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C6 Drugged?

Chu Xiaoxiao obviously knew what was going on. After hearing Xie Hao's words, she also smiled and said, "That's right, Ye Lingtian, what's the point of eating alone and not drinking wine. Drinking wine will create an atmosphere."

On one hand, she wanted to see if this Ye Lingtian could still afford it. On the other hand, she remembered her best friend's request to do everything she could to make him look bad in front of everyone and avenge her best friend.

Therefore, she had prepared some laxatives in advance, ready to find a chance to add them to Ye Lingtian's wine when the time came.

Ye Lingtian already knew that Chu Xiaoxiao had no good intentions in asking him to treat her to a meal, but he didn't express it out loud. He waved his hand and called the waiter over.

Xie Hao interrupted, "We want the most expensive kind. This mister is wealthy, he doesn't care about the money. Don't fool us with those few hundred yuan worth of lousy wine."

The waiter looked at Ye Lingtian in disbelief. He had worked at this hotel for quite a while and had already mastered the art of observation, but no matter how he looked, he couldn't see that this young man seemed to be rich.

He'd seen rich people either dressed extravagantly or had a graceful bearing. Where would such rich people with cheap clothes and no temperament be found?

Compared to Ye Lingtian, the gentleman who spoke just now looked more like a rich second generation.

However, he was just a waiter, and the customer had nothing to do with him. Even if he could not pay in the end, there was still a manager who would clean up the mess. Thinking of this, he smiled and said, "We have 4 years of Lafite, 10 thousand bottles, 9 years of Lafite, 20 thousand bottles, and France's St. Monde's Red, 17 thousand bottles.

Before Ye Lingtian could open his mouth, Xie Hao anxiously said, "I want twenty thousand for one bottle, one for each of you."

Xie Hao had never tasted such expensive red wine before, so he called out in a hurry.

The waiter looked at Ye Lingtian.

Ye Lingtian nodded slightly as a hint of coldness flashed across his eyes. This Xie Hao really thinks I'm the best.

Xie Hao looked at Chu Xiaoxiao with a smile after he ordered the wine.

He had chased after Chu Xiaoxiao for a long time and had used all kinds of methods, but they were all useless. Chu Xiaoxiao had never given him any face.

However, he just so happened to have some 'good' items with him today. He could use this opportunity to snatch Chu Xiaoxiao's body first.


Soon, the waiter pushed red wine over.

Chu Xiaoxiao quickly stood up and purposely said, "Just leave it to me, I'll pour some wine for everyone."

As he spoke, he accepted the glasses of wine and brought them all to his table.

She was burdened with the heavy responsibility of taking care of Ye Lingtian, so she purposely turned around with her back facing the crowd and spilled the laxatives she prepared into one of the glasses.

Then, she handed the glass of wine to Ye Lingtian with a smile.

Inside was a strong laxative that she had prepared meticulously. Once she drank it, she would definitely drag it onto the toilet to be dehydrated.

But an expert like Ye Lingtian, who has been licking blood from wounds all year round, had long seen all of her actions.

However, he didn't care at all, because he could exchange the wine under Chu Xiaoxiao's nose at any time.

However, what surprised him was that after Chu Xiaoxiao divided the wine, Xie Hao also quietly sprinkled some of the white powder into the cup. Then, he swapped his wine cup with Chu Xiaoxiao's wine cup …

It seemed that Chu Xiaoxiao this bitch was trying to cheat him, and this Xie Hao was plotting against Chu Xiaoxiao!

Since that was the case, he might as well let the two of them harm each other.

Thinking of this, a trace of an evil smile appeared on Ye Lingtian's face. He deliberately leaned forward and said to Chu Xiaoxiao, "Come, Miss Chu, let me toast you!"

With that, he switched the alcohol that Chu Xiaoxiao drugged with Xie Hao when Xie Hao wasn't paying attention.

In this way, what Xie Hao drank was the wine that Chu Xiaoxiao drugged; what Chu Xiaoxiao drank was the wine that Xie Hao drugged.


Chu Xiaoxiao was completely unaware of all of this. She couldn't wait to see Ye Lingtian drink a strong laxative, so she said with a smile, "Cheers! Welcome Mr Ye to our company."

With that, she drank up the wine in the cup first.

The others also quickly raised their cups. Xie Hao finished the cup in his hands with an evil smile.

Under Chu Xiaoxiao's gaze, Ye Lingtian drank all of the red wine in the cup in one gulp.

After everyone drank, the atmosphere also became lively.

However, Chu Xiaoxiao's attention was obviously not on the wine table. She was constantly waiting to see when Ye Lingtian would flare up.

On the other side, Xie Hao was more anxious than her.

The medicine that Xie Hao gave Chu Xiaoxiao was powerful and effective. No woman could resist it.

When Xie Hao thought of how Chu Xiaoxiao would be gentle under him tonight, he could not help but feel like carrying her to a room to have a good time!

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