My Detective Boyfriend/C1 Kicking over the Ghost Rice Bowl
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My Detective Boyfriend/C1 Kicking over the Ghost Rice Bowl
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C1 Kicking over the Ghost Rice Bowl

The scene was a mess of flesh and blood. A thick stench of blood permeated the air, making one feel as if they were in a slaughterhouse.

In the bloodstained study, there was a naked female corpse lying on an exquisite desk.

It could be seen that when she was alive, she was a charming woman that was very popular with men. She was neither fat nor thin, no more nor less. It was just the feeling of a round, jade-like hand.

This kind of woman was not suitable to be a wife, only a lover.

The deceased was 20 years old and was the boss of a beauty club. She was unmarried, but she had an unclear lover who was kept by this lover. The person who had the most intimate contact with the deceased was this lover.

"Unable to contact him?" I glanced at Zheng Nan. "Unable to contact her is something you should say?" You won't go and capture him? "

Zheng Nan shivered and was about to slip away when I grabbed his collar. "Wait. Has the medical examiner arrived yet?"

"He's coming." Zheng Nan looked like he was about to cry. "The medical examiner is busy over there, the autopsy is about to begin. Go find trouble with him …" Zheng Nan realized that she had told him the truth and quickly changed her words. "Let's go look for him …"

Looking at Zheng Nan's frightened expression, I couldn't help but think about my charm. "Am I that scary?" Why is this new two-day intern so scared of me...

When I entered the room, I found the medical examiner squatting on the floor for some unknown reason. He was mumbling to himself as if he were looking for something on the floor. I asked him urgently, but he didn't say anything for a long time. I then remembered that he was deaf.

The medical examiner's name was Mr. Gu, and his surname was Mr. Gu. It was a very strange name, and not only was his name strange, but he was also a strange person.

After a while, he walked over to check the corpse and said, "The time of death was about 10 hours ago. It is now 9 o'clock in the morning. That is to say, the deceased died at around 11 o'clock yesterday." At present, the cause of death is asphyxiation, strangulation marks on the neck, and signs of struggle on the hands and feet. "

I was puzzled. "This is the family home of the deceased. The deceased was able to let the murderer into the house and strangled her. Is there any sign of sexual assault? "

Mr. Gu's intern medical examiner, Yu Man, immediately typed out what I had said out for him to see on his laptop. He shook his head. "It has already been checked. There are no traces of sexual assault." He continued, "From the chest to the lower abdomen, there was a very long wound. The murderer cut open her stomach, took out her internal organs, and then put them back."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because he took something from the body of the dead."


"Her womb." Mr. Gu showed me the dead man's stomach: "Look, her entire womb was removed and no more. Furthermore, the murderer used the hair of the dead man to sew up her stomach."

I glanced at his mangled stomach and could only see his white intestines. I couldn't see anything else clearly. I smelled it and ran out to retch.

Zheng Nan joked with me, "Boss, don't tell me you already have one?"

I raised my eyebrows. "What is it?"

"She's pregnant." Zheng Nan said with concern, "Then you should have a good rest. You can't come to a place like this, especially when it's the seventh month, it's very dangerous to just run around like a ghost."

I slapped Zheng Nan's face. "I do have it, I feel like hitting someone!" Zheng Nan immediately ran away in fright. Mr. Gu packed up the corpse and prepared to carry it back to the police station. But the rest of his assistants were busy. He looked at me and suddenly stared at me.

"You, come over here and help me carry the corpse."


I wanted to reject him, but Mr. Gu had a fierce look on his face. I was a little afraid of this deaf child, so I could only honestly carry the corpse with him. I lifted the corpse's ankle. I touched the corpse's slender ankle, as if it had a anklet on it, and it felt a little rough when I lifted it.

Let's not talk about it. The dead people are really heavy. I feel like I'm having a hard time holding them. After a while, I started sweating profusely. However, Mr. Gu didn't move at all.

After getting into the police car, I leaned against the side for a bit to rest. Suddenly, I didn't know what I kicked. Lowering my head, I saw that I had kicked out a bowl of rice from the corner of the car. There were three joss sticks stuck in the rice before it fell to the ground.

I muttered, "Whose bowl is this?" After saying that, I kicked the bowl of rice, so that it wouldn't hurt others.

On the way back, it started to rain heavily. The sky was dark and there were not many pedestrians on the road. It was raining until evening, and my head felt heavy all afternoon. I didn't have the energy to handle the case, so I went home early.

I went home and starved to a bowl of noodles, ready to eat, who knows how my chopsticks can not hold the noodles! I angrily threw away my chopsticks and flipped them on the table. Following which, a man in black clothes appeared in front of me.

I was startled, but he looked at me coldly. "Give me back my food."

Looking at his cold face and pale skin, I suddenly remembered Zheng Nan's words: In the middle of July, ghosts are running wild …

I had to pretend I couldn't see him, put down the bowl, and go back to sleep, while the man followed me closely, pressing me against the door, drowning me in the smell of blood. I thought he was going to beat me up, but then he whispered in my ear, "There's a woman in your bed."

I stopped and looked back, but saw nothing.

He continued, "It was a woman who had her stomach ripped open. She was playing with her intestines, asking you, where did her womb go?"

"It's her?" It was the dead man. But I couldn't see anything. I could only see the man.

The man laughed, knowing that I couldn't see, so he strutted to sit on my sofa, "I was just worried that the ghosts are bullying me, snatching a little food is too difficult, I finally managed to get a bowl of ghost rice, and the bowl was broken into pieces by you. Since the rice is gone, you can compensate me."

"Accompany you?"

"Of course you have to compensate me."

I tightly wrapped my clothes. "How do you want to accompany me?"

He glanced at me. "Don't hide your bean sprout body."

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