My Cold CEO Fiancee/C4 The Chosen of Chu Xiaoxiao
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My Cold CEO Fiancee/C4 The Chosen of Chu Xiaoxiao
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C4 The Chosen of Chu Xiaoxiao

"Of course I'm here to eat."

The young man called Xie Hao laughed and immediately went up to Chu Xiaoxiao, flattering her, "Xiao Xiao, do you want to come over and eat with us? I'll order your favorite top quality abalone and top quality shark fin. "

Chu Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at Xie Hao and said coldly, "What? Can't I afford it? "

Xie Hao hurriedly apologized, "Xiaoxiao, that's not what I meant. I just hope that you can give me a chance to treat you to a meal."

Chu Xiaoxiao smiled contemptuously and said, "I'm sorry, but you don't need to treat me to this meal. Someone else will."

Then, she pointed at Ye Lingtian, who was beside her, and said, "This is Ye Lingtian, the handsome guy who came to our company's cleaning department. He invited me for today's meal, so you don't need to spend it."

Xie Hao glanced at Ye Lingtian and was extremely furious in his heart.

Damn it, why would Chu Xiaoxiao give a cleaning staff a flirting and adoring look? I'm a rich second-generation, why wouldn't she even look at me in the eye?

This Ye Lingtian, just by looking at his attire, was clearly poor. He didn't even have a nameplate on him, how could he afford this meal? What a joke!

Thinking of this, Xie Hao purposely said to Ye Lingtian, "Mr Ye can treat guests to dinner in Kempinski, seems like he's very generous!"

Ye Lingtian smiled lightly: "Average."

Xie Hao said in a flattering tone, "Mr Ye, Miss Chu and I are good friends. I wonder if you can let me join you guys?"

Ye Lingtian said indifferently: "Sure, please take a seat. If you want to eat something, just do it, especially those that you can't bear to eat. Just order something, no need to be polite with me."

"What the f * ck!" Xie Hao looked at Ye Lingtian's nonchalant expression and felt angry and shocked at the same time. This kid is really pretentious! He actually said that he had something to eat that he couldn't bear to leave behind. Damn it, what could he not want to leave behind?

However, thinking about it, this store had the top quality Australian abalones, which cost only 1888 yuan. He really couldn't bear to eat them.

Therefore, he immediately said, "How about this, I want a top grade Australian abalone as well as a top grade Swallow's Nest to stew the fish wings."

Chu Xiaoxiao exclaimed and said, "Xie Hao, aren't you being too shameless? The two dishes that you have ordered yourself are close to 3000. I can see that you're not willing to order such expensive dishes even when you're eating by yourself, right? "

Although Chu Xiaoxiao was going to deal with Ye Lingtian, she couldn't accept Xie Hao's shameless approach.

Unexpectedly, Xie Hao put on a nonchalant expression and shamelessly said, "Mr Ye already said it was okay, but I just randomly picked two!"

Then, he intentionally looked at Ye Lingtian and said with a smile: "Mr Ye, it won't hurt if I order these two, right? If you feel sorry for me, then just say it out. I can change it to something else, but it doesn't matter if you can't afford this meal. As long as you can say it out loud, then I'll buy this meal. "

Xie Hao felt that Ye Lingtian would definitely admit defeat.

As long as he submitted, then he would win this round.

It didn't matter whether he would treat them to a meal or not.

Chu Xiaoxiao also felt that this time, Xie Hao would definitely make it difficult for Ye Lingtian. If he still continued to slap Ye Lingtian on the face to make him fat, then this meal would likely go on for over a hundred thousand yuan.

However, no one expected Ye Lingtian to remain unmoved. He looked at Xie Hao and said indifferently, "Xie Hao, right? "Since you want to eat top-grade Australian abalone and Swallow Nest Stewed Fish Wings, just order and don't be afraid. I'll treat you, so you won't have to pay."

"What the f * ck!" Xie Hao's face was full of uncertainty.

This fellow sure had a big mouth! Not only was he stubborn, he even ridiculed him. He was truly courting death!

Thinking of this, Xie Hao steeled his heart and smiled, "Since Mr Ye has said so, then I won't hold back!"

After saying that, he continued, "That's right. "It's not suitable for me to eat it alone. How about we have one serving for each of them? Mr Ye, what do you think?"

Ye Lingtian said lightly: "As you say, one for each of us."

Chu Xiaoxiao was also shocked and said, "If that's the case, it will cost at least twenty to thirty thousand yuan. Ye Lingtian, are you sure you want some?"

Ye Lingtian acknowledged: "Yes."

Chu Xiaoxiao lamented in her heart. 'Am I going to make a fool of myself now?'

But then she thought, since it was Qin Xueying's request, it didn't matter how miserable it was. After all, he had offended her best friend.

The waiter was also surprised by Ye Lingtian's extravagance.

Seeing Ye Lingtian order some more dishes, the entire table's cost was tens of thousands. Thus, after he ordered the dishes, he quickly reminded the security guards and other colleagues to be on their guard against Ye Lingtian, lest he runs away midway.

Even Lili was a bit worried. This Ye Lingtian looked calm, as if he would make use of this opportunity to escape later. However, what surprised her was that Ye Lingtian did not leave his seat for the entire meal!

Xie Hao did not expect Ye Lingtian to be so calm. With a meal worth tens of thousands of yuan, he was reluctant to part with the truth.

That 1888 yuan Australian abalone, he hadn't eaten it for a long time, but today he got the glory of Ye Lingtian.

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