting weird towards him.

Although he seemed to be a slob, he had always been calm and collected. He was prepared to play around with Chu Xiaoxiao and see what she had in mind.


After work, Ye Lingtian went to Kempinski with a dozen or so people from the cleaning department.

Most of my colleagues in the cleaning department were excited because they had never been to a place as upscale as Kempinski.

By the time they reached Kempinski's door, Chu Xiaoxiao had already arrived in her car.

She handed the car to the parking attendant, then looked at Ye Lingtian with interest. She smiled and said, "I didn't expect that the little handsome guy in the cleaning department would be so trustworthy. I was afraid that you wouldn't come and leave me alone."

Ye Lingtian laughed and said, "To have the chance to have dinner with a great beauty like Boss Chu, how could I have a pigeon? Let's go in!"

Chu Xiaoxiao sneered in her heart. I'll see how you'll deal with this when it's time to settle the bill!

When they reached the luxurious banquet hall of Kempinski, the waiter led them to a large table for a dozen or so people.

As soon as he sat down, the waiter brought a few menus and asked, "May I ask which one you would like to order?"

Ye Lingtian directly handed the menu to Chu Xiaoxiao and said, "Boss Chu, you can order whatever you want, no need to save money for me."

Chu Xiaoxiao looked at Ye Lingtian in surprise and asked, "Do you see the price?" "Let me order as much as I want. I'll order any abalone dish here, and each one of them will cost a few hundred yuan, not to mention the service fee."

"Ah?" So expensive? "

Minister Sunn couldn't sit still any longer and hurriedly said, "Boss Chu, if you eat like this, wouldn't this meal cost tens of thousands yuan? How about we go somewhere else? Lil 'Ye just went to work, how could he afford to buy such an expensive meal? "

Chu Xiaoxiao looked at Ye Lingtian with interest and asked him, "Handsome, if you think this place is too expensive and you can't afford to buy it, then let's go somewhere else."

At this time, Ye Lingtian smiled and said, "No need to trouble yourself. Let's just eat here."

Just as she finished her sentence, a man suddenly walked over from the next table and exclaimed in surprise, "Oh, Xiaoxiao, you're eating here too!"

Chu Xiaoxiao glanced at him and immediately frowned, "Xie Hao, why are you here?"

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