My Detective Boyfriend/C12 Second Generation Appearance
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My Detective Boyfriend/C12 Second Generation Appearance
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C12 Second Generation Appearance

After a long time, I finally recovered from the nightmare I just had. I stretched my stiff body and asked, "What time is it now?"

"Four in the morning." When Tan Li saw that I was fine, he relaxed and sat down next to me.

"I dreamt I was hanging in May Plaza. I saw a lot of bodies and tried to escape, but I couldn't."

After saying that, I turned to look at Tan Poli. "You said that the Yin Qi there is very dense? What's going on? "

Tan Li shook his head. "I don't know. I can only feel the Yin Qi. I didn't see anything else."

I held my chin, lost in thought.

It seemed like the origins of this Plaza in May and its previous location had to be thoroughly investigated.

While it was still dark, I quickly took another nap.

When I went to the police station, Zheng Nan found me with the data.

"Boss, take a look. This is the information for all public trolleys in the Plaza in May."

I took it without looking at it. If the other party had brought the corpse in while no one was around, there was no need to go through the procedures to get the cart.

"Go check out what was in May Plaza, and the relevant person in charge."

Zheng Nan nodded. Before she could say anything, someone knocked on the door.

Two assistant police officers walked in and saluted me before one of them spoke up, "Hello, we were sent by the higher-ups to assist in the investigation."

I nodded. "What's your name?"

"I'm Long Hui, his name is Dan Yang."

"This is Zheng Nan. You guys first understand the situation, then you'll have to check out some information from him. Go help him."

After sending away two assistant policemen and having Zheng Nan follow me out, I sat in my chair and thought back to what I dreamt of last night. I didn't know why, but I kept feeling like something was about to happen again.

In the next three days, I went through the history of the May Plaza, but there was still no progress.

I still haven't seen the rich second generation that Ling Weiwei mentioned before.

On the morning of the fourth day, just as I was about to go to the police station, I received another call from Zheng Nan.

I took a deep breath, hung up, and went straight to May Square.

This time, the corpse was the same as the one before, except this time, Tan Li didn't see any more dead bodies.

Three days? I thought back. From the first murder here to the second, it seemed to take about three days.

These dead were all dead from the front and back, and the time period was about half a month. Their corpses were also placed in the ice storage and frozen.

All the actors in the city checked and did not find any news of their disappearance. Could it be that these people were not actors in the movie and were only being disguised as actors to confuse the public?

It was less than half a month before the case took off, and it made me feel even more pressured.

Corpses appeared out of nowhere, without any flaws in any aspect. Now, he could only grasp the opportunity to find the rich second generation and start from the rich second generation.

That night, I took Lin Weiwei to the bar.

This time, it really didn't disappoint me.

Lin Weiwei and I arrived at the bar. Less than an hour later, Lin Weiwei suddenly pulled on my sleeve and asked me to look towards the private room.

"Casanova, do you see that man? He's the one who raped me!" As she spoke, Lin Weiwei's body trembled.

I followed Lin Weiwei's gaze and saw a man in a suit. When I saw his face, I immediately frowned.

He's the man who tried to tease me at the bar last time!

He was actually the fuerdai that Lin Weiwei had spoken of?

At this moment, the Second Generation Fu was already walking towards us. Lin Weiwei hid behind me, not daring to look at the Second Generation Fu.

"Oh, little girl, last time I told you to stay away from me, otherwise I would have met you once, I would have met you once, why?" You still dare to come over? "

Hearing the shameless words of the fuerdai, I subconsciously stood behind Lin Weiwei.

"Are you the one who bullied my friend before?" I didn't say it directly, but everyone present could understand it.

That fuerdai laughed wildly and set his gaze on me. "Where did this silly girl come from?"

Lin Weiwei grabbed my arm and used some force, causing me to frown from the pain.

I swept a glance at the bustling environment around me, then smiled at the fuerdai, "It's not convenient to talk here, let's go somewhere else?"

The fuerdai didn't take me seriously at all. They directly grabbed my shoulders, with Lin Weiwei in their other hand, and turned to leave.

Tanuki stood behind me and was about to lose his temper when I gave him a look and told him not to act rashly.

After being on guard for so many days, I finally met this fuerdai. I'll definitely take a good look at him and see if I can get any clues from him.

After entering the box, the fuerdai pushed Lin Weiwei away and sat down on the sofa while hugging me. I held onto his wrist with one hand and exerted a little strength, crushing it onto his tendons.

I stood up and let go of his hand. I walked to the other side and leaned on the edge of the table. I looked at the fuerdai and said, "Come, tell me your name."

The fuerdai stared at me angrily and slapped the table with his arm that I had grabbed. "Who do you think you are? Bitch, why didn't you ask around? This is my, Young Master Xue's, territory, do you believe that I won't let you lie on your bed today? "

Young Master Xue?

I smiled: "Young Master Xue is so capable. You raped and killed people, yet you can still sit here and drink and chat without worry. Aren't you afraid of attracting the attention of the police?"

Hearing the first half of the sentence, Young Master Xue's expression suddenly changed, but after hearing my words, his expression immediately relaxed.

The note was a bad word. According to their hearts, 50% of those who said the note were on their side.

Young Master Xue smiled as he leaned against the back of the sofa and raised his body to look at me. "Since I dared to do what you just said, I'm not afraid of the cops coming knocking on your door! "However …"

Saying that, Young Master Xue propped up his body and leaned closer: "Are you from that path?"

I smiled. "It's not the same thing as you!"

After saying that, I didn't have the mood to keep trying to puzzle him out, so I went straight to the point. "My friend was raped by you, so I came to ask for an explanation for her. She can either enter the police station or apologize and compensate. You can choose."

Hearing that, Young Master Xue was even more fearless: "Enter the station? You can get me into the police station, you little b * tch? It's even more impossible for me to apologize and compensate you. I, Young Master Xue, am in a good mood today. Scram quickly. Otherwise, I won't be able to let you out of this door! "

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Weiwei immediately rushed to my side and tightly pulled on my sleeve, obviously not wanting to stay here any longer.

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