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C8 Rescue

Luckily, Ye Lingtian was a gentleman.

He only focused on helping Chu Xiaoxiao relieve the medicinal efficacy of her acupuncture. He never thought that he would take advantage of her at this time.

The silver needles were inserted into a few of Chu Xiaoxiao's acupoints, and the tainted blood immediately flowed out of her wounds.

After a long time of acupuncture, Chu Xiaoxiao's body gradually cooled down and she fell into a deep sleep.

However, she had lost a lot of blood, causing the bed sheets beneath her to be dyed red.

Ye Lingtian was very tired, so he laid down beside her and fell asleep.


The next morning, a sharp sound instantly broke Ye Lingtian's dream.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Chu Xiaoxiao covering her body with a blanket that covered her chest. Her face was pale as she opened her mouth to question him, "You … What did you do to me! "

Ye Lingtian got up from the bed and said, "Nothing."

"How is this possible!?" Where did the blood come from? " Chu Xiaoxiao stretched out her pure white arm and pointed at the bloodstain on the bed sheet.

Ye Lingtian glanced at Chu Xiaoxiao in surprise. From her words, he knew that this girl was not yet human. He didn't expect that Chu Xiaoxiao, who had an open appearance, would actually be a virgin.

Ye Lingtian laughed and said, "I didn't expect you to find out. I did what I could, but I was forced to do it. Speaking of which, I am a victim."

Chu Xiaoxiao clenched her teeth and looked at Ye Lingtian with a skeptical look.

After a while, he wrapped up his blanket tightly, pushed Ye Lingtian away and ran into the bathroom.

Ye Lingtian knew that she was going to check her body, so he sat on the chair and waited for her results.

At the same time, Chu Xiaoxiao had already walked out of the bathroom. She had obviously checked the room already, so she looked a bit embarrassed.

Chu Xiaoxiao coughed dryly before asking, "Ye …" Mr Ye, I misunderstood you. What happened yesterday? "

Although she had a vague impression of him, she could not remember most of it.

Ye Lingtian explained, "You were drugged by that Xie Hao, you don't even know how crazy you were last night …"

"Alright, alright, I know all of this."

Chu Xiaoxiao hurriedly interrupted him. She could even imagine how she stuck to Ye Lingtian last night.

Embarrassment flashed across his face as he continued to ask, "Does that mean you saved me?"

Ye Lingtian nodded: "I saved you. If I didn't use acupuncture to drain your poisoned blood, you would be in danger of losing your life."

Chu Xiaoxiao looked a little regretful. Just by looking at the large pool of blood, she had thought that her body had been cut open.

Only now did he realize that Ye Lingtian had saved him and did not take the opportunity to take over his body.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but feel somewhat touched.

"Leaves..." Big Brother Ye, I'm sorry … "Actually, I drugged you last night as well. It's a good thing that you're fine …"

Chu Xiaoxiao said in a low voice with some lingering fear. "I have to thank you. If it wasn't for you, I'm afraid something really bad would have happened last night …"

Ye Lingtian was surprised that she could apologize. However, this also meant that Chu Xiaoxiao was not a bad person.


After leaving the hotel, Ye Lingtian went to work at Qin Family Group.

After arriving at the cleaning department, he did not complete the assigned tasks. Instead, he immediately took out his phone and started fishing in troubled waters.

Yesterday, he worked so hard and the results were all ruined. It seemed that someone was trying to take care of him.

Rather than that, he might as well just do nothing and wait for the other party to deliver himself to him.

However, what he didn't know was that everything he had done was now exposed under the surveillance of the wall.

In the CEO's office, Qin Xueying was sitting in front of a computer, looking at the monitor screen on the screen and feeling very annoyed.

This bastard, he really doesn't care about teaching me a lesson and doesn't care about getting ahead of himself, he's already trying to take advantage of me as soon as I get into the company?!

Soon after, she looked at Chu Xiaoxiao who was sitting across from her. She could not help but ask, "Xiaoxiao, yesterday you said that you would give him laxatives, but why is that fellow acting as if nothing happened?"

With that, she looked at Chu Xiaoxiao with suspicion, her heart beating like a drum.

Could it be that his best friend who was known for her shady tricks didn't get any advantage from Ye Lingtian?

Upon mentioning this, Chu Xiaoxiao's face was filled with distress.

After all, he couldn't tell her that not only did he fail to cheat Ye Lingtian, he was almost drugged instead, right?

No matter what, she was not prepared to tell anyone about this matter.

Moreover, if Qin Xueying knew that he had suffered a huge loss at the hands of Ye Lingtian, she would definitely laugh at him!

Therefore, Chu Xiaoxiao said arrogantly, "Elder sister, are you questioning my ability? I, your little sister, personally made it, and you still have a tough bone that you can't chew? "

After saying that, she pretended to be proud as she said, "Don't worry, I made this kid spit out blood last night. Maybe his body is better, so he recovers faster."

Qin Xueying said, "Then hurry up and think of another move!"

Chu Xiaoxiao nodded. "I was just thinking about how to cut his salary. If he dares to provoke you again, I'll carry on with the tradition and let him know what regret is."

Although she said that, she thought in her heart that even though Ye Lingtian was a bit shameless, he did save her before.

Therefore, he had to communicate with him and avoid provoking Qin Xueying, his best friend, in the future.

Thinking about this, Chu Xiaoxiao quickly changed the topic and asked, "Xueying, don't worry about this matter. Tell me about you. Why are you so distracted at work today? Did you get yourself a boyfriend?"

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