My Detective Boyfriend/C17 A Generation of Grudges
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My Detective Boyfriend/C17 A Generation of Grudges
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C17 A Generation of Grudges

Tanuki followed me out of the autopsy room and stood in the doorway, looking inside. I didn't know what he was thinking.

I didn't bother with him now, but sat down in a nearby chair and began to think about what the hell was going on.

Two bodies were found consecutively in one day. They were drowned on the surface, but there were obviously other factors. Could this have something to do with the May Plaza case?

Not long after, Mr. Gu brought Yu Man out, "The deceased, male, 25-30 years old, had obvious pulmonary fluid, the cause of death was drowning, the corpse had lost half of its stomach, genetic identification, and needed some time to wait. Moreover, poison was found in the victim's body."


"What poison was it?"

"I still don't know. I will only know after the gene's identification result is confirmed."

I nodded and stood up. "It's been hard on you. You can notify me when the results are out."

Drug use before death? Or had he eaten something poisonous? The death was due to drowning as well, but the body was found on the Rue Gau Kau.

This meant that someone had deliberately disguised their corpse to be drowned.

Leaving the autopsy room, I took Tanuki with me to the back of Kau Kau Street and found the body, to see if I could find any more clues.

When I walked over, I saw a man in black clothes hurrying away. I looked at the man's back and frowned.

Before I could think about it, my body had already caught up.

The man crossed the street and walked around Bar Street, and then I saw him enter Young Master Xue's bar.

I crouched to one side, frowning. I couldn't tell what to do, so I waited and watched, and then I went back to Waikou Street.

In the back street, I found a black plastic bag containing an internal organ of the human body, vaguely recognizable as a large intestine.

I didn't call anyone over. I took the bag back to the police station and threw it to Dan Yang who was at the police station. "Take this to the autopsy room. Let Mr. Gu take a look."

As soon as Dan Yang left, Zheng Nan angrily came back from outside. When she saw me in the police station, she immediately came over, "Boss, that fuerdai was escorted out without asking anything!"

"When did this happen?" I raised an eyebrow. Logically, it should have been forty-eight hours, but now it wasn't even forty-eight hours.

"I was just taken away and I'm back." Zheng Nan drank some water before answering me.

At this moment, Long Hui also returned. "Boss, I've checked on these two dead people. Both of them were actors in the past, so they should be involved in the May Plaza case."

I had thought about it long ago, but there was no evidence, and now it seemed that everything could be put together. But now that I couldn't find the murderer, it was quite a headache.

Although I suspect that Young Master Xue did it, but he was locked in the police station yesterday, so it's impossible for him to come out again to commit the crime.

"Oh right, boss, you asked me to go to the Zheng Family. I found some useful information." Zheng Nan put down the cup and thought of something.

"Zheng Hongdong's wife was the head of the stage before. She was once close to many men. The eldest young master of the Xue Clan, the current CEO of the Xue Clan, is also one of them. At that time, Xue Kun was already engaged to his ace in law, but he was taken away by Zheng Hongdong. This is why the two families have always been enemies. "

"It's because this drama was merciful all those years ago," said Zheng Hongdong. "In his rage, he had this drama performed an operation to seal the palace. He feared that the baby he gave birth to wouldn't be his. That's why the Zheng Clan still has no descendants."

After he finished speaking, Zheng Nan still shook her head with a sigh. "It's all because of love."

I ignored Zheng Nan's sentimental feelings and put the whole thing together. "I'm afraid the people who died had something to do with this show. Go investigate."

From the looks of it, it couldn't completely eliminate Zheng Hongdong's suspicion. It was just that the suspicion was slightly greater for Xue Kun and Young Master Xue.

Before they found the real culprit, these people were all suspicious.

Not long after, Mr. Gu's identification results came out. The abandoned organs were all confirmed to be on the corpses. The body found in Zhaokou Street had been poisoned before it died, and there were remnants of Heine in the blood.

I had a feeling that this had something to do with the man I'd last met on the Rue de la Gaulle.

Unfortunately, when I went to the back of Kau Street later, I found nothing.

Every night I also went to the bar to find out what was going on, but I hadn't seen him since the fuerdai had been bailed out of prison. I had called his cell phone number, either to show that it was off or out of the service area, and it was as if he had disappeared.

Just when the case was at its end, Lin Weiwei came to find me once again. I was invited to a nearby coffee shop.

"Casanova, did you capture that rich second generation? How come there's no news of you even after you've been here for so long? "

I looked at Lin Weiwei and shook my head. "There is no evidence to prove that he was the one who did all these things."

Lin Weiwei held her coffee cup, as if she had something to say to me. I looked at her hesitant look and sighed, "Weiwei, don't worry. If it was really done by that rich second generation, I will definitely bring him to justice."

"No, Casanova. The second generation has already gone out to hide, but it's not that simple. You have to be careful." After saying that, Lin Weiwei hurriedly stood up and left the coffee shop.

I watched her leave the café and was about to look away when I saw a silver van pull up in front of her.

From my seat by the window, I could clearly see two men get out of the car, put a black cloth over Lin Weiwei's head, and drag her into the car.

By the time I got out, the car was gone.

I called the traffic police and asked them to cooperate with me.

"Casanova, this car doesn't have a license plate, it should be because the abandoned car didn't report for inspection. The license plate is also fake."

I frowned at the monitor. "Then check with the monitor to see where the car ended up."

It didn't take long for the traffic police to give me a specific answer.

I drove straight to my destination, taking the gift with me.

When I found Lin Weiwei, she was the only one left in the dilapidated building. Lin Weiwei's face was covered in filth, and her state of mind wasn't very good either. When she saw that I had arrived, she didn't pounce at me.

If anyone was nearby, they would see that she was hugging a ball of air, her face covered in tears. In my opinion, she was taking advantage of the Qin Yi!

At this moment, I didn't have the time to get angry. I reprimanded Lin Weiwei as I carefully observed my surroundings.

If I remember correctly, this place wasn't too far from the previous icehouse. The kidnappers disappeared when they arrived here, and if they weren't here, they might be in the icehouse. After all, there were only two buildings within a radius of a few miles.

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