My Cold CEO Fiancee/C7 The Mantis Stalks the Cicada and the Oriole
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My Cold CEO Fiancee/C7 The Mantis Stalks the Cicada and the Oriole
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C7 The Mantis Stalks the Cicada and the Oriole

Ye Lingtian couldn't help but want to laugh when he saw their reactions.

In his heart he thought, "You two, each with their own ulterior motives, will have a good time with you later!"

Very soon, Chu Xiaoxiao felt her body getting a little hot.

She subconsciously unbuttoned one of the top buttons of her shirt, revealing her alluring snow-white skin.

She noticed that Ye Lingtian didn't seem like he wanted to go to the toilet, so she asked Ye Lingtian in surprise: "Did you feel anything wrong with your body?"

Ye Lingtian pretended to be at a loss as he shook his head and said, "No, what's wrong?"

Chu Xiaoxiao's face had turned red and her eyes were misted over.

She felt that there were some strange changes to her body that made her especially uncomfortable.

At the same time, she also felt extremely empty. She had never felt this urgent need for a boyfriend before.

She bit down on her lower lip to suppress her embarrassment.

"No?" "How could that be?" Chu Xiaoxiao mumbled gloomily. She couldn't be thinking that the laxatives were out of date, right?

At this moment, Xie Hao suddenly felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

An unprecedented feeling of sh * tting came over him. He quickly stood up and said anxiously, "Aiya, I'm going to the washroom!"

With that said, he walked towards the washroom with his legs crossed.

But just as he took two steps forward, he heard a strange "pu" sound...

Xie Hao actually farted!

Following that, Xie Hao's pants were stained with black and yellow stains.

A stench suddenly came from the hotel and everyone quickly covered their noses.

"Damn, that idiot pulled his pants down!"

"F * ck!" Pull up his pants in the restaurant, this bastard is too much of a beast! "

"F * ck, I can't eat anymore. Security, quickly get this idiot out of here!"

Xie Hao felt like dying as he felt that his pants were full of sh * t.

He would never have thought that he would suddenly suffer from diarrhea …

This was truly embarrassing …

His face was ashen. In such a situation, he didn't have the time to think about plotting against Chu Xiaoxiao. All he wanted to do was to find a place to hide.

If anyone who was familiar with him saw that he, the dignified young master Xie, had actually pulled his pants in front of so many people, how could he continue to be like this in the future?

But before he could even quicken his pace, he felt his stomach tumble again. With a pfft, another large bubble appeared in his stomach …

The disgusting filth even ran down the legs of his trousers, and he hurried out of the hotel, leaving a puddle of filth on the polished floor with every step.

The hotel security guard chased after him and scolded, "Damn it, brothers, beat him to death. This bastard is shitting in front of everyone in our hotel!" "He must be here to ruin everything!"

Ye Lingtian found it funny.

This Xie Hao truly deserved to be punished for his crimes.

However, he felt a wave of fear in his heart as well.

Chu Xiaoxiao was really vicious!

Using such a powerful laxative to plot against him, what enmity did he have with her?

Just as she was about to ask Chu Xiaoxiao about this, she saw Chu Xiaoxiao's eyes glaze over as she moved her jade-like hands over her body. Apparently, the medicinal properties had destroyed her consciousness.

Only then did Ye Lingtian realize that Xie Hao had drugged her with something that would make women fall in love!

If she waited any longer, Chu Xiaoxiao would probably strip out her clothes in front of everyone in this hotel.

Although she wanted to cheat him, Ye Lingtian still decided to save her. Otherwise, if Chu Xiaoxiao really made a fool out of herself in front of everyone, Ye Lingtian was afraid that she would commit suicide.

Thinking about this, Ye Lingtian did not dare to delay any longer and said, "Lao Sunn, I think Boss Chu is a bit drunk. I'll find a room for her to rest first."

Saying that, Ye Lingtian carried Chu Xiaoxiao on his back. After settling the bill for the red wine, he got a room.


Fortunately, the room was at the back of the hotel and wasn't too far away. Although Ye Lingtian was carrying a person on his back, he ran very fast and arrived at the hotel in a few minutes.

At this moment, Chu Xiaoxiao had been completely overwhelmed by the drug's power. Her hands subconsciously grabbed at Ye Lingtian's body. She wanted nothing more than to merge into Ye Lingtian's body.

Ye Lingtian was also riled up by her actions. He opened the door and threw Chu Xiaoxiao onto the bed.

Chu Xiaoxiao opened her blurry eyes and muttered, "Quick …" "Give me …"

Ye Lingtian looked at Chu Xiaoxiao in surprise. He thought to himself, 'How can this medicine be so powerful?'

If she did not get rid of this pill completely, it would probably leave Chu Xiaoxiao with side effects. If she became an idiot in the end, she would be finished.

Thinking about this, Ye Lingtian decided to use acupuncture to help her reduce the medicinal efficacy.

Ever since he was a child, he had been nurtured by this old man. Not only was he proficient in the art of killing, he was also proficient in Chinese medicine.

He then took out a small box from his pocket and took out a few thin silver needles.

Just as he was about to give Chu Xiaoxiao a needle, he suddenly realized that Chu Xiaoxiao had already untied all of her clothes, leaving only her clothes on.

Ye Lingtian couldn't help but swallow his saliva as he looked at the fair and smooth skin …

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