My Detective Boyfriend/C15 Body Without Internal Organs
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My Detective Boyfriend/C15 Body Without Internal Organs
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C15 Body Without Internal Organs

Young Master Xue looked at me and raised his eyebrows. "I didn't expect you to be so knowledgeable. You're indeed from our family. Take a seat."

Without another word, I walked towards Young Master Xue at the furthest spot.

Seeing that, Young Master Xue laughed: "What's wrong? Afraid I'll eat you? I don't want any of those that you give to me. "

Seeing that he has been unable to get his act straight, I got a little impatient.

"What did you call me here for?"

Young Master Xue stuck to my side. Before he even sat down, he fell backwards. Behind me, Tan Li cursed at him. Unfortunately, Young Master Xue couldn't hear him.

Shay rarely saw me looking at him coldly. He thought it was me doing something, so he just stood up and pointed at my nose and started yelling.

"Don't think that I invited you here for dinner just to give you face. You were still playing house when I f * cking killed you!"

"Really?" "Then tell me who you killed."

Hearing my words, Young Master Xue was about to speak, but he suddenly stopped and spat at me. "Trying to trick me?"

I was about to retort when my cell phone rang in my pocket and I picked it up in front of him.

"How's the investigation going?"

"Boss, I've checked all the surveillance cameras in the pubs and hotels. I found some problems, so I need you to come over and take a look."

I glanced at Young Master Xue. "Where are you?"

"I'll be at the back of the hotel."

What a coincidence.

After hanging up, I stood up and looked at Young Master Xue with a faint smile. "I don't need to beat around the bush. Follow me."

With that, I left the room and headed straight for the back door of the hotel.

When I reached the back door, Zheng Nan had already sealed it with people. When Zheng Nan saw me, he immediately walked over. "Boss, I found a finger in the trash can at the back, and …"

After saying that, Zheng Nan led me to the trash can and kicked it over.

The black trash can rolled twice on the floor, and everything inside came out.

A foul stench assaulted my nose. I quickly covered my nose with my hand and took the glove from Zheng Nan. Then, I opened the black bag that was closest to me.

Some of the organs were already rotten, while others were obviously fresh and reeking of blood.

I wanted to take a closer look, but he immediately picked me up and held me in his arms.

Then I saw a group of hungry ghosts pouncing on me.

I frowned and took two steps back, fanning myself.

Young Master Xue stood at the back door and saw the scene just now. He wanted to turn around and run away, but he was suppressed by two of his colleagues.

I walked in front of Young Master Xue and grinned. "Do you have any explanations?"

"Just some animal organs. What's there to explain? This is a restaurant, every day. " Young Master Xue snorted coldly, his hands still behind his back in dishonesty.

I raised my chin. "Bring them back first and interrogate them properly."

The two policemen brought Young Master Xue into the police car. As they got into the car, he was still clamoring and talking to me.

I ignored him and took out my phone to have Mr. Gu come over. I wanted to check if these organs were the internal organs of an animal or a human.

After a while, Mr. Gu arrived with Yu Man. The moment he walked over, Yu Man's face turned deathly pale. She glanced at the badly mutilated internal organs on the ground and immediately rushed to the side to vomit.

Mr. Gu's expression did not change at all. He walked over, put on his gloves and started flipping through the books.

When I saw this scene, I felt a little nauseous. I was just holding the bag to take a look. Mr Gu's direct grab was visually rather stimulating.

I stopped retching and saw that Mr. Gu had finished rummaging through all the bags. I covered my nose and walked over: "Mr. Gu, do these organs belong to humans or animals?"

Mr. Gu made some notes and then stood up. "Most of them are the heart of the animal. With so many bags, I only found two human organs, but they were all chopped up."

"This is a human lung, and the alveoli are all black. This means that this person has been smoking for a long time. "But this lung is incomplete." As he spoke, Mr. Gu pointed at one of the black internal organs.

"The other one is the stomach. It looks good, but it has been discarded for a long time, so I'm not able to determine anything at the moment."

With that, Mr Gu took out his bag and filled up both of his internal organs.

I took the bag and squeezed the bag with my hand. The lungs were soft, not to mention the lungs.

Right now, his internal organs were only found, but there was no corpse lacking internal organs. In other words, even if there was a possibility that these internal organs existed, they should be in a hospital and could not be casually left here by someone.

The new discovery gave me a headache. There had been no substantial progress in the case of the hanging body, and now there were new problems.

After packing up, I got into my car and followed her back to the police station.

"Boss, do you want to go and interrogate that fuerdai first? He's really too dishonest! "

As soon as I arrived at the police station, Zheng Nan found me.

I also have a headache. I've dealt with Young Master Xue and knew that he wouldn't say anything, but I can't just let him go like this.

"Lock him up first. Right, how is the matter that I told you to investigate?"

"The results are out. The Xue Family and the Zheng Family are enemies. This isn't the first time they've fought over the land of the Plaza in May. Do you think that even Father Xue is involved in this case?"

I nodded and looked at Zheng Nan. "Right, Young Master Xue can't kill people all by himself, he doesn't have that kind of ability. At most, he's just a pretentious rich second-generation, although his mouth is full of killing and arson, he might not dare to do that."

Even though I said that, I wasn't sure in my heart. After all, judging from people's looks, one shouldn't just look at the surface, especially when I'm a police officer.

Without favourable evidence, I can't do anything to Young Master Xue or the Xue family.

Zheng Nan nodded, as if she understood something. "Boss, what do we do next?"

"Take someone to the Zheng Family and check the situation. It's mainly Zheng Hongdong. After all, the Plaza of May is his property. Also, let's see if any of the two murdered men know who the Zheng Family is."

Zheng Nan left the police station, and I also left. There's no use staying in the police station, I might as well go out and walk around for a bit, just in case I run into something useful.

Leaving the police station, I took a long detour home. Normally, I didn't take this route, since it was close to the river and there weren't many people around, at night, there were only a few grandma and grandma dancing in the square.

"Now that there are no more bodies in May Square, I think it's not because there are no more bodies. It's because the bodies have been moved."

Hearing this, my eyebrows immediately jumped.

"What makes you think that?"

"I …"

Before he could finish his words, I heard a burst of exclamations coming from the river, and saw a group of old men and women surrounding them.

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