My Darling Wife/C2 Chapter 2
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My Darling Wife/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

Eric's POV.

I have a wedding with Angela today!

And I don't know how to feel about this..?! I have loved her since childhood but I don't feel good at all about this wedding! Because it feels like I'm cheating on her and cheating with her emotions. She is

just a pure-hearted girl and I don't want to hurt her anyway. But I don't have any other option.

I don't know how I'm going to handle all the situations from today! And I do not know at all how long I will be able to hide this deep secret from her that she is going to marry today, not Erish, but me Eric!

I'm feeling so guilty in my heart that I don't know how I'm going to face her today. What if she realized that I'm not the one she loves. What if she realized that I'm Eric.

I have been thinking all this in my heart that only then will my parents come into the room.

"Eric, my poor son! I'm sorry! " After coming into the room, my mother apologized face said to me.

I can sense she is so upset. Her face is looking a little pale and her eyes also become moist with tears.

Seeing her like this I tried to console her. "Mother, don't cry !!! I know you both were helpless! I promise I will try my best to fulfill Erish place "

Hearing my words, she nodded lightly and smiled gently.

Suddenly my father said coldly, "Eric, I know you are feeling guilty towards Angela, but we don't have any choice! and we can't cancel the wedding date! Please just act as Erish until we find out the right time to tell Angela and her family about this. "

Hearing my father, I didn't know how to feel but it didn't make my guilt any less.

"Let's go, it's already time! " my father said in a calm tone.

I took a long breath and nodded slowly.

Finally, I stood on the stage and started thinking furiously about Angela. When my thoughts started to become blurred, I heard cheering and clapping voices and finally, I saw Angela..!

Seeing her, my heart started beating fastly and only one line came to my mind "My Angela! "

She is looking as beautiful as the way she looked all the time. From childhood to adulthood, I already imagined her thousands of times in a bridal dress. But today, I can't express her beauty in words. She is looking damn beautiful in her bridal dress and her veil which is giving her a full gorgeous bridal look. She is looking so adorable and gorgeous in her dress. I can see her goddess face from her veil.

No matter how much I tried but I could not take my eyes off her. After seeing her, my heartfelt helplessness. After coming from abroad, this is the first time I met her. And I never even thought in my dreams or imagination that I would meet her as her groom in this way. This is a really unbelievable and unpredictable situation for me.

Never realizing my thoughts and emotions, Angela is slowly - slowly coming towards me. And my heartbeat becomes fast with each step that is coming towards me. She shyly looked at the floor without raising her head.

When there is a few inches distance between her and the stage. I can see and admire her goddess look, her almond-shaped eyes, and her long silky black hair which is flowing freely behind her back. I can see her red cherry lips which look like curves because of her shy smile. She is holding a white rose bouquet in one hand. Her vail is the only thing that is stopping me from looking at her whole gorgeous face clearly. But I could imagine how she is looking without her veil. My thoughts become clearer when a few seconds later she stands in front of me on the stage and her father gives me her hand on my hand.

After holding her hand, I realized that her hand is so small just like a child and it fits absolutely right in my hand. It just feels like her hand is only made for my hand to be a fit.

But my thoughts vanished again when father (The Priest) told me to kiss her.

Hearing this, I lost my mind and clenched my fist tightly. And the only thing I thought in my mind was " I don't want to feel more guilty!

But all my thoughts suddenly stopped when I saw her looking at me lovingly and confusedly. It feels like her eyes are questioning me, why didn't I make a move. After seeing that look I finally moved towards her and slowly opened her Vail. And see her beautiful, gorgeous face. Seeing her beautiful face and whole appearance from this close, my heart skipped a beat.

I can clearly admire her beauty without any disturbance. Her almond-shaped eyes are just looking at me lovingly and her lips which are looking so plummy and as red as cherry, slightly parted when I leaned closer to her face. She is ready to give herself to me. But I'm the one who is not ready to feel more guilty. When there was only a little gap between our lips, she slowly closed her eyes. Seeing her like this, that moment my mind only wants to grab her cherry lips and taste it. I want to kiss her passionately without thinking about anything. But this is all only my thoughts which became clear a few seconds later.

I helplessly sighed in my heart and then kisses her forehead leaving her soft lips.

When I kissed her on the forehead, she suddenly opened her eyes astonishingly and started staring at me with an upset face. Seeing her like this makes me feel a little bit awkward and upset. I became hesitant and started thinking about what to say to her but all my thoughts vanished when I saw her again smiling. She happily chuckled looking at me.

Seeing her smiling face, my heartfelt warmth. This is the first time she is smiling warmly towards me. Now I can understand how it feels when your lover smiles at you. After feeling like this, I just want her to smile like this all her life, so I can see her beautiful smile. Today I promise to myself, I will try my best to keep her happy until my last breath.

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