My Detective Boyfriend/C10 The Mystery of the Ice Room
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My Detective Boyfriend/C10 The Mystery of the Ice Room
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C10 The Mystery of the Ice Room

Not long after, Tan Li flew out. "There's someone inside. There's an old man in the room."

I frowned as I looked inside the factory, then turned to Zheng Nan and said, "Push the horn, there should be someone inside."

"En!" Zheng Nan replied before jogging to the side of the car and pressing the horn a few times.

Not long after, someone pushed open the door of a room beside the door. An old man stuck his head out and looked at me angrily. "What are you doing?" If you don't open the door here, then hurry up and leave! "

Then he was going to close the door and go back in.

I hastily took two steps forward. "Uncle, we're here to discuss cooperation. Can you let us in first?"

The grandpa stopped moving and walked out the door while sizing me up. "Talking about cooperation?" Talk about cooperation at the company, and come to the factory to talk about cooperation? "

Zheng Nan immediately took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and threw them to the old man, then said with a smile, "Old man, we came here mainly to see the situation of the factory, we've already been to the company and the owner gave us the address. He told us to come over and take a look, please open the door for us."

Zheng Nan normally wasn't very quick-witted, but he had a smart personality. If you want him to think about something, then why don't you let him do some physical work?

The grandpa picked up the cigarette on the floor, looked at the sign, then put the cigarette into his pocket before walking over and opening the door.

"Why didn't you say so earlier? This factory is about to close. You guys can take a stroll around."

With that, the grandpa slowly returned to the room.

Zheng Nan and I looked at each other, then started strolling around.

In the entire courtyard, there was only one small house. The other door was most likely the door to the icy storage.

"Go and talk to the old man. Tell him to open the door of the ice room. Let's go in and take a look."

Zheng Nan nodded and turned around to walk towards the house. I directly walked to the door of the ice room and carefully looked around, afraid that I would miss out on any clues.

Not long after, Zheng Nan followed the grandpa over. Seeing the grandpa open the door while cursing under his breath, I gave Zheng Nan a thumbs up.

Zheng Nan smiled innocently, and was about to speak when the door opened. The old man said unhappily, "Hurry up and go take a look. If you see that everything is fine, quickly leave."

After saying that, he turned around and left. He even had no idea what he was talking about.

I didn't care. I walked straight into the freezer and a blast of cold air hit me.

He immediately looked around to see if there was anything out of the ordinary.

Zheng Nan fumbled with the chandeliers in the hall, only then did I realize that there were neat rows of independent freezers all around.

Every single one of them was very big, and the smaller ones were at least two meters long. In such a large ice storehouse, there weren't many people working, only an old man guarding the door.

In such an environment, hiding a corpse here was a piece of cake.

I reached out and opened the lid of an icehouse. White smoke immediately rose from the lid, and when I looked inside, I saw that there was still ice inside.

Although the power had been cut off, there were still traces of ice inside the ice tanks. The ice had not completely melted, indicating that it had been used for quite some time and that the power had been cut off in the last few days.

"Zheng Nan, check all the ice storage rooms. Open them up and take a look at what's inside."

After saying that, I immediately went to the side and consecutively opened the lids of several ice chests.

If the body was spared from the ice, then there must be a trail to follow!

It's a pity that Zheng Nan and I went through all the freezers and looked through them, but we didn't find anything, and Zheng Nan and I were also frozen to death.

Hurriedly withdrawing from the ice room, the warm sunlight shines on my body, causing me to shiver immediately.

I looked at the document in my hand and checked the information on the ice storehouse. That rich second generation is a clue, since they are rich second generation, then their family must have a lot of money to do business. If they froze a corpse, then their family must be involved in some sort of business.

However, after going through these two factories, he didn't find anything. This wasn't normal.

"Zheng Nan, you check and see who's rich in this city, which family has a second generation rich son, and whose family has a business related to ice storage."

Zheng Nan agreed, then closed the door to the ice warehouse, bid farewell to the grandpa, and went straight back to the police station.

I hastily ate a mouthful of food. Just as I was about to help Zheng Nan check the information about the freezer, I received a call from Mr. Gu asking me to come to the autopsy center.

By the time I got there, Mr. Gu was coming out of the autopsy room.

"That man's body has a new result. I've looked at his internal organs carefully. The corpse has been frozen for 15 days or more, 30 days or more, and the temperature is below 16 degrees Celsius."

I looked at the report Mr. Gu handed me and frowned deeply.

If Mr Gu's judgment was correct, this person had already been dead for over half a month. Why would he only release his corpse now?

May Plaza, Frozen body, actor, more than half a month dead, rich second generation …

I closed my eyes. My mind was a mess, and I couldn't connect the dots.

If it was only from one aspect, it would be very difficult to solve the case, unless there was a way to find the rich second generation.

Regardless of whether what Lin Weiwei said was true or not, it would definitely not be wrong to find that rich second generation first, even if there was the slightest bit of progress!

In the evening, I went to the bar where Lin Weiwei took me.

This time, I didn't call Lin Weiwei. According to Lin Weiwei, that rich second-generation must have come here often.

As the morning approached, more and more people gathered at the bar.

I let him look around to see if there was anything suspicious, but he never came back.

The noisy environment made me feel uncomfortable and my mind was buzzing.

At this moment, I suddenly saw a group of people walking in from outside. The person leading them was a young man who looked to be in his twenties. There were four or five people following behind him.

The young man in the lead seemed to have noticed my gaze. When he passed by me, he intentionally extended his hand to touch my waist.

This skillful action immediately made me frown. Seeing that he still turned his head to smile at me, I immediately glared at him.

He really couldn't stay here any longer!

I left the bar and looked around. I couldn't find any sign of Tan Li, so I couldn't help but feel a bit angry. Why isn't Tan Li back yet?

Since he wasn't coming back, I didn't want to leave the bar, so I just walked around.

Fortunately, the bar wasn't too far from my house. We were just two or three streets away, so I could slowly walk back.

Just as I passed a small alley, I suddenly heard a soft voice coming from around the corner.

I trudged over, close to the corner, and heard a woman's voice.

"I've already done what you told me to do and told her everything. What else do you want me to do?"

"I saw her today. No matter what you do, bring her to me. If not, I won't let you take the consequences!"

The man's voice was low, and I couldn't quite make out what he was saying.

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