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C13 Eyebrows

Obstructing Lin Weiwei's presence wasn't a good idea to ask about other things. Right now, it's the most taboo to alert the enemy. It wasn't easy to get ahold of this fuerdai, so I absolutely couldn't expose myself!

Besides, the rape of Lin Weiwei was nothing compared to the murder of a dead body.

Seeing that the fuerdai didn't continue to make things difficult for us, I immediately left the bar with Lin Weiwei.

After sending Lin Weiwei off, I looked at Tan Li. "Can you help me follow that rich second generation?"

I was going to try to persuade him to help me follow the rich second generation so that it would be easier for me to move on.

Before he could finish, Tan Li nodded his head. "I'll stay with you until tonight. You can go back first."

I nodded immediately. Just one night.

I watched him go back to the bar, and then I went home.

When I got home, I slept until dawn the next day, and I had no idea when he came back.

After giving Tan Li three incense sticks worth of time, he moved closer to him. "What did you see after following him last night? Where does he live? "Who's his father?"

"He was in that bar yesterday. He didn't go anywhere."

I was stunned for a moment. That fuerdai had been in the bar all along? For a split-second, an idea popped into my mind.

There would also be a wine freezer in the bar. According to the whereabouts of the rich second generation, if the culprit was really the rich second generation, their corpses would definitely be stored in the bar.

And that bar, it went without saying, was probably the bar belonging to the rich second generation, which was why he could be so rampant in the bar.

At the thought of this, I was immediately enlivened, and as soon as he had finished his breakfast, I led him straight to the bar.

Every time I went to a bar, it was always at night. This time, I came to the bar during the day with the gift of a mantis.

The bar was closed for the day, and I glanced at Tanuki and let him float in to see if there was anyone inside.

He came out a moment later, shook his head at me, and flew in with me in his arms.

I secretly rejoiced in my heart. Nurturing a ghost was really convenient, I didn't need to worry about being unable to enter any place.

Inside the bar, there was indeed no one. I brought Tan Li with me and headed straight to the cellar to look for the freezer.

Sure enough, in the wine cellar, I found a huge icehouse. When it was opened, there were still various types of alcohol stored inside, but no trace of the corpse could be found.

I stood at the door of the icehouse and looked inside. I rested my chin on my hand and started thinking about the first two times I'd found the body.

Since the first time he had seen the corpse, he had seen it every three days. It was the third day and there was no corpse here. If there were no more corpses hanging in the Plaza tomorrow, would this line be broken?

At that moment, my phone suddenly rang. I took it out and saw that it was Lin Weiwei.

I hesitated, then picked it up. "Weiwei, what's the matter?"

"That fuerdai came to find me again. Casanova, what should I do?" As she spoke, Lin Weiwei was on the verge of tears again.

I pressed the center of my forehead with a little headache. My relationship with Lin Weiwei wasn't that good. She came to find me time and time again, which made it really difficult for me to deal with her.

I comforted her and hung up.

Just as he put away the phone, he heard footsteps coming from outside.

I immediately closed the door to the icehouse and hid behind the back door of the wine barrel.

After a while, two men walked in. One of them was pushing a cart. I observed that they were mending their stocks.

Looking at the dark blue wheelbarrow, I had another thought.

The murderer didn't need to go to May Plaza to borrow a handcart. He had a handcart!

After the other party finished unloading the goods, he put the cart to the side and slowly left the wine cellar.

After making sure that the other person had left, I stepped out from behind the barrel and walked over to the trolley, examining it carefully.

After a couple of turns, I saw a scratch in the corner of the wheelbarrow. Something was mixed in the scratch.

I reached out and touched it. Some cold hands. I glanced at the freezer and hurried over. I opened the door of the freezer, pushed the cart, and went in.

Ice house, cart, body...

Slowly, I seem to be able to connect this line.

The killer kept the body in the icebox, which was just wide enough for a handcart, and although I didn't find any obvious clues in the freezer, it was enough to tell me what was going on.

The body was carted off to May Plaza and then dropped on the roof of the Plaza de Mayo when no one was around at night.

I've looked carefully before. The sunlight from the roof of the May Plaza just happens to reach the position where the corpse is hung. This way, the body's defrosting speed will be increased.

I put the cart back in the distance, closed the door to the icehouse, and let Tsuri lead me out of the bar.

According to what I've gathered, the chances of a fuerdai being the culprit are too high, but I don't have strong evidence.

After going to the police station, Zheng Nan's side just happened to have some progress.

"Look at this, boss. I've looked up all of Zheng Hongdong's information. This is the information for the May Plaza."

I nodded my head and immediately opened Zheng Hongdong's information.

In the family business, Zheng Hongdong had some relationship with the Xue Family. The Xue Family? I immediately thought of last night in the bar, that rich second-generation called himself Young Master Xue.

I closed the file and immediately said to Zheng Nan, "Go investigate the Xue Family. They are Zheng Hongdong's business enemies."

Zheng Nan nodded and left.

Then I looked at the information on the Plaza de Mayo.

Originally, this piece of land, the Plaza of May, belonged to the Xue Family. However, due to the construction of the Plaza of May, the ownership of the Plaza of May fell into the hands of Zheng Hongdong.

The two families were in a hostile relationship, as the Plaza of May had entered a white-hot phase.

I tapped the information with one hand, and the corner of my mouth curled up. It seemed that I had to get closer to Young Master Xue.

In the evening, I went to the bar again.

When I arrived at the bar, I saw that Lin Weiwei was already there. She immediately walked over when she saw me. "Why aren't you capturing him?"

I patted Lin Weiwei's shoulder. "Don't worry. There's already a plan, but there's not enough evidence."

Saying that, I brushed past her and prepared to look for Young Master Xue in the private room.

She had only taken two steps when she was stopped by Lin Weiwei.

"Feng Liu, what are you going to do? "He is a demon who kills people without blinking. Don't you dare risk your life!"

I stopped walking and smiled at Lin Weiwei. Without replying to her question, I walked past her and headed towards the chartered room.

If he didn't enter the tiger's den, how could he get the tiger?

If he wanted to learn more, he could only contact this fuerdai.

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