My Detective Boyfriend/C16 Re-floating Case
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My Detective Boyfriend/C16 Re-floating Case
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C16 Re-floating Case

I looked at him and ran to him.

After passing through the crowd, I saw a person lying face down on the ground. His body was drenched in sweat, and the person closest to him also had big nerves. After reaching out his hand to feel his pulse, he exclaimed, "He's dead! Hurry up and call the police!"

I frowned and immediately went up to take out my police ID. "I'm a police officer. What's going on?"

"We were going to dance in the square, and as I was warming up, we saw a person floating in the middle of the river. After looking for two people who knew how to swim, we realized that there was no more air."

I turned the corpse over. When I saw a dead man, I immediately took out my phone and dialed Long Hui's number. I told him to bring his people over immediately.

After hanging up, I called Mr. Gu again.

Who would have thought that Gu Shenwei would arrive even faster than Long Hui.

"What's going on?" Mr. Gu asked me with a frown.

There were still people surrounding him. Perhaps there were too many of them, causing Mr. Gu's expression to turn ugly.

I pointed at the corpse on the riverbank. "A corpse was found. You should go take a look."

Mr. Gu glanced at Yu Man's typing, nodded his head, and walked over with his gloves on.

Immediately afterwards, Long Hui brought people with him to the scene and immediately sealed it off, taking the previous grandpa to take the report.

By the time Long Hui had finished writing, Mr Gu had also finished inspecting the corpses. "I've determined that the deceased died of asphyxiation due to hydrops, and there are no obvious injuries on his body. It looks like he committed suicide."


Is jumping into a river a popular way to commit suicide now?

"Bring him back, do an autopsy, and check to see if he's missing any internal organs!" After I finished speaking, I turned around and walked over to Long Hui's side. I asked him to bring some people to investigate the river's upper reaches.

After everyone had dispersed, I suddenly felt a pungent smell. It wasn't the smell of blood from before, but a pungent smell.

It tasted like something had been soaked and fermented in water.

Tan Li rushed past me and rushed out. After a while, he returned with the smell of blood on his body. The smell of blood on his body was still reeking of malice.

"It's the dead. They must be angry and resentful. They must have become evil spirits."

I nod my head with a frown. The resentment on the body of the deceased means that they didn't commit suicide. Those who commit suicide don't have any grievances. They would only have resentment if they were killed by others.

After Mr. Gu took the corpse and left, I followed behind him.

Exhausted, he returned home and lit three incense sticks for Tan Li. He slumped on the sofa and looked at Qin Lie. "Do you think the person who died today was the person who lost his internal organs?"

"I don't know. We have to look at the autopsy results on Mr. Gu's side. If it really is the person who lost his internal organs, then that person won't be the only one."

I nodded. Sometimes, I have to say, the Tan Li is more meticulous than I am. He can think of a lot of small problems.

The next day, when I went to the police station, I saw Long Hui lying listlessly on the table with his eyes completely black.

"What's wrong? That case wasn't finished yesterday? "

When Long Hui saw me, he immediately sat up straight and said, "Boss, yesterday morning, we found another body on the Kao Street. It was also drowned."

"Where is the body now?"

"It's over at Mr. Gu's side."

Afterwards, I immediately brought Long Hui to the autopsy office.

When Mr. Gu saw me, he wasn't surprised at all. "Come and help me."

I looked at Mr. Gu's gloves, which were covered in blood. I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. If he let me see, I could make a move. I was really afraid that I would accidentally poke a hole in his corpse.

Seeing that I was still hesitating, Mr Gu threw a pair of gloves over and instructed: "Help me pull the tweezers on both sides."

I didn't know what Yu Man was doing, but I had no choice but to brace myself and help.

Seeing Mr. Gu dig out the corpse, revealing the internal organs, he started explaining to me while he made his move.

"This is the heart, intact; this is the arteries, this is the veins, this is the stomach, both intact." Mr. Gu frowned slightly as he spoke, then said to Yu Man behind him, "The lungs are missing. There's serious damage to the alveoli."

I looked at the tweezers in Mr. Gu's hand. Indeed, one side of the lungs was intact. However, the lungs were starting to turn dark. He was indeed a smoker.

On the other side of the symmetrical lung, it had already been cut in half. It should have been cut off.

"This type of smoker is very likely to suffer from lung disease. What kind of harm would there be if he had to cut off more than half of his lungs?" I looked at Mr. Gu, confused.

With so many cases of lung disease in medicine, there was no reason to jump into a river to die from lung disease.

Mr. Gu held my hand, moved the tweezers down a bit, and glanced at the words on the electronic version. He then explained: "The lungs of the dead were filled with water, and there was an obvious bleeding place on their internal organs. They should have been beaten up before they died, but they didn't die. They were thrown into the river and drowned."

Mr. Gu's face was a little pale. The light from the scalpel reflected off of his face, making him look a little creepy.

If that was the case, then it should be reasonable.

When the dead were being beaten up, they didn't die. However, they were thrown into the river, causing them to drown in the river. This explains why they became evil spirits after dying, carrying grievances with them.

Seeing that Mr. Gu had started to sew up the wound, I immediately released the tweezers in my hand and threw them to the side.

"I heard that another body was found last night in the back Kau Street. Did you do an autopsy?" I asked, taking off my gloves.

Mr. Gu moved very quickly. After stitching the wound, he put the corpse into the corpse bag. When he saw me take off my gloves, he glared at me. "Why did you take them off?"

Just as I was about to explain, I saw Yu Man pushing another car over, which was loaded with surgical instruments.

Yu Man looked at me arrogantly and said, "I was just about to do it, you go out first. I'll help Mr. Gu."

Only then did I realize that Yu Man had been examining the corpse and had only just brought it over for dissection.

I nodded. I washed my hands and was about to leave when I heard Mr. Gu suddenly open his mouth behind me. "Where are you going?" "You help me do this too."

I turned around stiffly and looked at Mr. Gu. I couldn't understand how people who studied medicine, especially those who practiced medicine, could remain calm even when faced with so many corpses every day.

Honestly speaking, after looking at the innards of that corpse, I couldn't help but feel like vomiting.

The inside was dripping with blood. When he accidentally touched it, he would feel a gentle touch. However, the corpse had already turned cold and no longer felt warm.

Thinking about this, I couldn't help but shiver. "Forget it, let Yu Man help you. I'll wait for you outside."

After saying that, I almost ran out of the autopsy room. I'm not afraid of corpses, but that doesn't mean that I can play with them …

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