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My Cold CEO Fiancee/C5 Eat Poor Ye Ling
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C5 Eat Poor Ye Ling

After everyone had eaten their fill, the waiter quickly took a step forward and asked: "May I ask who will pay the bill?"

Ye Lingtian raised his hand, "Let me do it."

Seeing this, Xie Hao deliberately smiled and said: "Mr Ye, can you afford it? If you can't afford it, just say so.

Ye Lingtian sneered and said: "Since you want to come, then I'll let you."

Xie Hao didn't expect Ye Lingtian to change his mind so quickly. Facing tens of thousands of bills, he didn't care about posturing and hastily waved his hand and said, "I'm sorry Mr Ye, I didn't bring my card with me today. How about you do it for me instead of you, I'll treat you later."

Ye Lingtian looked at him and said in disdain, "If you don't have any money, just say you don't have any. Why are you pretending?"

"You …" Xie Hao's face turned green and red, didn't I want to f * * king ridicule him with my lines? But now, he had actually put it on his head!

Besides, it was his goddess Chu Xiaoxiao. This brat thought he had gone too far by saying such words to her!

Chu Xiaoxiao also did not expect Ye Lingtian to dig a pit for Xie Hao and even successfully trap him inside. She could not help but laugh out loud.

Xie Hao hated Ye Lingtian in his heart, but he still didn't dare to forcefully act tough at this time.

This act of posturing was at least worth tens of thousands, and in his opinion, it was too high of a price!

Therefore, he could only say bitterly: "Since Mr Ye is so straightforward, then let's invite Mr Ye to pay the bill."

Ye Lingtian sneered in disdain, then took out an ordinary bank card and handed it to the waiter.

Xie Hao looked at that card with contempt written all over his face. With just him alone, how could he possibly have tens of thousands? Who would believe it!

Then, he couldn't help but mock Mr Ye: "Mr Ye, don't tell me this card doesn't have enough balance?"

Ye Lingtian said expressionlessly: "If you want to pay for it, then buy it. If you can't afford it or don't have the money to buy it, then shut your crappy mouth."

Chu Xiaoxiao also took the opportunity to strike her while the iron was still hot, saying, "Xie Hao, you are such an immoral person. Chu Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to strike the iron while the iron was still hot," Xie Hao, you really don't care when the iron is hot. It's even more outrageous than those aunties who like to take advantage of others! "

Xie Hao's face turned ugly. It didn't matter if Ye Lingtian mocked him or not. The key was that even his goddess was looking down on him. This was a f * cking miss of a move.

Therefore, he hurriedly smiled and said, "Xiaoxiao, you misunderstand. I'm just worried about Mr Ye. I'm afraid that if he doesn't have enough money, we'll be in trouble …"

Ye Lingtian looked at him and said, "Mr. Xie, since you have such good intentions, then I will trouble you to buy the portion that you consume. I will do my best to gather the rest."

"You …" Xie Hao did not expect Ye Lingtian to dig another pit for him, which made him feel embarrassed.

At this moment, Chu Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to add fuel to the fire, "That's right, Xie Hao. Since you're unwilling to buy a table, then buy your own."

Xie Hao saw that he was in a difficult situation and could only bitterly take out his wallet. He took out a gold card and said: "Waiter, first settle my bill."

Chu Xiaoxiao sneered and asked, "Xie Hao, didn't you not bring your card?"

Xie Hao said embarrassedly, "I remembered wrong, I'm sorry."

At this time, the waiter came before him and said, "Sir, the total cost of the table is over 70,000 yuan, and for fourteen people, each person has an average of 5,000 yuan."

Xie Hao nodded: "Then give me 5000 yuan!"

"Alright!" The waiter nodded and brushed away Xie Hao's 5000 yuan, causing Xie Hao to feel a wave of heartache.

Who's ever seen someone who grabs food and ends up paying for it?

Then, the waiter came to Ye Lingtian's side and said, "Sir, there's still 65,000 left, please swipe your card."

Ye Lingtian nodded and gave the card to the waiter. After the waiter swiped the card, he handed the card to Ye Lingtian and said: "Please enter the password."

Xie Hao looked at Ye Lingtian coldly and thought, "Still pretending. I want to see how you will step down when your balance is low!"

While Xie Hao was waiting to see Ye Lingtian make a fool of himself, Ye Lingtian had already typed in his password and pressed confirm.

Following that, the machine was immediately successful in deducting the money and directly issued a consumption voucher!

This time, both Xie Hao and Lili were dumbfounded!

This guy really got rid of 65,000!

Chu Xiaoxiao didn't expect Ye Lingtian to pay so readily.

However, thinking about it, this Ye Lingtian was just a cleaning agent of the company. He had to pay such a huge sum of money just to make sure that there was a sense of presence in front of him.

After this meal, Ye Lingtian's family fortune would probably be gone. He would probably have to go back to eat steamed buns for a few months.

Seeing Ye Lingtian pay, Xie Hao's face couldn't help but feel hot. After all, he just said that and got slapped in the face in the blink of an eye.

Xie Hao sneered. He didn't believe Ye Lingtian was a rich man at all.

This meal cost sixty to seventy thousand yuan, and even he wasn't willing to eat it. He was just a stinky cleaner, what right did he have to eat such a good meal?

I'm afraid Ye Lingtian will have to save several years' salary for this meal.

Xie Hao felt that Ye Lingtian's savings had already been completely used up, so he made up his mind.

Thinking about this, Xie Hao revealed a mocking smile and said, "I didn't expect Mr Ye to be so secretive, but how can only vegetables be served? We have to drink at a time like this. I wonder if Mr Ye can afford it?"

One must know that in most of the restaurants, the prices of the dishes were very average and the profit margins were also very low. In most of the restaurants, the prices of the dishes were very ordinary and the profit margins were also very low.

Adding on his other colleagues, if he were to order more red wine, he would probably be unable to afford a meal that cost no more than 100,000 yuan.

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