My Contractual Ghost Husband/C1 medical miracle
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My Contractual Ghost Husband/C1 medical miracle
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C1 medical miracle

This is the third time I've had this kind of dream this month. In order to avoid having this dream, I've spent two consecutive nights, but I really couldn't bear it any longer and fell asleep in the end!

In my dream, I was standing in the middle of a field of darkness. A beam of light struck my body, and in the darkness, I was the only one who showed it clearly. I wanted to run away, but my body seemed frozen, unable to move at all ?

Then, far off in the distance, an ornate palanquin embroidered with strange animal patterns appeared out of the darkness and stopped a step in front of me.

The indigo palanquin curtains did not open, and a bony finger passed through them as though through a transparent object, reaching out to me.

I was pulled into a sedan chair and sat on a man's lap.

I couldn't see anything in the darkness of the palanquin. I couldn't control my body, but I could sense that the man holding me was very cold.

And he didn't breathe.

Although I had this dream once already, I was still afraid. My voice trembled, "You, who are you? Am I really dreaming? You, why did you do this to me? "Where am I?"

As before, he was silent, his hands deftly unbuttoning my shirt, his cold fingers touching my skin from time to time. It felt real, not like a dream.

Thinking about what would happen next, my entire body trembled as I pleaded, "You ? are you a human or a ghost? Can you please spare me? "

He still didn't answer and his fingers continued to move forward. I forced myself to remain calm and threatened, "If you continue to be like this, I'll call for someone. My father is outside. If I call for him, he'll come into my room and wake me up."

He obviously didn't take my threats seriously. His lips, as cold as his hands, kissed mine with perfect precision, pried open my closed teeth with an irresistible force, and skillfully moved my lips and tongue.

The first two times he didn't know what to make of it, but this time he ran his hand down my waist in a practiced motion, teasing me all the way down and setting fire to it.

This was just a dream!

I tried to hypnotize myself, but under his powerful assault, I gradually fell. Why would I have such a dream? Tears of shame trickled from the corners of my eyes. His body froze, his cold lips pressed to the corners of my eyes as he wiped away my tears and said the first words he'd said since he'd appeared.

He said, "Don't cry!"

When I woke up the next day, apart from my aching body, I didn't feel anything unusual, as if it really was just a dream. It would be better if there were no more of that coquettish red Resurrection Lily on the bedside table.

I wouldn't dare tell my father about this dream.

He was getting more and more out of sorts, especially recently, and his behavior had gotten even weirder. The frequency of burning incense went up, and he wouldn't let me shut the door when I went to bed at night. Then he slept on the sofa in the living room and reminded me to shout if anything went wrong.

I thought my dad knew something, but after a few insinuations, I realized he didn't know anything at all. He just wanted to protect me, so how could I dare to provoke him?!

"Su Su, Daddy is back! I've brought your favorite, Chen Ji Fang Si, out to eat!"

Just as I was lost in my thoughts, I heard my father's voice coming back. I quickly threw the Resurrection Lily on the bedside table into the trash can, tidied up a bit, pretended that nothing had happened, and left the room.

My name is Ye Su. I was born in A City, and grew up in A City.

When you talk about my, Ye Su's name, you can say without any exaggeration: In A City, there is no one who does not know about me, there is no one who does not know about me. As long as I was walking on the road, regardless of gender or age, I would greet them whenever I saw them.

If one guessed that I was the head of the underworld, then they would be completely wrong. I am only 18 this month, how could I be the head of a gang?

It's about my illness. I'm a famous' medical miracle 'in A City.

My mother had done a lot of tests when she was pregnant, and all the hospital tests said I was a stillborn baby. Doctors urged her to get rid of me as soon as possible.

But my mother didn't believe it. She thought she was going to eat it, but how could her stomach be stillborn? She was adamant that there was something wrong with the hospital equipment, because she said she could feel my little life growing in her belly.

My mother persuaded my father to go to a private hospital for labor.

Private hospitals usually did things with money, so they naturally wouldn't easily kick out customers who sent money to their doorstep.

After he had discussed with his mother that the hospital would not be held responsible for any of the consequences. He arranged for my mother to stay in the hospital like a pregnant woman.

There was a television station in the city, and at the time the radio leaders thought my mother's act of carrying a stillborn child was a good piece of news worth covering in depth.

He got his mother's permission to conduct a personal interview with money for twenty-four hours.

Ye Su understood her mother's decision at that time. After all, their family was not rich at all, and the private hospital's daily fees were very expensive.

When the television station reported this, City A more or less paid attention to it. On the day of delivery, they never would have thought that a stillborn child was born alive. The entire city was in an uproar, everyone said that this was a miracle of motherly love.

But what really matters to the public is that when I was born and checked, my heart was only half the size of a normal baby. Such a small heart could not support a baby's growth, and it was no wonder that the machine could not detect the baby's heartbeat.

I went to the ICU without incident, and the doctor gave me a medical notice saying I might not live more than a day or two.

However, fate has taken care of me, Ye Su, and miraculously, I grew up day by day.

Look, I've never seen anything like this before. Although this is the first time I've seen something like meeting a ghost in my life, I still believed that there are gods and ghosts in this world.

It was precisely because he believed that that made him even more afraid.

Someone who had known Dad for a long time had told me that when he was young, he wasn't as crazy and talkative as he was now. Because of her mother's death. Dad has lost Mom, if he loses me again. I was afraid he would collapse completely.

My eyes darken when I think of my mother, who died when she was born, whom she only knows from photographs.

"Are we going to the hospital for a routine examination today? Daddy will take a leave to accompany you! "

"Dad, don't. It's not like you haven't been there before." They were all routine inspections, so the results were definitely the same. You, on the other hand, are always on leave. The company opened it for you. " I'm already eighteen, and he still treats me like a child.

He couldn't be at ease when he went out, nor could he be at ease.

"Then, then! If anything happens, remember to call me in time! " He hesitated, then agreed. After giving some more detailed instructions, he left for work.

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